What Is a Glass Desk?

Dan Cavallari

A glass desk is a work surface made from glass that features a desktop and legs; sometimes shelves or other features are included as well. The entire structure can be made from glass, or the desk might feature glass surfaces for working and storing items, but a metal frame for strength and stability. These desks often have a very distinctive appearance, and they are often transparent to a certain degree. Metal framed desks are more common than full glass desks, and full glass desks tend to be made from thicker glass because the glass is responsible for supporting more weight and stability.

Woman posing
Woman posing

The function of a glass desk can vary, but it is very often used as a workspace or computer space. If it is being used as a computer desk, it will sometimes feature a slide-out keyboard support on which the computer's keyboard can be placed. This allows for a more comfortable typing position. This slide-out tray is usually made of glass, though the glass will need to be mounted to a metal slider on each side of the tray to allow for easy sliding in and out. Desks designed specifically for use with a laptop computer will not feature this slide-out tray, since laptops have integrated keyboards that make a slide-out tray unnecessary.

The size of the glass desk can vary according to the purchaser's needs. Some glass desks are quite small and intended for use in a business office or home office, while others are much larger and are designed to be placed in a corner of a room to allow for more workspace and storage space. Generally speaking, the longer a single pane of glass is, the more support it will need. Upright supports are therefore often necessary beneath the glass tabletop, and desks that feature larger panes of glass will often feature a metal frame for support.

The glass can be combined with other materials as well to improve the aesthetics of the glass desk. Wood, for example, can be used to construct the frame of the desk, while a pane of glass is used for the desktop writing surface. Glass can be used as an accent in different parts of the desk, from the desktop to the drawers or shelves. This allows for two attractive materials to be used in the design and function of the desk, thereby making it a functional item that is also a conversation piece.

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