How Do I Rent a Charter Bus?

Rhonda Rivera

To rent a charter bus, choose a type of bus and place a reservation as soon as possible. The type of bus you need depends on size and necessary features. Placing a reservation guarantees the bus will be available on the dates you need it. In addition, look at the bus in person before making a final decision, because it might not look as great or as large in person. You will also need to learn about the company’s tipping policies to not get unexpected charges later.

Size of the group and necessary features determine what kind of charter bus to rent.
Size of the group and necessary features determine what kind of charter bus to rent.

Sometimes it is not possible to rent a charter bus on a whim. As soon you as realize you will need a bus, make a reservation. Without a reservation, a charter bus cannot be guaranteed for your event or trip because all available buses might be entirely booked for weeks or months in advance. How far in advance a reservation must be made largely depends on how many buses the company has and what type of bus you wish to rent. Reservations usually require a deposit to ensure the company does not lose too much money if you cancel.

Keep in mind how many seats you need when deciding on a charter bus. Full-size charter buses range from 35 to 60 seats, but some companies have miniature buses better suited for small parties. Available amenities are a concern secondary to size, but almost all modern charter buses have heating and cooling. Other amenities vary from vehicle to vehicle; for example, some buses have many televisions while others have none. To avoid extra costs, amenity requirements should be decided before you rent a charter bus.

Many companies allow people to rent a charter bus over the Internet. You can browse the types of buses they have, choose the preferred dates, and put down a deposit. This can be very convenient, but you might want to look at the buses in question before placing a non-refundable deposit. There is little guarantee the bus shown in the website’s pictures are the same bus you will be getting. Even if it is the same vehicle, the photo might have been taken some time in the past, when it was in the best shape.

Part of renting a charter bus is taking responsibility for the driver’s lodgings. In addition, once the trip is over, you might be expected to tip him or her a specific amount. Depending on the country, however, tipping may not be necessary or polite, so look into how and when the driver is paid.

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While you'll have to do a small amount of work to get the charter bus you want, it is most definitely worth it. Like stated above, make your reservation early so you'll have your pick of the buses you want. There are few things better than seeing the country from the comfort of your own charter bus.

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