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If I Quit my Job, Am I Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

The general rule of thumb after quitting a job is that, in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits, a person has to show he left with just cause. He must demonstrate that the reason he had to leave wasn’t his fault, such as if he quit because of harassment or a medical issue. Most individuals quit jobs because they are unhappy with the work itself, want to pursue other opportunities, have general conflicts with the employer or coworkers or don’t like the hours and pay. None of these reasons qualify as just cause, which is why the majority of requests for benefits after quitting a job get denied. If a person has a legitimate reason for leaving work, he still needs to file a claim formally with the Department of Labor, and even then, the employer may appeal, leading to a formal hearing.

Just Cause Examples

Development of a health condition, such as poor hearing, can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.
Development of a health condition, such as poor hearing, can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.

Every state determines on its own how to define no fault. The majority of regions accept that being in unsafe conditions is a legitimate reason for leaving a job, however. Unsafe can be broadly defined as having the potential to make someone sick or suffer an injury.

Some domestic situations qualify as a no fault reason for leaving an employer because they put safety at risk. A person who is being abused, for example, might have to relocate to a new area in order to get away from the abuser. Some people may need to leave in order to protect their children or other family members, so it isn’t always necessary for the person leaving the job to be the one in danger.

A reduction in work hours can qualify as a no fault reason for leaving an employer.
A reduction in work hours can qualify as a no fault reason for leaving an employer.

Repeated discrimination or harassment also can qualify as just cause. These types of problems often create a hostile work environment, which can make it difficult to complete tasks while on the job. That ultimately can affect things like performance reviews, pay increases and promotions, creating issues with career advancement.

Another major reason people leave their jobs is because the employer cuts down their work hours or pay rate significantly. This often happens when a business is in financial trouble but doesn’t necessarily want to fire anyone. States consider this no fault because the number of work hours and pay rate affects overall income, which determines whether or not a person can support themselves. They usually consider it unreasonable to force someone to stay in a poor financial situation if other opportunities to succeed are available.

Job harassment can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.
Job harassment can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.

A final reason for leaving a job that the Department of Labor usually accepts is the development of a health condition. In this case, a person might wholeheartedly want to work but isn’t able to physically complete the tasks. If a person lost their hearing, for example, he might not be able to keep his job as an audio engineer in a studio. A person can qualify for unemployment but not necessarily disability. The loss of hearing, for example, doesn’t stop an audio technician from performing other types of work.

An individual who quits a job as a result of conflict with an employer will generally not be eligible for unemployment benefits.
An individual who quits a job as a result of conflict with an employer will generally not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Similar to unsafe domestic situations, health conditions don’t always require the person leaving a job to be the one with the problem. A worker might have a parent with a long-term illness and need to quit in order to address her care, for example. This is an increasingly common situation for modern workers given that people are living longer than in the past and aren’t always able to afford care in a nursing home or similar facility.


Quitting a job that is simply unsatisfying will not qualify an individual for unemployment benefits.
Quitting a job that is simply unsatisfying will not qualify an individual for unemployment benefits.

Anyone who wants to get unemployment benefits, including a person who quits, has to file the proper paperwork with the Department of Labor. Technology has made it possible for workers to do this online or over the phone, but people also can go to their unemployment office to apply in person. Representatives will collect personal information such as the filer’s Social Security Number and the date work ended. The person who wants compensation has to continue to file claims once every week or two after this, depending on state rules. Registration with the State Unemployment Service is also required.

Hearing and Appeal

Some employers who recognize the reason a person quit as valid won’t fight a compensation claim, but others may choose to appeal. When there is disagreement between the employer and employee about eligibility, the state generally resolves the conflict with a hearing. This can delay getting benefits.

During the hearing, representatives from the unemployment office get basic information about why the filer left his job and whether he took steps to resolve related problems. This can be done in person or over the phone, but providing documentation to support the claims made in the hearing is a must. Without this evidence, the representatives have to rely on the verbal claims made by both the former employee and the employer, which makes the ruling more subjective.

In most cases, unless the matter is strongly contentious, a person can represent himself during proceedings. If someone quits under hostile work conditions and plans to sue the company, however, he should consider hiring an attorney. Evidence at the hearing might be important to a later lawsuit.

Pay Rate and Reasonable Offers

Being eligible for unemployment benefits generally means that a person must be willing to take any reasonable offer of employment that comes along, regardless of whether he quit or was let go. What is defined as reasonable can be tricky, however, because once again, each state has its own rules. A person in one area might have to take a job while someone in another state does not.

States typically take a person’s previous salary or pay rate into consideration when they determine whether he is eligible for unemployment benefits. They would not force a person who made $100,000 USD per year to take a job that paid only $25,000, for example. The state would give the individual a chance to find something comparable to what he had before, because people often have financial obligations such as mortgages they cannot put aside. Some regions have rules about how long a person can collect benefits before he has to expand his job search, though, so the longer a person gets benefits, the more willing he might need to be to take at least a small pay cut.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


I was a rural mail carrier for 12 years, recently resigned due to lack of a suitable route vehicle. Our contract requires that carriers provide a suitable route vehicle. The transmission went out in the vehicle I had just taken out a $21k loan to purchase.

I could not afford to fix it and was not allowed to use a postal vehicle or have a family member drive me as had always been permitted in the past. So I felt I had no other option but to resign, rather than be fired, so at least I would be eligible to reapply once I could get my vehicle fixed. I just got a letter saying unemployment was denied. Would I be wasting my time if I try to appeal it?


I used to live in Michigan, I moved to Philadelphia and have been working remotely for about three years. I was told today I would have to relocate back to Michigan in order to keep a job. I do not want to move back to Michigan since my family is here. Will I be denied unemployment?


My wife moved to a city 3 hours away to go to school, taking our 18 month old girl with her. In order to be with my family, could I quit my job and claim unemployment until I find work there?


If I left my job at the end of June 2013 because the stress was making me ill (dizzy all the time and sick stomach), would I be able to collect in Texas?

I now have another job that only pays $15,000 per year (previously made $37,000 per year). We can make it OK with my new salary, except we got behind during the two months I was looking for a job and, if I would be able to collect for the time I was off, it might help us get caught up. Is that even possible since I am working now?


I returned to a previous employer less than a year ago and have been having issues for the past four months. My eight month old son has been having some health problems, in addition to normal childhood illnesses, that have required me to miss more than the allowed six absences a year. My managers have taken corrective action against me and wrote me up, stating that if I don't make changes then it will lead to termination.

Knowing my situation very well and that it is out of my control and that I do not qualify for FMLA, they now treat me coldly and seem to have no understanding of what I'm dealing with.

I feel as if they are making me choose between being a good mother and my job. I am the primary caretaker of my children and do not have family in the area for support. If I were to quit, would I be eligible for unemployment benefits?


The simple answer is: If you quit without a reason or with a reason, then you cannot get an unemployment check.

If you quit because of harassment or medical issues, then you may or may not get an unemployment check (you need to file an appeal form).

If your company fires you for any reason, then you get an unemployment check.

If you plan to quit, then please back up your financial plan (one to three months saving your money). You must start looking for a part time or full-time position as soon as possible. Do not wait since it will use up your money quickly. Good luck!


I was on unemployment for about 10 weeks or so when I took a temp job at a factory. I worked the job for six days, and I had little to no training there. They were expecting me to know what I was doing and I had no clue and couldn't really perform the job. I was continually messing up and having other employees who had to do things to the parts behind me come and complain to me.

I contacted the temp agency and explained the situation, but they were very rude, and just told me that if I couldn't do the job not to return and that they would let the company know that I wouldn't be returning. Can I still go back on unemployment? Or will my eligibility be denied?


If one spouse has looked for work in another county and one spouse has to relocate, do you receive unemployment benefits?


I was on the phone with a provider office when the supervisor came to my desk and aggressively slapped a payment batch on the desk as if she was highly agitated. While I was on the phone she said, and I quote: "Can't you work any faster and can't you multitask?" I was shocked and asked her if we could speak, but she said no, she had an appointment.

When I told her again I needed to speak to her about this, she said she would come back to the office after her appointment. After that, she cut my PRN hours and gave more hours to the other PRNs.


Once you identify yourself as having knowledge of employer strategies to remove employees and have been moved out of a job yourself, you are now no longer employable by any company. This already happened to me.

If you're being pressed to quit, do it quietly is my suggestion. If you plan to protect yourself as you quit a job, document the reasoning and make it a resignation and be sure to send a copy to the unemployment people and place it in your file. The employer will no doubt fire you for being disloyal. Disloyalty is grounds for immediate termination and will cause the Labor Department to side with the employer. The resignation letter must demonstrate sound reasoning and can include everything deemed unscrupulous, low wages for your title, etc.


I was injured on the job. Worker's comp didn't want to pay and my lawyer advised me to not even contact my employer, that he was sending a letter that I wouldn't be back until I received proper medical attention.

I lost my job due to no-call, no show. I was denied unemployment benefits after working for them for 10 years. I thought that you just get penalized even if you did quit. It was my understanding my lawyer was speaking on my behalf. What can I do?


I was working at a company for about a year and was offered a paid internship with another company. The internship would lead to a permanent position in the field I am pursuing once I graduate.

Needless to say, I resigned from my then current job. The day I was supposed to to start my internship, the new company advised that the department I was assigned to had been eliminated. When I tried to get my old job back, the position had already been filled.

Under these circumstances, am I eligible for unemployment? I have not been able to find employment since September of this year.


I worked for a company for 20 years and I quit to take care of my disabled wife. Can I get unemployment?


I would like to know if my reason for quitting allows me to be eligible for unemployment.

The reason I'm thinking of quitting is my boss always yells, puts us down, and screams (not saying anything, just screams.). He told us that we could work four ten and now he's not paying overtime, even if we work the hours like he told us to do. The reason he doesn't want to pay us overtime is because he would have to pay taxes on it so after 40 hours we still get straight pay.

Also, I set a shower pan in this house and the shower pan was kind of cheap and had a squishy spot, so we sent a different plumber there and it was still the same but I got written up for it. So I just wanted to now if I'm justified in quitting or not.


The best rule: don't quit your job unless it's impossible to continue and you can live without unemployment for at least one year in this economy. The employer will always get the edge. Sometimes you simply must quit.

Have the money saved, reduce all expenses, aggressively seek other work, take any jobs you can to break even financially, and be wiser with your next job choice if possible. Sometimes, you just can't predict what will happen. Compile all the defensive data you can, but ultimately be prepared to absorb the cost and get another job.

That's my experience in a job market where labor is so plentiful that the employers will use and abuse you like a disposable part whenever they can.


I have worked for this company for six years and this will be the fourth time in three years that my schedule has changed. Due to all my schedule changes the last time they changed it, my husband lost his job due to my new hours.

Now they are doing it again and this time I do not have a way to get there. If I quit, will I be able to collect unemployment even if they fight me because I know they will. I have been written up for call offs and having an argument with another co-worker, but for the most part, I have been very flexible as far as my hours. I need help please.


I have been collecting unemployment for about two months now after nine years at my job as they went bankrupt. I started a new job but I am under qualified for this position and feel it is not a fit as I am lost and have no idea what I am doing half the time, and the position is better suited for someone with more experience. If I quit because of this, will I be able to still receive UI benefits in MN?


I want to know if I am qualified for unemployment. I am weeks pregnant and want to go to school while I am pregnant. I voluntarily quit the job because I cannot work and go to school at the same time.


I was hired at a company part-time because I am a college student who goes to school full time. When I was hired, my boss knew this. During the summer she asked me if I wanted more hours since I was no longer in school, so I said sure why not? As soon as I got my new schedule for school I went back to my boss a month before I started school. I told her I had to take six classes, which meant I was more than full time in school and that I needed to go back to my part-time hours. She agreed to it because first, I was hired part-time and second, I wasn't receiving full-time benefits.

After a month, school started and she gave me full-time hours still. I keep telling her to fix it and she does and says it won't happen again, but of course it happens again the next week. Being scheduled for 38 hours while I'm in school taking six classes. I again told her this week and she basically told me there's nothing she can do about it because there's no coverage in the store. I don't know what to do. If I were to quit because I'm pretty much being forced to, would I be eligible for unemployment at all?


I'm currently receiving EI benefits (on a summer break -- language instructor) and am supposed to return to work on Sept. 6, but since I decided not to, am I still entitled to the benefits, in other words, do I still keep my EI benefits? Although my RolE statement says return to work on Sept. 6th, the automated msg from Services Canada tells me that I am entitled for 28 weeks.

The job is OK, it's FT, but it's in a small town ON. There is only one train in the morning that connects the place to Toronto (and London, but that's it, no bus service, without a car, one is doomed -- I don't drive yet! And, since there are no pets available on public transit, I am literally stuck in the middle of nowhere with a cat of mine).

Secondly, all my friends are in Toronto, and since I don't have any family, they are my family. All my professional connections are in Toronto, too, and could see myself grow in the field if I return. I have struggled for two years to make it happen in a small town ON, and I got a great experience, but I cannot go back.

Currently, I'm in Toronto, working 24/7 on my resumes, and applying for jobs intensively. I mean, I am really isolated and feel excluded from the community even though I even volunteer. I made a real progress for the company, but my life over there is just work and emptiness. I became depressed, anxious and irritable. I started hating all my coworkers and especially my manager -- why is this? I just cannot take it any more. I have to make my decision soon in order to give a proper notice, but am wondering, just for a bit of financial security, if I could keep the EI benefits for a while.

Thank you! I really appreciate your frank advice.


@anon200711: 99 percent of the time, unless you're in a situation as described in the article, you're not going to get benefits. That's just how it is.

I am not trying to be insensitive or anything, because it does sound like you have a real "winner" of a manager, but let me ask you: how much of your time at work is spent focused on your children?

A mom I know had one child. She was forever on the phone with other moms on the little league sports teams, discussing team events and issues. She called her son every day to talk to him after school, but it wasn't just for a minute or two. No, she would stay on the phone 30 or 40 minutes, asking about his day in detail. Even after he left babyhood behind, if he was the least bit sick, she called in to work. He stayed with his grandmother, so he had good care all day, but no matter what his illness, if he was sick, she was home with him. She wouldn't even let her mom take him to routine doctor or dental appointments. She had to do it, and again, called in. She was often late to work because of something to do with her child. Her position was eliminated a couple of months ago.

I'm not saying you do any of this, but it's worth considering. Take a close look at your work habits. Are you absent from work a lot because of your children? Do you talk about them at work frequently? Because you are their mom, you may not think so, but if every other sentence starts with something about one of your children, there may be an issue.

I am all for working moms being as attentive and connected to their children as possible. My mom worked during a time when *no* moms, or very few, worked. She worked 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, in a doctor's office. If we were very sick, she either found someone to stay with us, or she would take us to work with her, and we stayed in a treatment room, in the back of the office. For several years, she also worked on Saturday mornings. I can remember only a couple of times when we were so sick she stayed home with us. It didn't happen often. She would have loved to have spent more time with us, too, but we understood that her job was a financial necessity and we lived with it.

If there is a co-worker you trust and like, ask him or her to be honest with you about your behavior in the workplace. Ask this person if you're too focused on your children at work to do your job efficiently -- and be prepared for the answer you might get.

You can't change your manager's attitude, but you can change your actions and attitude, if there's a problem. Focusing on work while at work doesn't make you a bad mom. It makes you a good employee who is able to do a good job and still be a good mom, too. Good luck.


I'm so confused right now, I don't know what to do. I work in an office and they are treating me so bad. They are forcing me to quit just because I can't work on the weekends.

I'm a mom so I'm really busy and work full time Monday through Friday. I don't get to spend time with my kids. And the manager doesn't like me at all. She mistreats me all the time and in front of others, even in front of customers.

I think she is going too far already, and that is why I'm here trying to find information. I want to know if I can receive unemployment benefits, and I'm also stressing so much in there that I always come back different. I'm not myself anymore. I don't know what to do.


I quite my job of almost 11 years in August of last year, to relocate to another state to try out a new career. It didn't work out so I applied for unemployment and was approved, even though I quit. I have been receiving unemployment benefits from ND since April but it soon to run out. Would I qualify for benefits in TX, even though I quit my job here? I have been applying for work and so far haven't found anything.


I live in CT and recently I decided to go back to school for my masters in the fall. I let my employer know under a month ago that I would be leaving full time in the fall. I wanted to give my boss ample notice since it can be a long and tedious process to find replacements for the position that I am in and I wanted to be polite.

I told them I wanted to stay on until school started and I was willing to cover vacations and travel around the state to wherever they may need me for the summer. A little under two weeks after telling my manager I was going to school, they decided to terminate my full time employment to a per diem status.

Is it possible for me to collect unemployment until the end of the summer when I was available to work full time until?


Lets just face it. I need to quit my job to care for my wife and our six year old son. I have a dead end job, where i have worked for a very long time, shoulder to shoulder with the owner, so no room for advancement.

I asked for some time off to care for her and was told that, if i had to be off again i was going to be on suspension, the time after that I would be terminated. Let's face it: we are all just rats in a cage for others' amusement.


I was working at a company for 11 years and was offered a position with another company. I gave my notice and one day before I was supposed to start with the new company, they told me there was a freeze on the position. I went back to my old job and they said my position has been filled. They are trying to see if they can give me another position but if they can't will I be able to collect unemployment? I live and work in NY.


i moved to a rural area. it took over a year to get work. i have a six year old. i had daycare that fell through immediately. i was on waiting lists, and through the state and their licensed provider list was unable to find a single person to watch my child. i even took out ads in school newsletter two months. the person watching them after school i caught neglecting them.

I have to quit because my district has no sitters or daycare. i am able to work full time because i am moving back to the big city almost three hours away. can i get unemployment in Md?


I currently live in California. My fiance got a job offer in Virginia and we are moving there next month (we have been thinking about moving for some time due to economy in California and cost of living). I am a little worried about finding a job.

I know you cannot collect unemployment if you quit a job but does anyone know if the state of Virginia would allow me to collect unemployment if i quit due to moving because the cost of living in California was too high?


Oh my gosh, I have not yet quit my job but I am seriously considering it, which is why I searched for this topic.

My employer is creating a very hostile environment for me and he has cut my hours drastically, trying to force me to quit so he would not have to pay unemployment. His reasons have been conflicting: first it was because he was no longer going to have a second shift, then it was that he had no work for me, but what it has finally boiled down to is because I smoke during my break and that he plans to replace all smokers with non-smokers.

So far, he has only singled me out and has even tried to force me to quit if I want to keep my job (he is an ex smoker). he has many times accused me of sneaking a smoke and I have shown him that I do not even bring them into work with me so it would be impossible for me to do that, yet he continues to accuse me of it. Recently he gave all the other employees a bonus and claimed it was because they worked more hours than me. That is because he has drastically reduced my hours, so yes, I find my work environment very hostile towards me in many ways, some of which I have not even mentioned here, in trying to keep it brief.


i was collecting unemployment, when i found a job that promised a 2.50 raise after passing a test that would get me a certain license. i then passed the test, get my license and still no raise. I make the same amount of money i was getting on unemployment, except now i pay for daycare and gas so in all reality, I'm losing money and time with my kids. what do i do?


Can I draw unemployment benefits? I had to go part time due to health problems. I need quiet because of my health. I have filed for my social security disability. Can I go ahead and quit and get my unemployment while I wait for that? --bwby


I was hired a year and a half ago on the pretenses that I could go back to school and work part-time. I won a scholarship about 4 months ago and told my work and they told me great, go with it and well discuss your hours later on down the road when school time gets closer. I kept on them about it and kept getting the same response up until now 3 weeks before school starts.

I have my school money and everything ready and now they say they don't do part-time even though they have 2 part-timers. I am a single father with 2 children trying to better our lives and this feels like discrimination and false pretense hiring. Am I eligible to collect unemployment benefits? Should I quit or get fired?


Long story short: I was out sick for three weeks.

On the fourth week, per doctor's advice, i requested to go on short term, The company gave me a problem.

However, three days later, i received the paperwork for short term. Then the next day i received a notice from my company stating i quit, but i did not quit.

I tried calling them several times, but they never called me back, so i went down to the labor department, explained the situation and filed for unemployment.

I had my hearing last week, and the ref was pretty rude. i submitted all my doctors' notes and paperwork for short term. I have not heard anything from labor dept. Also, during the phone hearing the ref never called the company.

I thought this might have been a cut and dry case. guess i'm wrong.


i worked at a job a few years ago and i had to resign due to things i won't say. i asked about collecting unemployment and my union rep said it was OK, so I called and tried. i was told everything was OK i would be able to collect.

Eighth months later, my job took me and fought me and now i have to pay all this money back. My question is how long does your job have to fight you? i now owe over 18,000 and think it's unfair that they waited eight months to fight me.

I haven't been able to work due to mental illness and can't collect and now I'm being charged interest on this money. What can i do if anything?

I just think there should be a time limit on how long they have to fight you. why was i able to collect if they can do this It's not fair! any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


can my job force me to quit if they had offered me flexibility schedule when i was hired almost 5 years ago and now they decided no more exceptions? it's either i do the whole shift or resign. If i resign i can't receive unemployment as opposed to if they let me go. Please help.


I recently quit my job and applied for UI. The reason was because any problems with the other coworkers were never addressed. This environment was very hostile and a few workers in particular spread rumors about. I've overheard conversations about me and had a coworker tell me people talk about me all the time.

That is when I became to feel uncomfortable working there and I have made statements to FEP saying I felt harassed because of the rumors being spread about me. I was never contacted and my issues were never resolved.

I stayed there and just dealt with this uncomfortable work environment for a year and one of the girls started calling me names under her breath and picking fights. I told both managers how I felt and they just ignored it. Soon she harassed me over Facebook and called me nasty names and caused me emotional distress.

I didn't want to report this girl because she would know it was me and I was scared of her. I just didn't know what to do and I felt helpless and scared and felt no matter what I did, no one would protect me.

Am I eligible for UI? I have a phone interview and I'm not sure what to expect.


I'm 19 and I go to college and when hey hired me, I asked to work in the mornings and they said yes. Well, time passed and they moved me to a new store and they made me a shift manager, but they didn't pay me as one. They pay me as a regular cook or cashier. I see that they pay the other shift manager $9 dollars per hour and they only pay me 7.75 and they move my working day as they wanted to.

I had a lot of problems with transportation and now that I've quit, my supervisor called me and asked me to return the store keys. I said I don't have a ride to get there, but I will take them and she said do it before I cancel your check. Can she really cancel my check? I worked 88 hours in two weeks.


I quite my job after traveling back and forth from Kentucky to Michigan to help my parents both 84. my Father has COPD in late stages, and my mother cannot help him, so I moved back to Michigan to help them and sell their house to move with me. can I collect unemployment?


I work at a restaurant and they are treating me unfairly and are prejudiced against me because I am white.

I usually work the day shift, and here recently the manager switched me to nights and I am the only day person that got switched to nights. I feel they are doing this to me because I previously called the corporate office about not getting enough hours and about the manager being unfair to me by letting a black woman have a choice to stay to work more hours one day but did not give me a choice and just told me to go home.

I want to quit my job there because they are prejudiced and unfair to me. And feel if I do quit they owe me benefits. Plus it's a very hostile work place. The management is rude and unprofessional and they do not care about their employees, just the black ones.


I am being forced to quit, because my work has significantly cut my hours from 40hrs a week to just 16hrs. This is because I attend college, that they did this to me.

I am able to work mornings and some evenings, but they claim there are no spots available. I am working for a security company that has over a hundred employees, with different accounts across the state. Is that a valid reason for quitting?


I started a new job two months ago. A few days ago I had severe back pain and an Xray showed that I had scoliosis. My doctor put me on lifting restrictions. I am still able to run registers and clean the store as well as doing paperwork.

I asked for closing shifts for a month until I start pain management. My boss said that If I want to work there then I need to be able to do everything. He cut my hours in half because of restriction and says that I will have to go on permanent leave because of my disability. My question is, can he do that? If they force me to leave, can I collect unemployment until I find another job?


i am a factory worker. I've been there for four years and three of those years without any increase then i just found out that some people there have had their pay increased. I feel that i was discriminated against. i want to quit my job but i am scared i will not get unemployment and i have a child. if possible i don't want to work there. The job is easy and i am a hardworking person but i think that's not fair for me.


I'm five months pregnant and have uncontrolled diabetes and my employer is denying me personal time and requests to see a doctor during my monday - friday work schedule of 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

I can't always get appointments to see a doctor after 3 p.m., especially at a high risk doctor. If I quit would i be eligible for unemployment benefits because I feel my employer is violating my rights to seek medical help?


I never get paid on time. Which had affected to my personal life. I have a child support to take of and bills. Also my hours were cut. If i quit, will i be eligible to draw unemployment benefits?


i work at a hotel in scottsboro ala. I've been there three years and never have got a raise. we get the run around about who our main owners are. I was getting paid every week, but now all at once we get note saying every two weeks, but it will be three weeks before we get a check.

Every time we might get 30 hours a week, he cuts us down to 15 or we might get 20 hours. There's no business at the hotel. we have asked for a layoff but he just keeps us hanging with these little hours so we can't draw.

that's not right for people who are trying to make a living.


I am being forced to quit my job because I drive 130km to work each day but my car has broken down (for the fourth time in six months) and it has been costing me a fortune in petrol.

I have given my two weeks notice stating that my reason for leaving is due to transportation issues. However, they also asked me, recently, to give them a salary quote for a new regional manager position they had outline for me.

When I gave them my quote of 55k they laughed at me. My current position is not moving forward and the pay is far too little to keep up with the cost of driving and car repairs. Will I still be eligible for EI?


can i collect unemployment if i quit due to a false raise? i was told i would receive one to move to another shift that has 10 times the work. i was asked to move to the first shift from the 3rd shift and a raise was promised in two weeks.

now it's been 22 months and still no raise. what can i do? i asked for a meeting and was never given, one so is this a good reason to quit and still receive unemployment?

this doesn't include the harassment I've received from the manager.


i have been at my job for over three years now. my husband and I are divorcing and i have no babysitter now. i have three children and one of them has a disability.

i would have child care though, if my boss would switch my hours to days so i could work while they are in school. however, my boss keeps telling me she will change my hours but then when i ask she tells me i have to be patient.

the problem is half of the time i don't have a sitter and end up having to call off. now my boss just told me I'm going to have to wait until the first of the year.

i can't keep hoping to find someone to watch my kids every day. if i quit or get fired because of this, will i get unemployment?


I been working as a contractor for 10 months. When I was interview for a position on help desk and they would need me to fill in on a customer service position Until the Help Desk Position starts for class training.

i told them I have class and would need a time that fits with my school schedule. Three months later I ask to move back due to this position is out of my skill level. They told me that i am unable to move to that position any more. And plus they changed my schedule to where I cannot attend school.

I would like to know if I get fired can i get unemployment.


I worked for autozone for three and a half years with no write ups for anything.

Just recently they hired a manager who says that being a parts salesman is not a woman's world, it's a man's, which really hurt me. He has been treating me like crap, saying to costumers that i don't know anything and butts in and takes over every time I'm dealing with a costumer.

He keeps saying that I'm a vagina and he's a penis, which makes him a child. So i got fed up and quit. what should i do?


I filed for unemployment and received a letter with how much i will be getting, but when i called they said i have to get a phone interview, but i still need to call and claim each time i get a letter too.

i did that and on the day of the interview, the lady told me to explain everything that happened. I told her the patient i was working for let me use her time share and i thought it was OK because my boss was also using it. She even begged her to buy the time share from the patient. i also stated that during the time of booking the hotel, the patient offered to pay for the tickets since they were cheap and i would just pay her back.. She booked it and i gave her the money back. That's my story.

Then the interviewer read what my boss said. She told them in writing that i was stealing and the lady was 88 and she doesn't remember anything, which is a lie! She said i used her credit card for personal use to go shopping, which is also a lie!

i told the interviewer that was all a lie and that's not how it went, and she said hold on one second, that she would call my boss in conference.

She called my boss and she said she was busy she can't talk. She then asked me if i received a handbook, which i never received one, and my boss wrote that i did.

I told her my boss did it and i thought it was OK, so i did it.

So the interviewer told me to wait seven days and i will either get a letter or a check. I don't know what to do. What are my odds of actually getting approved/denied?


i have worked for a candle company for almost 2 months now. I have severe asthma and allergies. i knew i would probably have some issues, but i needed a job so when it was offered i just took it.

As i said i have been there only two months and i have had such issues with my health that i just can't handle the perfumes of the thousands of candles that we have. i have been looking for a new job, with no hits yet, and I'm considering quitting my candle job due to health related issues.

would i be able to get unemployment until i found something else? is my health a valid reason to leave my job?


Of all these postings only a very few have any valid claims for unemployment. Most all are by people who want to be paid for nothing because 1) they didn't "like" their job, 2) they expected people to kiss their butts to accommodate their personal issues, 3) they are lazy system-riders, 4) they're nuts!

Get over it and get your butts to work so people who don't get offended every time someone looks at them and choose to carry our own weight and pay our own bills don't have to pay your bills!


I had worked at my job three years for a plant nursery. I very much loved my job and was very good at it. About nine months ago new management was brought in. For a while everything was going okay. Then about five months ago or so, I felt the assistant manager was singling me out to attack.

She would, in front of others, sarcastically ask what I was doing. I would be doing something a manager had told me to do or acting on needs of the store and taking care of something. She would talk down to me or challenge me. This went on for about a week. I told co workers about it. The assistant manager who did this to me has been hormonal since she started working: moody, agitated and unpredictable. But at the end of my work career there it was getting really bad. I truly felt attacked by her on several occasions.

There were others that felt the same way about her, but didn't say anything. I quit one day and left. No one called to ask what happened. A few weeks later someone from the main office called and gave me an exit interview. I let them know everything that was going on. That was a few months ago. Can I collect unemployment?


what if I quit a job to start another and I am laid off by the new one before my qualifying time to draw from them. Can I apply for unemployment from the one that I left?


I started a new job about three weeks ago. But I quit because the supervisor was telling me very often that I will get fired within a week because i was not doing the job the way he wanted.

I was on training but the hostile environment he was creating was making me nervous and sick at home. So, after the last time he told me that I will get over before the month I decide to quit. But not because I wanted. I feel more like if I was forced to do it because of all his comments.


The position I currently have is onsite management. if I don't agree to accept another position at another location, I will lose my current job. Reason: occupancy too low." problem: nowhere to live, and husband still hasn't been released from workman's comp doctor. he broke his ankle while on the job in February and has not been working since.

yes they offered me another position. The place is even lower occupancy. But instead of 40 hour weeks, I must work 60. and no raise. what do I do? they did, however, offer my husband more money, different job.


I work for a company for 11 years. just three months ago, they changed my hours to 12-hour shifts and when working on weekends running a machine am the only person in the building. Is this a good reason to quit?


When I first started my factory job back in April I was told that employees "sometimes" have to work extremely long work weeks. Having worked in factories my whole life, I know that it is commonplace to have a long work week here and there.

Up until the end of July we were only working 9-10 hours a day. All of a sudden the company is now requiring us all to work 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week. I've been doing this for around a month now and I can no longer take it. I am physically exhausted and mentally I feel like I'm about to break down. I have been filling out applications since I was first informed that the extreme work hours were going into effect.

Does anyone think I have a case where I would be able to quit my job and still be able to collect unemployment? I would go see a psychiatrist and try to have them say I am mentally unstable and unable to continue working under such extreme circumstances but I have not worked in the company long enough to receive benefits so I can't afford to see a doctor. If anyone has a serious answer to this question please respond.


my company moved to Jersey city from manhattan in October 2009. I was pregnant at the time and just recently married and living in Stamford, Connecticut.

I continued working for the company but after I had the baby and finished my maternity leave I realized after going back to work that I couldn't take the two hour commute back and forth. I was getting home so late and it was costing me $2000 a month for day care and $500 a month to commute.

Am I eligible to collect unemployment benefits while I look for a job closer to home?


If you receive a determination letter for benefits and are eligible, does that mean you are guaranteed unemployment?


I was working for an IT company for the past two years. I was initially promised a certain salary by my year mark along with health benefits. After my one year of employment I never received that promised salary nor was I ever given benefits.

Eventually when the recession hit my hours were then reduced from 40-45 hours to 25+ hours. After about a couple of months my boss stated he was able to have me on full time hours.

I was in that time span looking for a better job, with a more stable and secure company. Upon receiving a tentative start date with a new company. I resigned from my position same day as I was needed to start the new position as soon as possible. However, due to a insignificant typo regarding my resume I was not given this new position.

Would I be able to collect unemployment from my former employer, even though I did not give him enough notice for my resignation?

Even though when I was employed with them, I was required to come in 15-30 min earlier than my start time and was not paid for it, along with duties such as cleaning toilets (three-person office, two males and myself- female) and cleaning air vents where the air conditioning was? Your comments are greatly appreciated.


I am an alcoholic and an addict. I resigned my job (as an attorney) and went to rehab. I was granted unemployment. --NJ Guy


I work in what I believe to be a sick building. I have been constantly sick for six months. a co worker began having asthma attacks and i made her go to the doctor, the doctor told her to quit because he did not want her back in the building. She took a few days off under doctor's orders and when she came back they fired her.

Another woman came down with bronchitis and ended up in the hospital for congestive heart failure.

My coworkers report burning eyes, nausea and constant headaches, I spoke to my boss three times concerning the matter and he agreed to have an air test and has not done so yet.

We have gnats flying all over the building and he said he would get pest control on it and he has not.

My eyes are puffy and I have these persistent headaches and my sinus infections, ear infections. My body hurts when I sit in the building. I have been on antibiotics for a week. I went to the doctor again and he prescribed more medication, and he agreed something is happening in the building.

I am a single mom and so worried it will be difficult in this economy to find another job if I quit. But I am afraid my symptoms are just getting worse, especially the nausea. But I can't take it any more.


I quit due to sexual harassment. I kind of tried to tell management a few times and they acted dumb. I was denied unemployment at the determination, redetermination level, but I won at the appeal. I was in Michigan but had moved to California after I quit. My hearing was over the phone. I was not afforded an advocate being that I had moved out of state.


I have the same scenario as number 70, but i am located in NJ, can you please give me some advice?


I am actually checking into discrimination laws as we speak. Hmmm. I fit perfectly under 659A.309. They hired on a part time file clerk who is the daughter of one of the managers here, and soon after, had me training her for my job. They told me that I wasn't catching on, so I had a choice of moving to sales, or moving down to part time file clerk.

First of all, during my initial job interview in February, they made it clear to me that they didn't want me drifting back into sales, and that they wanted me in the office. I made it clear to them that I never wanted to sell cars again.

Second, they offered me a pay increase, and benefits after 90 days. When that time rolled around they laughed at me and told me I was fired. (As a joke). They since have avoided everything promised. After my 90 days this privileged girl gets hired. And i'm getting shifted around.

I still have no benefits, and am now working for minimum wage. Minimum wage, unless I sell enough vehicles to receive enough commissions to go over minimum wage. I didn't know if I had the right to quit, or anything. So out of stupidity and fear of no income, I took sales.

In short, if I didn't know how to do my job, why did they have me train her? Hmm, sounds fishy to me. Also, they gave me some big sales pitch to get me to take the sales job. Which all turned out to be a bunch of crap. I feel as though they are just wanting me to quit so they don't have to fire me.


I am one of the hundreds of people who have worked at a video and tanning business in Tennessee. I started in Dec 2009 and of the eight people who work there, I am third in the line of employees who have worked there the longest. One woman who has worked 14 years, being the first, and the manager who has worked three months longer than I being the second.

I always thought something wasn't right because they do not have older employees than this. The two women who were working there when I was hired became undesirable so they were forced to quit by having their hours reduced from about 35 to five to eight. Neither was given a valid explanation for why this happened and were left in the dark. Meanwhile, the rest of the employees knew what was going on due to the drama-loving manager. Once they finally quit, two other people were hired to replace them. One as an assistant manager (a position that never existed before this), and the other only works about eight hours a week (she was deemed undesirable early on).

Apparently, I, too, have become undesirable to the drama-loving manager because my hours have been reduced to eight from 29-30 per week. The only explanation I have been given is that a couple of customers have complained that I was rude to them.

One of the complaints was from a woman who was allowed to use the tanning beds on her daughter's account (forbidden, according to store policy) and the store manager was allowing them to share. I was the tattletale who reported this to the owner because I felt it affected my job and future with this company.

Another complaint was fabricated (not sure by who) saying I pounded on the tanning room door because the customer had fallen asleep and it was reported (supposedly) that I told the customer that I had other customers waiting to use the room.

A third and final complaint was not from the customer, but from the manager because I could not handle a difficult customer (yes, they exist) and requested her help for this person (fortunately the manager was there, or was it unfortunate?).

I feel I have been treated totally unfairly and I do not want to return to this eight hour a week job but I need all the money I can get right now to pay the rent and bills (you all know that drill).

I suspected for a few months that this would happen and have already (angrily) informed the (quote unquote) assistant manager that this would also happen to her.

I guess I should probably state here that three of the employees are the owner's sons aged 14, 16, and 17 so I don't really count them as employees because they can do no wrong and can never be fired.

I always wondered why they had no employees who have been there any longer than a few months. The 14-year veteran employee says that it's because they cannot find good people who will work. Now I know that this is not true because they had one in me. I never called in sick, I worked any extra hours they gave me, came in to work on my days off, worked alone when no one else could come in (snow days in Tennessee no one can drive).

I won't get much unemployment benefits but doesn't it seem I am eligible for these benefits? I would rather work because the money is better but this company is obviously doing this to their employers intentionally to avoid paying any benefits and to avoid giving raises (I got a fat quarter for my dedicated and loyal service).

Thanks for any responses.


I've recently put in my two-week resignation letter for my job and I was wondering if i can collect unemployment afterwards.

I did not want to get fired because I was given many warnings and write ups at work that i feel i won't win the case. Therefore, I quit.

But my true reason for quitting is to go back to school and I wanted to know if going back to school was a good reason to collect unemployment in california. What can anyone suggest for me and what should i do?


I have been sexually harassed by my manager at work. I reported this to the store owner. She moved me to a different location, at one of her other stores. She told me this was temporary, until she could figure out what to do.

I worked there for a week. I told her I wanted to move back to my original store. She moved me back, and said that I would not be scheduled to work with my manager. Since then, he has had an attitude towards me, nit-picking at my job, he lowered my hours, I lost one day a week. I see him every day still, only for about 5-15 mins at a time. I feel even more uncomfortable at work. Should I quit, and file for UI? Just until I can get a different job?


It is possible to claim UI when you quit on your own accord. I didn't think it was possible, but after four months of research (internet, other people's experience, personal interviews) I learned that it is possible with carefully crafted inputs on the claim form. -Howard


I need to quit my job to move out of state. The reason is so I can be with the father of my child and the fact that childcare will not be available for me anymore. He cannot leave his job and move where I am since his job is military and airline. Does anyone know if I can collect unemployment for this reason.


I had been with my employer for almost four years. During the course of that time, I used FMLA suggested by my psychiatrist due to my mental and emotional state. I had been diagnosed as bipolar. Well, towards the end of my employment, the stress of the job became way too much for me and I resigned. That was in December.

I have applied at, literally, every store and business I can think of. Even some businesses that didn't have a job section on their web site, I emailed them my resume.

Is there any way I can collect unemployment because of my mental illness?


I am actually interested in relocating myself however, I am being pulled in different direction regarding “collecting unemployment”. I currently reside in Chicago, but am looking forward in moving to Tampa.

I wanted to give my two weeks notice instead of being laid off or fired. Would i still have the opportunity to collect unemployment because i am relocating and not because i got fired or laid off? (If that makes any sense at all) Or does this only apply if i were to get laid off or fired?

I've been looking for a job in Tampa however, haven't got any luck yet. I will be looking for one once i am settled in. Please advise.

Thank you


I recently came back to work I was promised $24 an hour then I looked at my pay stub after the third two week pay period (like an idiot) and noticed they're only paying me $22 an hour. Can I put in my two weeks and claim unemployment?


Recently i am working, but i want to move to make my career in other provinces to make a career.

i have to work volunteer. i have my wife and two kids. if i am going to volunteer there i have financial problem because raising my family by volunteering is very difficult. in this situation i want to quit my job. am i eligible for EI benefits?


As I read these comments I just have to laugh at all the lazy shmucks who come onto this site looking for a "freebie" from the federal assistance programs.

While a few of these claims are valid, most are from lazy freeloaders who wouldn't take a job if it were served to them on a silver platter.

I especially like the one about not wanting to take the bus to work so she's trying to collect UIA. This is the problem with federal programs like these: "Hey, I am able to work but don't feel like it so let's just make an excuse and see if uncle Sam and the rest of the working taxpayers of America will bail me out" Wake up!

Quit being lazy, quit making excuses and do something with your life rather than attempting to scam the system. You people make me sick.


I have been working for an airline for almost two years. We now changed to a corporation. It used to be a Mom and Pop kind of place where everyone was happy. They moved to Memphis, TN and we now have new everyone some did stay on like myself.

My new boss talks down to me and looks for everything wrong with what I do. She even went as far as to write me up on my work performance.

Every day now I go to work feeling sick and nervous doing my work. I do not trust anyone there for they all lie. She wants me to resign. She did not say that but it's obvious to me and everyone else. I want to know if I can resign and still be able to collect unemployment.

In making myself a wreck and I'm taking my time with my work for I feel she will fire me. She has already lost two people in just a short time. What can I do?


I quit my job because the company was practicing something unethical that affected the consumer. I didn't want any part of it.

I live in TX and got the final paycheck but he made me pay back all of the vacation i took. I had only used what i had earned up to that point. Did he have the right to take it back in the final check?

I quit due to integrity and ethical reasons where it was starting to affect my health. What are my rights in TX?


I was injured at work but had my workers compensation claim denied. At this point they are working me on light duty which is not really to doctors restrictions. Some of the work is testing the injury and causing symptoms to resurface. This is making me think that I really may not be able to perform the job I had before I was injured. If I can not am I eligible for unemployment and severance pay?


i have two kids with medical problems. my daughter has back problems and we're trying to avoid surgery, lots of doctor's appointments as well as epilepsy -- lots of appointments. my son has ulcers in his throat. they have no idea what's causing it and have done a throat scope and lots of tests and need to do many more scopes.

It's affecting my ability to be at work with all the appointments and my employer now has denied my request off to take daughter for third time to try and get back brace molded. I need to go.

What should i do if am let go due to inability to go because of an appointment or am put on a sub list or my hours cut a lot? can i get unemployment? sweetacolie


My boss would talk down to me a lot. She would always tell me "I was stupid" because the work was so easy. For the record, she had me doing stuff that I was never trained on. I was going by a text msg someone sent me (the person I was replacing).

I couldn't take it anymore and I had to quit. Do I still qualify for unemployment? I used to be an assistant to my boss and a lot of people quit because of the way she treated them and whenever we received a claim for unemployment she would deny it.


I had worked for a company over eight months in Tennessee and was arrested back in January and extradited to Indiana for a charge that i was not guilty of.

I have been cleared of the crime and charges have been dropped. I had gotten back in contact with my employer to plead for my job back due to this unfortunate incident, but i was told that the company had a rule that after three days of "no call, no show", you were automatically fired and were not considered for rehire.

Due to being in jail i was unable to make a call to my employer. Would this make me eligible for unemployment benefits since i did not "quit" my job and they won't allow my return?


After working my job for seven years, i got put on anti-depressants after a supervisor cussed me out and put me down. Had a buddy of mine pass away on the job from a gas that the company said they didn't know anything about but it was later found they did.

i have since then tried to cope with my depression and find i can't mentally or physically go back to the job. could i get unemployment for this till i find a new job?


My husband has worked for a truck driving company for two years. The law states that they must be relieved of anything to do with their truck after 14 hours if there is no sleeper.

My husband wants to quit his job. He went to work yesterday at 7 a.m. It is now 9:30 a.m. the next day. The company expects them to cheat their log books. If my husband refuses they are rude.

This is an ongoing thing. They work them 24 hours without the eight-hour off period. This is breaking the law. So can my husband quit his job and file unemployment? How would he go about getting it? They do not take them food when working 24 hours. They do not tell them "hey you will not be going home tonight so pack a 24 hour lunch." This is wrong and what can we do?


my child has a chronic illness, and I believe my job just put me on paid administrative leave. I think it has something to do with my FMLA, I'm not sure but I'm guessing. I have had a few other issues here and there with the company.

I don't know if they're attempting to suspend or let me go. I don't see how they would have a case anyway, but they think they have something. Either way, I'm going to resign in the end. I'm just going through the process because I'm anxious to see what this is about. When I resign is there any way I could receive unemployment?


my husband is working in st. louis, but he travels all over the u.s., pretty much repairing business' roofs. i cannot do this on my own. we have two children and we have appointments i can't make it to. When we have doctor's appointments i have no one to take me and i need advice on whether if he quits he can get unemployment?


My employer has reduced my hours down to about 16 hours a week. I really want to resign and look for a better job. I realize from this article that I am eligible for unemployment.

Should I submit a resignation letter to my employer giving two weeks' notice or will that decrease my chances of receiving unemployment? What is the best strategy to resign to increase my chances of receiving unemployment?

Any information is much appreciated! Sincerely, JP


If my employer drops me from a manager position to a 14 hour a week position. Won't fire me so that I cannot collect unemployment. Then pays me my final check $600 short. What is the best course of action? and am I eligible for unemployment?


i was fired on my second day of work because "i didn't have enough initiative, wasn't catching on fast enough and wasn't a good fit." The reason for this is because the women who was supposed to train me didn't speak english and i don't speak spanish.

So i was in the dark about a lot of things, so i was just standing around trying to figure out what to do because i had no idea. When i spoke to several managers about it they kind of shrugged it off and said i would just get it.

Even when they fired me i still tried to explain myself, and he basically said i should have taken initiative to learn it on my own with out the help of a trainer that taught everyone else except me.


I have to quit my job because I don't have reliable transportation. Can I collect unemployment?


I work in a hazardous environment, inhaling dust and chemicals daily. I just became pregnant. If I quit are there any benefits I can receive?


If I quit due to lack of transportation and I live about 20 miles away will I be eligible for UI? I have been attacked on public transportation on my way home from work. My hours were cut so much that I can't afford to commute to work.

The commuter checks are useless because I almost had a break down due to having to take the bus. Was attacked by people that were not caught. I also do not have childcare anymore can I file?


I will no longer have my babysitter after this week. Can I draw unemployment if I quit my job to watch my kids?


If I cannot cash six of my checks due to lack of funds, will i be eligible to draw unemployment benefits?


i will quit my job because i live in nj and my ex husband and i going through separation. i will go back to NY because i don't have a place to live here and either family to help me out. can i qualify for unemployment.


Was unfairly fired, and owner and coworkers were making remarks and talking about me like I was not there. No one would talk to me. The shift would mock me at everything I did.

I spoke to the people every day. I heard off- color comments and management knew of the situation and did nothing.

Out burst of profanity was geared toward me. Someone said I said something profane and I was told I was upset and sent home.

I need a job The place had a bad reputation years ago. I was led to believe that two people were fired because they talked to me. That is bits and pieces of a day at that job.


I was laid off for seven months, and now my boss called me to go back to work. i have been back to work for two weeks now. and he is treating me like crap and taking advantage of me. i don't want to work there anymore. i feel like I'm forced to go to work every day and he doesn't pay me on time. please tell me what to do, and if I'm still eligible to collect unemployment. --confused


I work for a very small business I have worked for this company for five years. A year ago our office relocated to the owners home. The office is separate but there is no rest room facilities and the heating system is terrible.

I am not in the office all the time but when I am there I never take my coat off because it is so cold. The owner is not always there. I do not know what to do I'm sure that there are laws no matter how many employees there are. I cannot afford to just quit my job and not be able to get unemployment benefits until I find another job. What should I do?


This one lady that I work with, who is under me, has been harassing me for over a year now.

One day my brand new car had key marks all around it, with fresh paint shavings. When I went to wipe the scarred lines of my car, the shavings seemed to be fresh. This lady had left a half hour before. I know it was her, but can't prove it.

This was one of the incidents, but not counting on previous torments and mind games she played with me. I had notified each and every manager about her being cruel. Nothing has been done and she, today works there full time. Most of the people who I work with have been very upset at our over-cut hours.

I was scheduled full time before and can't keep living on 10-15 hours a week! Thank God I have a part-time job. Is there anything I can do?


I recently quit a job. I really liked my job and everything was going great. That is, until a personal conflict between my immediate supervisor and another employee caused discomfort to many of us in our department.

Since I was friendly to this employee whom my employer had this problem with, I began to be treated in a retaliatory manner. I was forced to use a chemical that my supervisor was aware that I was highly allergic to. I had a horrible allergic reaction and my hands were swollen to three times their normal size and I had to leave work and go and receive medical treatment. I brought back a note from my physician not to use this chemical again.

However, a few days later my supervisor approached me and informed me I had to use the chemical anyway. I reminded her that I was not supposed to handle this chemical and she instead brought me two pairs of gloves and told me I had to do it anyway.

I was afraid of losing my job so I did it anyway and had an immediate reaction. When i told her, she simply apologized but did nothing else. I had to pay for the medical treatment myself. After this our manager was made aware of this and called me into her office and she questioned me as to what happened and why I used the chemical even though I was informed not to.

I told her I didn't want to use it but was afraid of losing my job. They filled out an incident report but my supervisor was never reprimanded.

After this incident it went from bad to worse. My supervisor did anything and everything she could to make the environment unbearable. She would make comments about me in front of other employees and even clients regarding my weight as well as slandering me. I was unaware of this happening toward me until a client and other employees complained to our manager.

She called me into her office yet once more and stated that she wanted to know my side of the story. She stated that my supervisor had denied making any remarks but that obviously there are two sides of what happened. "My supervisors and everyone else's" and that she knew my supervisor was not telling the truth and that she was going to confront her on the following work day.

Well this never happened. Instead it only got worse. Not only did my supervisor fire the employee she had a personal problem with but she changed my schedule repeatedly so that I was barely making any money but she continued making remarks. Only now she felt that since she was not facing any consequences that she could do as she wished.

At least that is how it appeared because as I stated my manager was aware of everything and did nothing about it. Well the final straw happened because we were about to undergo an inspection and my supervisor was also set to go on vacation the next day.

I was cleaning and moving things around and consequently hurt my shoulder. I complained about it hurting to her as well as to the company trainer but nothing was done about it. The following day she left for vacation. I was in so much pain that I could barely move but went to work anyway.

The next day I was barely able to move. I called way before we were to open and left a message for the manager on duty which is the company's standard if you are going to be out. I also left messages on the department's voice mail and contacted our receptionist.

I later was informed that the manager said she never received any message and that I need to contact her. I did call her but kept getting her voice mail.

I might add that I was in severe pain and very emotional and stressed the entire time this incident was happening. This was the final cap on what had become a very mentally and physically unhealthy environment. I think I very nearly had an emotional break down from all of this. I ended up quitting because I thought I had no recourse.

Now I have applied for UI and am waiting to see what will happen. I am not the only person who was involved in the harassment issues and I have many witnesses that are willing to testify.

I hope it doesn't have to go that far though.

Everything that had happened before I quit involving my supervisor was documented at work so hopefully they won't attempt to fight it.


am i eligible for EDD benefits even though i voluntarily resign to my job? the reason i quit was because my co-employee told me that he heard my employer that they will terminate me because of the false accusation against me. please help!


Some states almost didn't take federal money because they were required to soften unemployment rules. I think a midwestern state was one. Like making it possible to draw if you left your employer to care for a loved one in need.

I bet whomever wrote those laws are with their loved ones when needed. I think they would rather let the system dry up then help some poor family be with an ill child.


It's really sad to see how so many employers treat people and then want keep them from drawing money.

I wish they would make FMLA to take effect day one of employment and not a year later and how about changing the law so they had to pay you for taking FMLA for day one? Employers wonder why the Free Choice Act is needed for workers. Reading posts above, I know why, now.


I am in a teacher credential program in Ca. I will have to complete a 15 week student teaching requirement and my employer will not give me a leave of absence. They claim it is considered seeking outside employment.

Even though I work for a charter school, they are not willing to work something out with me. My college advisor told me that I will have to quit my job in order to complete the requirement. If I quit, would I be able to collect unemployment?


I was denied unemployment in April when i was fired, due to a new administrator stating i wasn't doing my job. I had just received a $7,300 bonus in March for doing my job so well, but she had targeted me and she won. i applied for unemployment benefits and was denied, so i appealed twice and i was denied.

I just started a part-time job in October which was supposed to give me enough hours but i seem to be called only once a week since November. Previously i babysat for my daughter and now that i called TWC, i was told she had to fax a sworn statement/notarized stating how much she paid me to work. What other information will they want from her and since i live with her will that be a problem?

I am in a desperate financial situation and i need TWC to consider me for requalification of unemployment benefits.


I was working a great job and I'm a single parent with no living relatives or anyone who can take care of my six year old. He got kicked out of after school program so I asked my employer if they can work with me on this and they said no, so i had no other choice in this matter. Will i be able to get unemployment?


I recently left a job after 5 1/2 years to pursue another career. The new job didn't work out due to my father coming down with an illness and me having to make arrangements for his daily care. Would I still be eligible for unemployment in this case?


I had resigned from my job in September. I resigned because I was not enjoying my work. I worked and stayed in PA. I have never filed for unemployment since then.

Now, I am failing to get new work due to market conditions. Is there a way or basis on which I can now file for unemployment and chances of being approved? Please suggest.


A couple of things for those in CA (I am an insider):

1. The interviewers do not automatically believe the claimant is lying. We do understand that employers lie too, as they have an interest in lying to us. The employer pays into unemployment, it does not come out of your checks.

2. If you are collecting unemployment and are engaging in self-employment or have a part time job, you must report your wages as you earn them, not as they are paid. We will find out you are working and we will penalize you for it; it is fraud. We also know if you are working in other states.

3. If you do not have childcare, you do not qualify for benefits.

4. If you are caring for a relative full time, during your normal working hours for your occupation, you do not qualify for benefits.

5. If you are going to school during your normal working hours, you do not qualify for benefits. We do find out if you are in school.

6. We find out about everything you do, whether it's anonymous tips from people that know you, from other states, from your employer or former employers, etc.

7. Employers in CA can fire you for any reason (except those protected under Civil Rights Act) or no reason. They do not have to give you a reason. The majority of the time, the ED's are the ones holding up your benefits!

8. You are more likely to get benefits if you get fired than if you quit.

9. We know when you go on Disability, and you cannot collect both.

10. It is not a good idea to miss your interview if you have one! You will most likely be disqualified. They do not have to leave you a message to have you call back.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are available. It is your responsibility to make sure your information is correct, that you're reporting correctly, etc. Ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to the law and government money. There is literature that we mail out and there is plenty of literature online.

11. If you have a question during your interview, wait until the interviewer is done. *Many* interviewers are jaded and impatient. It is not your fault, we deal with many, many people who do commit fraud and should not be entitled to benefits. So it makes it harder for us to sympathize with those of you that are legitimately out of jobs.

12. The EDD staff do their jobs to the best of their ability. They have deadlines and standards of their own that are set by the federal government. They do not make the rules; they just follow them. They do not disqualify arbitrarily. We are trained to follow the letter of the law (the California Unemployment Insurance Code). If you don't' like it, write to Congress!


I have recently resigned from my job because of how nasty and disrespectful my boss has been. He curses and talks down to everyone there.

He only has Hispanic and African- American women working for him, knowing a lot of people have children, he tries to make us stay for hours after the shift is up. I don't know what avenue to take. Any suggestions please help.


i am working in DC, and my wife and kids live in North Carolina. I was relocated there after the place i worked for shut down in North Carolina. It has become a financial burden to work there. Even though i get paid a little more there it's not enough to cover living expenses there without taking money from my wife and kids. Can i collect unemployment benefits if i quit my job and came home to North Carolina while i looked for a job?


I worked for my employer since 2001, I quit for 1 year and have since came back because they asked me to, and said I would be full time. After a few months, my full time became 3 days a week and then 2, and now I've been scheduled for a day and a half!! I cannot pay any of my bills on this pay. I hope I am eligible. I don't know what else to do.


i have been working for over two years now, and so did my boyfriend at the time. well about ten months ago he cheats on me with one of our co-workers. I left him and never wished to look back. They started dating and now she harasses me by calling me names and laughing while she walks by with one of her friends. I'm tired of it. I want nothing to do with him or her. I found someone i really love, and i moved on. I hate coming to work. I want to quit. I told the bosses about this but no changes. could i get unemployment if i quit?


is there any other means of receiving assistance even if you quit your job because of having nowhere to live and having to move out of state until you found a job?


I am working at a small company in california. I don't exactly have a job title, but I do everything from managing the production line, driving forklifts, ordering materials, scheduling production, taking phone calls, making deliveries, shipping our products, etc. Did I mention I am the only person certified to drive a forklift? There is just far too much for one person to do.

I have approached the owners numerous times asking them to hire some extra help but they refuse to pay the extra wages. There is just too much for one person to do and no organization or structure. When a mistake is made or something goes wrong even the simplest mistake I have been threatened with cursing and the threat of being fired.

I know that the job is not going anywhere. however I work so many hours that I am unable to search for a new job and I just can't afford to get fired. Not to mention I have never been paid for a holiday and rarely get them off.

Can I quit and receive benefits? I am in a tight spot with these golden handcuffs.


I have an employee whose father works for our company. She is causing havoc at our branch, where I am the manager. Several employees have complained as well as me, to higher ups. I have also gone to our HR department. She has violated rules and been sent home, and has done things that any other employee would have been fired for. I have been told that it is a political game and that my hands are tied. I have been with this company for 10 years and have never been this stressed out. It is really wearing on me, and therefore my family. I have gone to the proper people and through proper channels, to no avail. I would like to resign, but am concerned about whether I may be eligible for unemployment. I have never been disciplined or written up as long as I have been with this company and have been considered a valuable asset in the past; however, I don't think I can work with this company much longer as it is affecting my health. Any advice?


I went on fmla in April to have surgery. When I came back to work my weekly paycheck dropped 400.00. I am paid commissions and while I was out they were charging me for chargebacks but my manager was not allowed to sale for me to keep my commission account from being in the negative. So now after I pay for my expenses, I am not making hardly anything. If I quit will I qualify for unemployment pay? I am in the process of filing a suit with the labor board. Because if I had been on vacation I could have got paid commission. Is this not discrimination?


my store manager is forcing me to give a 2 weeks notice. can i still collect unemployment?


I live in michigan and my hubby now has to commute to lansing from flint. It takes one hour 15 min to get to work, and approx $140.00 a month just for gas. We can't afford it. And to top that off his boss has him working from 6am to 9 or 10 pm and then has to get back up at 3am so he can go back to work at 6am. He is very tired and fears falling asleep at the wheel. If he quits will he be able to collect unemployment?


I was on unemployment as a laid off truck driver. I took a job to drive a dump truck. It turned out to be an articulating dump -- a piece of heavy equipment I was not qualified to drive. I tried for three days and almost rolled dump over a 100 foot embankment so I quit. Can I go back to drawing my unemployment?


i'm pregnant, and have been working at my current job for seven months. since I haven't been here for a full twelve months, i do not qualify for FMLA benefits, and my employer does not offer any kind of leave. I was informed today that my job cannot be held during the time of my leave. I'm able to reapply, but am not guaranteed a position. Could I qualify for unemployment??


I quit my job in michigan to move with my only child to arizona to help take care of my granddaughter so that my son can remain at his job. His wife is in the marine corps. Am I eligible for unemployment?


if i am forced to quit my job, because of constant disrepect from manager and name calling from manager can i still collect unemployment benefits?


my son in law works in Louisiana, and his wife & kids live in Texas. He was relocated here after the plant shut down in Texas. It's become a financial burden to work there. Even though he gets perdiem it's not enough to cover living expenses there without taking money from his wife & kids.Also his wife has had to take temporary custody of his 2 nephews and a niece because of drug charges against his sister and they already have 3 kids and his wife is pregnant. Can he collect unemployment benefits if he quit my job and came home to Texas while he looked for a job?


It has become a financial burden to work at my job. The job is located in another state from my wife and kids. I'm getting perdiem pay but it's not enough to cover food, lodging, utilities, etc. I still have to pay bills at home. Can I quit and receive unemployment benefits while I look for a job in my home state.


I need to quit my job because my fiance has to move to another city 90 minutes away to be close to family and I am her care giver at night as she has M.S and Lupus. I am able to work during the day.. Would I be able to get unemployment benefits while looking for a new job.. I am in California.Thanx..


I was never relieved for a lunch break, or any break for that matter,for a period of about 6 weeks. can I draw unemployment benefits? Unemployed in KY


I was forced to quit my job due to no childcare my past daycare provider quit watching my kids which left me with no babysitter. Could I qualify for unemployment benefits?


i quit my job, i don't have transport anymore, that takes 20 min to drive work, so am i eligible for unemployment benefits?


What sort of proof would be required to show that the workplace was hostile and that is why you have had to quit?


My Dad was put in the hospital half way through my shift and my manager told me she couldn't approve for me to go home because we were busy and said if I go to see my dad in the hospital before my shift was finished I would lose my job. If I were to quit because of them denying me to go see my dad in the hospital for a medical reason, am i eligible for unemployment?


I quit my job in Nevada to move with my daughter to RI. she is disabled and I am her representative payee for Social Security. Is that good enough cause to collect unemployment benefits?


i recently quit my job and left my whole life in ny. the reason i left was because i learned my wife was being unfaithful. i have a history of depression. i quit because in ny i could no longer function in any normal way. especially my job. am i eligible for unemployment?


California. Forced resignation. (Quit or be terminated.) Witness present. Eligibility for unemployment if claim indicates "quit"? Please advise.


hey, i'm curious if i should file for unemployment but it has been a while though. My last day was August 1st, but i had to fly down and stay with my mom for a while she was in the hospital. I quit because they found a cyst on my brain and it gives me really bad headaches and also i sleep a lot. would i be qualified for unemployment?


If you need time off to care for a loved one with a long-term mental or physical health need which requires you to miss work you can file for FMLA so that you may have extended time away from work unpaid with the ability to return after things have settled down. Research FMLA law on the Internet for more info.


My husband has terminal cancer, which has affected my attendance at work. If i quit, will i be eligible to draw unemployment benefits? I can't be here all the time due to his illness.

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    • Development of a health condition, such as poor hearing, can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.
      By: Alexander Raths
      Development of a health condition, such as poor hearing, can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.
    • A reduction in work hours can qualify as a no fault reason for leaving an employer.
      By: apops
      A reduction in work hours can qualify as a no fault reason for leaving an employer.
    • Job harassment can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.
      By: DURIS Guillaume
      Job harassment can make one eligible for unemployment benefits.
    • An individual who quits a job as a result of conflict with an employer will generally not be eligible for unemployment benefits.
      By: Dana Heinemann
      An individual who quits a job as a result of conflict with an employer will generally not be eligible for unemployment benefits.
    • Quitting a job that is simply unsatisfying will not qualify an individual for unemployment benefits.
      By: Brad Wynnyk
      Quitting a job that is simply unsatisfying will not qualify an individual for unemployment benefits.