What Are the Different Types of Charter Bus Jobs?

C. Webb

Charter bus jobs can be found in a variety of fields. Whether it is a trip to a local shopping hub for the senior citizen center or a group of football fans headed to watch their favorite team in action, charter buses allow riders to relax and enjoy the ride without the stress of driving. Because of the many different types of charter bus jobs, applicants should be prepared to work a variety of shifts. In addition, a regionally mandated specialty driver's license may be required.

Charter bus drivers must hold a commerical driver's license.
Charter bus drivers must hold a commerical driver's license.

Tourist areas typically offer many charter bus jobs. Transporting passengers to and from various tourist sites can keep a charter bus driver busy full-time. In places that attract fewer tourists, charter bus jobs include transporting sports fans to games, corporate team members to think tanks, and church members to weekend retreats.

Novelty charter buses can be a memorable marketing tool.
Novelty charter buses can be a memorable marketing tool.

Some charter jobs involve working several days at a time. For example, a group located a few hours from a gambling hub may schedule a charter bus trip to the casinos for the weekend. Passengers board the bus in their home city, travel to the gambling location, and spend a few days enjoying the restaurants, shows, and games. One driver typically handles all of the driving and sightseeing on the trip. He or she is given time to sleep as part of the charter package and in compliance with regional driving law.

Qualifications for charter bus drivers include being able to drive in different traffic situations. The ability to time trips to arrive and depart from destinations on time is essential. Patience is also required, as charter bus passengers may sing as a group, carry on loud conversations, or play games from their seats. Most charter bus driving jobs require drivers to hold regionally required specialized licenses.

Drivers should enjoy interacting with people, as passengers frequently engage them in conversation during the trip. In addition, charter bus jobs that focus on sightseeing tours often require the driver to know interesting facts about the tour sites and share those tidbits with passengers. Charter bus tours to sports events often include drivers who are knowledgeable about the sport in question.

In addition to driver jobs, the charter bus industry offers customer service, mechanic, and marketing positions. Customer service representatives answer questions by phone and e-mail pertaining to the cost of renting charter buses and various available trips. Marketing representatives promote the charter bus trips in the hope of attracting future customers. Charter bus mechanics are responsible for maintaining buses so they are dependable on the road.

In all cases, charter bus jobs that include driving require the employee to remain alert and focused behind the wheel. Weather problems, tire blowouts, and adverse road conditions must be planned for. The driver must also be capable of driving the bus without swerving or jerking that could negatively impact passengers. Maintaining a clean driving record is also a job necessity.

Charter bus drivers may take tourists to less traveled sites.
Charter bus drivers may take tourists to less traveled sites.

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