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What are the Different Types of Prom Hairstyles?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

While prom fashions change each year, there are a few classic looks that are always "in," and that includes certain prom hairstyles. Even though such styles are not popular for everyday wear, they are frequently chosen for occasions that are more formal.

Hair styles that may ordinarily seem old fashioned may make perfect prom hairstyles with just a little updating. Upsweeps are time-tested favorites. From a perfect French twist to loosely pinned locks piled high on top of the head, upsweeps are very romantic, especially if a few curly tendrils frame the face and neck. Decorative pins and barrettes add to this charming style, and rhinestones, faux pearls, or tiny flowers and baby's breath are used to accentuate the look.

Tiaras may be worn at proms.
Tiaras may be worn at proms.

Another timeless look popular among the various prom hairstyles, is the princess style, recognized by its mounds of soft, spiral curls. Hair from the sides is pulled back loosely, allowing a few tendrils near the hairline and the ears to escape. These tendrils are also softly curled and allowed to fall where they may. The hair that is pulled back is held in place with a decorative clip or a ribbon. The rest of the hair is curled then left to cascade over the shoulders. A tiara may also be added to complete the princess look.

Cocktail dresses may be worn at proms.
Cocktail dresses may be worn at proms.

Making the perfect choice from the portfolio of prom hairstyles has a lot to do with the style of dresses. Cascading curls and tiaras are ideal for the strapless bodice and full flowing skirt of a Cinderella style ball gown, while upsweeps go beautifully with a sophisticated sheath, a slip dress, or an ankle length cocktail dress and a string of pearls.

If your dress has an intricate and ornate neckline, choose among the simpler prom hairstyles. Consider a classic updo or something sleek if you have short hair, so your hairdo won't compete with your dress. If your dress is very contemporary or is rather unusual, a classic style won't be as flattering. Prom hairstyles should compliment prom dresses.

If you are unsure of which hairstyle to choose, visit your stylist well in advance and look through some books that show detailed pictures of prom hairstyles. You can also find sites online that offer pictures of everything from the latest prom hairstyles to classic hairdos, and there are plenty of magazines available that feature the newest trends. You may want to play around with different hairstyles to see what looks best.

For those who decide to have their prom hairstyles created by professionals, make sure to book appointments in advance. Prom night will obviously be an extremely busy night for local salons, and they may not be able to squeeze clients in at the last minute. It is also a good idea to wear a button down top so you can easily remove it without mussing your hair when it's time to slip into your prom dress.

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Discussion Comments


SurfNturf- You know a really nice black prom hairstyles is pulling the hair back in a bun and then using a portion of the hair for braiding.

The braided portion goes around the bun for a nice chic look. The bread ends up looking like a beautiful crown.

The braided portion and the bun in general could also be placed lower for a slightly more sophisticated look. The braided portion, in this case would only be noticeable from the back.


BrickBack- I think that short prom hairstyles can be used with a decorative clip. Even a nice comb clip that has faux diamonds or pearls is a nice way to accentuate a short hair style.

This is an easy prom hairstyle that looks great for girls with short hair. This also makes a nice prom hairstyle for short hair.


Bigmetal- That is a good point. My favorite prom hairstyles for long hair are the long spiral curls.

I think it looks elegant and lets the teenage girl look like a teenager and not women.

This is also a popular contemporary style that many Hollywood stars wear. It is really easy to get that look too. You just need a curling iron and twist it downward.


remember when choosing a prom hairstyle, to choose one you feel comfortable in. also, if you love to dance, choose a hairstyle that won't fall apart the second you get out onto the dance floor!!

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    • Tiaras may be worn at proms.
      By: Andrey Kuzmin
      Tiaras may be worn at proms.
    • Cocktail dresses may be worn at proms.
      By: Maridav
      Cocktail dresses may be worn at proms.