What Are the Different Types of IT Supervisor Jobs?

G. Wiesen

In the information technology (IT) industry, different types of IT supervisor jobs are often based on specific aspects of the industry or positions at various companies. Networking jobs, for example, are frequently available for IT supervisors with a background in networking and working as part of a team setting up and administrating networks. There are also IT security jobs for people at various companies and organizations, and a supervisor in this sort of position usually leads a team that monitors information security at a company. Some IT supervisor jobs are also available in customer or employee support, such as help desk positions.

An IT supervisor might supervise a team that handles server maintenance for various businesses.
An IT supervisor might supervise a team that handles server maintenance for various businesses.

IT supervisor jobs are typically positions in which someone works as part of a team in the IT industry as a team leader or other low-level manager. Networking jobs are often available for IT professionals, and some businesses may have the need for a dedicated team of networking professionals. These businesses may offer IT supervisor jobs for people with the communication, leadership, and computer skills to lead a team of individuals responsible for creating and monitoring various networks. Such teams may be involved in handling internal and external networks for a company, or handle server maintenance for various businesses.

IT supervisors might supervise a systems upgrade.
IT supervisors might supervise a systems upgrade.

There are also a number of IT supervisor jobs involved in information security and ensuring that data at a company or organization is safe and protected. Such jobs can vary quite a bit, depending on the experience of a team and the type of data security it may be involved in. IT supervisor jobs at a large company could involve leading an information security team to protect networks and monitor traffic for malicious attacks against a company. Supervisors may also work as part of a consulting team that works with other businesses, analyzing the security of their networks and providing solutions to weaknesses they find.

Other types of IT supervisor jobs may involve customer service or providing assistance to employees within a company. Help desk teams, for example, are often involved in ensuring that customers are able to utilize Internet sites and similar services for a company. These teams may also deal with internal queries to provide assistance to employees who lose their passwords or otherwise have issues with networks and various types of technology. IT supervisor jobs may be available for someone overseeing these help desk teams to ensure quality customer and employee service is provided, and to guide new developments and changes to service as dictated by managers or officers within a company.

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