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What is a Purse Organizer?

Nychole Price
Nychole Price

It never fails. When you get to the cash register, and you are ready to pay, you reach deep into your large purse for your wallet and you can't find it. You place your purse on the counter and dig through it, for what feels like minutes, to come up empty-handed. It is moments like this when you wish you had a purse organizer to keep your important items handy.

A purse organizer lines the inside of your purse and has several pockets to position important items around the circumference of the bag. The pockets vary in size to accommodate wallets, cell phones, pens, makeup, coins and other items that are necessary to carry with you.

A leather purse.
A leather purse.

Purse organizers are sold in different sizes to fit designer handbags and popular purses. The large purse organizer fits purses such as diaper bags, canvas totes and carryalls, that have at least a 15 inch (38.1 cm) opening and are at least 8 inches (20.32 cm) deep. The medium purse organizer fits average size purses that are at least 6 inches (15.24 cm) deep and have a minimum of an 11 inch (27.94 cm) opening. The small purse organizer accommodates hobos, slings and small purses with at least a 9 inch (22.86 cm) opening and a 7 inch (17.78 cm)depth.

Purse organizers can also be used with tote bags.
Purse organizers can also be used with tote bags.

A purse organizer works rather efficiently. Open up the purse organizer and lay it on a flat surface. Insert the items you want to carry regularly in a pocket that best fits it. Items that are to large for the pockets can lay in the center of the purse organizer. Pick it up width-wise and position it in your purse so that it lines the inner circumference. Your items are now within easy grasp.

If your purse is to small for any regular purse organizer, you can buy a drop-in purse organizer. Unlike the standard purse organizer, this type doesn't wrap around your bag. It is dropped in your purse where it is supported by your wallet. These work well for the minimalist who doesn't like to carry many items with her but prefers to be able to find the ones she does.

Purse organizers are sold by several different companies in a large array of colors. They come in hundreds of different colors and patterns to match the multitude of purses people carry. They are inexpensive, which allows a person to buy several of them to match their handbags. You can save yourself the headache of fishing for your items and still look fashionable.

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@raynbow- That is a great idea for organizing a purse that doesn't have extra pockets. Another great thing about most drop-in purse organizers is that they are usually less costly than the wrap-around varieties. They also have multiple uses.

In addition to working in most types of purses, drop-in purse organizers are also great to use in overnight bags. Once you put one or more in your bag, you will have plenty of space for bottles and tubes without having to worry about them tipping over and spilling. Once you get to your destination, all of your items are conveniently organized and at your fingertips!


I have a large purse that I love, but it has only one compartment. I purchased two drop-in purse organizers, and put them inside. Now it is like having a totally different purse inside with plenty of compartments to help keep me organized.

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    • A leather purse.
      By: Sam D'Cruz
      A leather purse.
    • Purse organizers can also be used with tote bags.
      By: bennyartist
      Purse organizers can also be used with tote bags.