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How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Purses?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Wholesale purses can be a great choice for those who wish to sell retail accessories. Many women enjoy collecting a variety of purses to go with select outfits. Choosing the best will depend in large part upon your market, but there are some general tips and ideas to keep in mind. High fashion is great but going too trendy can be risky. Classic styles should not be overlooked.

When purchasing wholesale purses, you will obviously want to select at least some that are the latest styles and colors. Popular trends tend to be good moneymakers. At the same time, fads come and go, and you don’t want to get stuck with a large inventory of wholesale purses that have quickly gone out of style. Fads are even more risky if they are especially quirky, such as being extremely large or small, or oddly shaped or colored.

A wholesale purse.
A wholesale purse.

Another option when it comes to wholesale purses is choosing a supplier that will drop ship for you so that you don’t have to carry an inventory at all. This is a great way to start a business, if you can find a reputable company to work with, since keeping your overhead low will help you start making a profit sooner. Be sure to ask for details, such as those regarding return policies. Find out if the company will drop ship directly to your customers using your label.

A wholesale leather purse.
A wholesale leather purse.

You many also wish to consider a line that offers wholesale accessories as well. You can create nice gift packages that include matching wallets, change purses, make-up pouches, eyeglass cases, key chains, and other accessories to go with your purses. You might also include one of these items as a gift when a customer makes a certain number of purchases.

When purchasing wholesale purses online, be sure to examine all costs including shipping and handling. While one wholesaler may list a lower bulk or per unit price, the shipping charges may be higher, thus negating any savings. Shopping online also gives you the advantage of doing some quick research on the company or companies that interest you. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau or other agencies, and search their names on review sites.

Any company that you hope to purchase wholesale purses from should offer a secure site or toll-free number for transactions. It is a good idea to check the privacy policy as well, to make sure your information is not being sold to third parties. If you are not comfortable making purchases online, consider mail order or shopping by phone. Also, ask the seller to send you free catalogs or updated email catalogs as new designs of wholesale purses are offered.

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    • A wholesale purse.
      By: claireliz
      A wholesale purse.
    • A wholesale leather purse.
      By: Sam D'Cruz
      A wholesale leather purse.