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How do I Make a Wine Gift Basket?

Phil Shepley
Phil Shepley

A wine gift basket can be a unique and wonderful present for a person who loves wine, or for people who simply deserve a gift with a personal touch and a bit of elegance. With a little preparation, putting one together can be a lot of fun. To make a wine basket you will not only need a basket and wine, but also the commitment to create a gift that will definitely be well received. The items that accompany the wine in the basket can vary greatly and may require a bit of research.

The very first thing to consider when you make a wine gift basket is the wine that you plan on including. This will be the centerpiece of the gift and typically the most expensive item, so it is important that it is well thought out. Ask yourself a couple of questions about the recipient of the wine. Are they wine aficionados, casual wine drinkers or beginners? Do they have a favorite type of wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot? Should you purchase a non-alcoholic variety of wine?

A wine glass.
A wine glass.

Once you have decided the price range and type of wine, find a store that will carry the perfect bottle or bottles for your basket. You can buy wine from your local supermarket, wine or liquor store, and if you are lucky you might happen to live close to a vineyard that bottles and sells its own vintages. For an even more unique touch, different kinds of wine can be mixed and matched. You can include any combination of red wines, white wines, dessert wines, and other varieties. Wines can even be combined based on the region of the world or country from which they came.

A wine gift basket.
A wine gift basket.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the gifts that will accompany the wine when you make a wine gift basket. Many food items are excellent for accompanying specific types of wine, including assorted gourmet meats and cheeses, crackers, breads and fruits. If you included regional wines in the basket, food from the same area may be a good accompaniment. Similarly, a book about wines or the foods that go with them may be a great item to include in the perfect gift basket.

Wicker makes for a great, traditional wine basket.
Wicker makes for a great, traditional wine basket.

The basket for the gift can be metal, plastic, or the more traditional wicker, and will personalize the gift even further. A nice basket can even be saved and used for other purposes once the wine is gone. The next items to consider should be accessories that the recipient may need in order to enjoy their gift, such as stemware, a decanter, drink napkins, and a wine foil cutter. You may plan to decorate the basket with things like a bow, filler material, cellophane for wrapping, and other personal touches. When you make a wine gift basket, just keep in mind that it can be tailored to the specific personality of you or the person receiving it, and don't forget the corkscrew!

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If I lived in a place where there were actual wineries, I think I'd get recommendations for a good, all-around red and a good white and buy those, along with various cheese and meats.

A wine basket would be wasted on me. I don't really drink wine, unless it's an ice wine or sweet wine. I can see myself cooking with a $20 bottle of wine. Sad, but true.


People are so individual in their wine tastes that I think what I'd do is make up a goody basket with a lot of munchies, sweets, crackers, cheeses, that sort of thing, and include a gift card to the best wine shop in the area, so they can pick their own bottles.

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    • A wine glass.
      By: Elenathewise
      A wine glass.
    • A wine gift basket.
      By: imageteam
      A wine gift basket.
    • Wicker makes for a great, traditional wine basket.
      By: kornienko
      Wicker makes for a great, traditional wine basket.
    • Red wine is available in a range of prices.
      By: Anna Khomulo
      Red wine is available in a range of prices.
    • A red wine recipient might enjoy a wine accessory, such as a decanter.
      By: Stefano Tiraboschi
      A red wine recipient might enjoy a wine accessory, such as a decanter.