What is a Cubicle Mount?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A cubicle mount is a piece of hardware for use in mounting objects to the walls of a cubicle. Cubicles are made by constructing temporary partitions, usually with fabric covered walls, and standard mounting equipment may not always function correctly, especially with heavy items. Hardware and office supply stores typically carry cubicle mounts, including devices intended for specific applications like holding televisions or computer monitors. It is also possible to order them through catalogs and websites.

Cubicle mounts are used to fix items to cubicle walls.
Cubicle mounts are used to fix items to cubicle walls.

The cubicle mount is intended to fasten securely to the wall, often with equipment like bolts. It can usually be installed with a minimum of construction skills, although it is important to follow the directions closely to ensure the mount is attached appropriately and safely. Once installed, objects can be hung from the mount or clipped to it. Some equipment intended for use in cubicles, like white boards, may come with cubicle mounts in the packaging so people don't have to buy any special accessories to set it up.

Some employers have strict rules about what can and cannot be mounted on a cubicle.
Some employers have strict rules about what can and cannot be mounted on a cubicle.

Each cubicle mount should have a rating, providing information about the dead weight it can safely hold. In situations where multiple mounts are intended to work as a system, the rating is for the whole system, not a single piece of hardware. Exceeding the rating or using live weight can create a safety problem, as the mounts may fail and tear out of the wall of the cubicle.

Some offices have strict policies about how their cubicles can be used and what can be installed. Before putting up a cubicle mount, it is advisable to check with the human resources department to get information on company policies. Some companies may prefer to have their staff install devices on the walls of cubicles, for safety and liability reasons. Others may not object and may actively encourage their staff to personalize their workspaces in a way that feels familiar and comfortable.

When purchasing a cubicle mount, in addition to checking the rating, people should also check for compatibility with the device they are planning to install on the mount. While many mounts are generic and can be used with many types of items, some cannot or may require special attachments. If wiring is going to be run through the mount, it is also important to make sure there is a space for running wiring without pinching it, to prevent problems like crush damage to wiring that may cause it to malfunction.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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@Oceana - Some bosses are knowledgeable in all aspects of a business, while others would just like you to believe that they are. My boss tries to act like he knows how everything operates, but it's just a front to hide his insecurity.

He bought me a cubicle mount that said it could support up to twenty pounds of weight. I told him that my monitor weighed twenty-five pounds. He said that companies usually write a number on the box less than the actual amount of pounds a mount can support, and five pounds more shouldn't matter.

He mounted the monitor on the wall for me, and it stayed for about an hour. Then, the whole thing came crashing to my desk. Nothing broke, because it did not have far to fall. It just scared me and humiliated my boss.


My boss was out of town when my new cubicle mount arrived. I got a coworker who said he knew what he was doing to mount my computer monitor for me. That was a mistake.

He somehow damaged the wiring while pulling it through a slot. We didn't know what had happened. All I knew was that my computer would not turn on anymore, and I wound up working at a different station for the rest of the day.

When my boss returned, he took one look at it and knew what was wrong. He told all of us to never install anything unless he was there to supervise.


My computer monitor was already mounted to the cubicle wall when I started my job. I had never seen a cubicle mount before, and the monitor jutting out from the wall looked so modern.

The mount had eight different slots, so I could adjust the position of the monitor to my eye level. The guy who had worked there before me had been very tall, so he had it up higher than I needed it.

Also, the mount allowed me to rotate the monitor and tilt it in different directions. I could adjust it to avoid the glare from the afternoon sun.


I was running out of available space on my desk, and I had several family photos I wanted to display. I didn't need a huge mount with bolts and everything, because my framed photos don't weight that much.

I went to an office supply store and found some cubicle mount squares. These squares permanently stick to the carpet on my cubicle wall.

Since they are designed to support up to two and a half pounds, I can safely mount my photos with them. I don't have to worry about my frames falling and breaking, and I save precious desk space by mounting them on the walls.

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