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What are Corporate Gift Baskets?

MJ Klein
MJ Klein

Corporate gift baskets contain foodstuffs and/or non-edible items that are sent or given to a company as a part of cultivating positive business relationships. Even though they are called "baskets", they can come in tins or other attractive containers. Corporate gift baskets contain various kinds of food items, including chocolate, coffee, cookies, crackers, cheese, or other kinds of snacks. Baskets can include one type of food, such as a basket full of only candy, or give a mixture, such as a basket with coffee, chips, and chocolate. Some baskets have non-edible items, such as pens or other useful items, while others are created around a theme.

The idea corporate gift baskets is to give a gift to a company that everyone can enjoy. Some people will send a basket to the head of the company or to a department head, without stating that it is meant for the whole company or department. However, it is understood that since it is a large gift and was sent to the company, the recipient will pass the food around or leave it in a central location for other employees to share.

A corporate gift basket.
A corporate gift basket.

Corporate gift baskets can be sent for a variety of reasons, including congratulating a company on its success, as a holiday gift, or simply as a way to maintain good relations with them; a sender may send corporate gift baskets to a client that they want to impress them or remind them of their presence in some way. Some people will put their company's name and logo on the basket or container to promote their company.

Corporate gift baskets can also given within companies, to boost employee morale. They may used to congratulate employees on successful completion of projects, birthdays, a birth of a baby, a marriage, or a promotion.

It is preferable to avoid making the gift basket too specific or too stylized. A professional, standard appearance is best, filled with food that different people will enjoy.

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The recipients of this gift basket called to let me know how much they enjoyed it. They shared that in addition to eating the cheese and fruit as an appetizer, they were adding both to macaroni and cheese for their grandchildren the next day.


@Cupcake15 - I have seen those. They are really cute and the cookies taste great. I think that they are a really unique gift basket idea that offers such a nice presentation. The cookies can really say anything that you want and you can select from a variety of choices.

The cookies are really big too. Most of them are over five inches long and at least an inch thick. I just wish that they had chocolate chip or even chocolate cookies for that matter.


@Suntan12 -Wow, I never thought of that. I always have gift baskets delivered for the teachers in my kids school. The only thing that I worry about is how long the gift basket gets to sit in the office before the teachers are allowed to pick them up.

That is the only thing that makes me a little uneasy about sending a gift basket because you almost never know when they receive the basket.

I remember one time, my sister sent a gift basket for my daughter on her birthday and we were not going to be home for hours. The company called us and I had to tell them to leave it behind a bench so that nobody would notice it until we arrived.

Luckily it was still there and in one piece. It was one of those cookie baskets that had those really rich sugar cookies.


My husband always gets gourmet gift baskets all of the time from clients during the Christmas holidays. I really like these corporate Christmas gifts because they are something that the whole family can enjoy. These custom gift baskets normally have a delicious assortment of chocolates and gourmet cookies that I just can’t get enough of.

Part of the fun of going through the basket is finding all of the different goodies inside. When I am done with the gift basket, I normally use it as a magazine rack in the bathroom, so the corporate gift basket idea really does come in handy even after I am done with the contents of it.

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    • A corporate gift basket.
      By: imageteam
      A corporate gift basket.
    • A corporate gift basket may feature fruit.
      By: Anna Kucherova
      A corporate gift basket may feature fruit.