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What are the Different Transportation Supervisor Jobs?

Licia Morrow
Licia Morrow

Individuals in transportation supervisor jobs are the workers who ensure that people and items arrive at their travel destinations. This job can be accomplished in many different ways, depending upon the method of transportation a company or entity uses to distribute goods or move passengers. Transportation supervisor jobs can include employees who focus on transport and also those who focus on schedules and documentation. In most cases, a supervisor of this kind will do a combination of tracking, planning, and training, as it relates to her specific industry.

In the trucking industry, a transportation supervisor will mainly deal with the scheduling of trucks and drivers, equipment maintenance, and safety regulations. Many transportation supervisor jobs also include the management of others, such as drivers, assistants, and dispatch operators. This type of trucking supervisor will likely be responsible for maintaining relationships with customers, completing employee performance reviews, and communicating and documenting safety information as well.

A transportation supervisor may oversee the receiving and shipment of a company's goods.
A transportation supervisor may oversee the receiving and shipment of a company's goods.

Transportation supervisor jobs are also necessary in the bus industry. This type of supervisor will be responsible for scheduling and monitoring buses and their drivers. Some may work for charter companies that provides buses for personal sightseeing trips, while other transportation managers may work for a school district, supervising daily bus routes and scheduled field trips. In some cases, a transportation supervisor of this kind will be responsible for managing a depot or station location and may also be required to manage employees. She also will be required to ensure the safety of passengers through oversight and the following of prescribed procedures.

In the airline industry, a transportation supervisor is generally a worker who focuses on ground duties, rather than in-flight work. This is one of the transportation supervisor jobs that requires an employee to handle tight schedules and a variety of goods and people. In some cases, transportation supervisor jobs in the airline industry focus on the training and safety inspection of crews and staff. In other cases, a transportation supervisor at an airport will be responsible for departments that handle equipment, vehicles, and baggage.

Supervisor jobs are also important to train transportation. A train supervisor typically will be required to manage employee and train schedules. The train industry is particularly focused on arrival and departure schedules, and the transportation supervisor will likely work under time pressure and be required to make decisions quickly. She typically will train and evaluate operations and dispatch staff, and will often be required to use radios and other communication equipment to monitor train movements.

Most transportation supervisor jobs require the use of many forms of communication, including radios, phones, and computerized devices. Some transportation supervisors will be required to learn additional operating systems as they apply to specific companies or industries as well. These managers spend their work days focusing on a variety of activities, including emergency calls and scheduling revisions, and most work under pressure due to the transportation industry's heavy reliance on time schedules.

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    • A transportation supervisor may oversee the receiving and shipment of a company's goods.
      By: erikdegraaf
      A transportation supervisor may oversee the receiving and shipment of a company's goods.