How Do I Choose the Best Thread Organizer?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Three spools of thread.
Three spools of thread.

Investing in a thread organizer is one of the best ways to keep your thread supplies orderly. Thread organizers can hold many types of threads, including sewing and quilting threads. The best organizer for you will be the one that meets all of your needs. When choosing an organizer, you'll have to consider the organizer's appearance, its transportability, the number of spools it can house and how the organizer itself can be stored.

Thread racks are convenient for keeping spools of thread on display.
Thread racks are convenient for keeping spools of thread on display.

One of the most popular types of thread organizer is the clear, plastic case. These organizers are simple and to the point. They house thread spools in a clear container so that thread types can be easily seen and retrieved. Some might come with handles for easy transport. If you're looking for a cheap and solid organizer, you might want to purchase one of these.

A thread organizer can also come in the form of a foldable satchel. Satchels can let a sewer carry his or her supplies in hand while traveling. These organizers are often made of fabric and can be decorated in a number of ways.

Clear drawers also can function as thread organizers. Since drawers are not usually designed to be moved, you'll probably have to approach the drawer every time you want to work with a different thread. This can be tedious if you want to sit and sew at the same time.

Thread racks can be an option for you if you wish to keep your thread spools on display. Thread racks can be made from wood or metal. The racks are exposed and created to rest in an upright position, so you'll be able to reach for and retrieve a thread spool by slipping it off the rack. Keep in mind that you'll have to regularly dust the rack if you purchase one.

Some organizers can even be designed to be hung from doors. Organizers like these are meant to contain dozens of thread spools. Classification systems can be left up to you. The organizer can be easily put away by simply closing a door.

For traditionalists, a wooden organizer can have a certain appeal. These can be handmade and embellished with antique materials. They also can be made at home with scrap materials. If you're looking for an extra do-it-yourself project, consider making your own organizer out of wood.

Thread organizers that appeal to many can house other sewing supplies as well. Great organizers come with areas that can hold needles, ribbon, scissors and other associated sewing instruments. Organizers like these can keep all of your supplies in one place.

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    • Three spools of thread.
      By: Carlson
      Three spools of thread.
    • Thread racks are convenient for keeping spools of thread on display.
      By: otrada
      Thread racks are convenient for keeping spools of thread on display.