What are Some Good Foods to Eat After Dental Work or Oral Surgery?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Smoothies and other soft foods are good to eat after dental work.
Smoothies and other soft foods are good to eat after dental work.

Oral surgery can leave patients feeling nauseous and not all that interested in food, but it is really important to eat after oral surgery, and to eat well. By nourishing the body with high quality food, the healing time will be decreased and the patient will generally feel better as well. Fortunately, there are a wide number of foods to eat after oral surgery, so patients should not get bored or restless with their diet. As with any medical procedure, the advice of a doctor supersedes any other advice a patient may receive, and patients with questions should consult their doctors.

Soft dairy products can be good after dental work.
Soft dairy products can be good after dental work.

To begin with, it is sometimes useful to assemble a list of foods not to eat after oral surgery. As a general rule, patients should to avoid any food which is strongly flavored, such as spicy Indian food. Spicy foods can hurt the mouth, as can sweets or foods which are too hot or too cold. Crunchy, sticky, and sharp foods should also be avoided. These would include things like potato chips, peanut butter, and hard candies. Ask your doctor about foods to watch out for, as personal experience from his or her medical practice may include some additional dangerous foods.


Soft, easy to digest foods are the best thing to eat after oral surgery, especially within the first few days. On the day of surgery, sticking with water, tea, and juice can be a good idea. These neutral foods will sit well with the lingering anesthesia in the body. Staying hydrated is also important for a quick healing time. A doctor may also recommend that a patient use a mild salt rinse after eating, to ensure that no food particles are left in the mouth.

Bananas can be good to eat after dental work.
Bananas can be good to eat after dental work.

Soft foods are the name of the game after oral surgery. There are a number of deliciously varied soft foods ranging from rich eggnog to plain applesauce which patients can eat after oral surgery. Some of the choices include yogurt, smoothies, thin soups, broth, soft fruit, sorbet, ice cream, pudding, Jell-O®, and well-cooked rice. Cold foods like ice cream and sorbet can help with mouth pain, while pureed foods and drinks are easy to swallow, even after painful oral surgery. It is important to strive for a balance of protein and fiber when patients eat after oral surgery, since the temptation is to stick with foods like juice, which do not provide the necessary nutrition.

Different types of rice. Well-cooked rice can usually be eaten after dental work.
Different types of rice. Well-cooked rice can usually be eaten after dental work.

To get more fiber from the foods you eat after oral surgery, make smoothies with whole fresh fruit, and eat soft fruits such as bananas. Brown rice or other whole grains can be eaten as well, as long as they are thoroughly cooked. Some patients prefer to puree substances like these, to ensure that grains do not get stuck in the mouth. Protein can be provided in the form of carefully cut-up eggs and dairy products, along with nutrition drinks. Many companies such as Ensure make high calorie nutrition drinks to support the elderly and cancer patients. These beverages may not always taste superb, but they are packed with nutrition.

Staying hydrated is important after oral surgery.
Staying hydrated is important after oral surgery.

You may not be able to hold a dinner party with the foods you can eat after oral surgery, but you can eat rather well. If you have family members helping with your post-surgical care, you can get them involved by holding competitions for the most appetizing smoothie or most unusual ice cream flavor. In addition to making your care team feel useful, this may also expose you to new and unusual foods, like mamey ice cream or miso soup.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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I had 26 teeth pulled at once, It was two hours of torture and my temporary false teeth were a nightmare. Never could wear the bottoms. Now I am at six months, ready for permanent false teeth. I have been living on tomato soup, canned tamales, baked potatoes, and potato soup. I drink Muscle Milk, Naked Drinks and Basis Drinks. I have lost 40 pounds. I can't wait to get my permanent teeth!


I'm having a tooth out next week. I had one last year so I have an idea what I'm going to want: only real liquids with no lumps or grit for the first week or so until the follow up appointment, then I'll get into blended things. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome too, so I know I'll be totally crashed after and not able to cook or fix things, and as I can't exercise much, I need great nutrition with few calories. And I have some allergies. So I'll start with rice milk, unsweetened soy milk with apple juice, chicken broth, V8 juice and fruit juice. Apple juice to hopefully deal with the slowdown from the Vicodin.

Later I'll add applesauce, smoothies with soy milk and sugar free canned fruit, maybe fresh fruit and veggies if I can get anybody to go to the store at that point, the goat cheese that's like soft cream cheese, and smooth peanut butter softened up a bit with all-fruit jam and a dab of soy milk. I also have instant mashed potatoes and hummus. If I have any energy, I can make chicken or beef soup in the crock pot and then blend it.

My oral surgeon taught me a trick for a lower tooth extraction - hang upside down in the sink and swish the salt water around, then everything washes out of the hole. But that's not for the beginning I think, since they say to be very gentle with that clot. That's why I want actual liquids for a while.

I tried to be careful last time, but lost it anyway and had a dry socket and that's when he said to hang upside down and rinse thoroughly that way. Nothing left to lose. It healed fast compared with what I've read about.


I will soon have oral surgery on my upper left canine tooth to bring it out of my palate. Anyone have any ideas on what I can eat or drink after surgery? Oh, and on the same day I will have braces put on to help straighten my overbite, which is horrible.


If you choose smoothies, stay clear of strawberries, raspberries and other fruits with very small seeds. They can get stuck in dental work or in your socket and cause infection.


My dentist intentionally broke the bond on a three-tooth bridge a couple of years ago, separating an eye tooth from the other two teeth. I didn't say anything because I trusted him.

Now he said the eye tooth was in such bad shape, that it could fall out anytime, so I opted for an extraction in preparation for a partial which I really do not want. The dentist says he does not remember breaking the bond. He did not install the bridge originally. What can I do?


I just had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today, and I'm not looking forward to the diet.

On the other hand, one food that will make you feel fuller and is soft enough to eat is peanut butter. It's high in protein so you feel full for longer. Hell, add some jelly and you have a naked PBJ.

Also for something 'sweet', I might try some peanut butter with honey.

Frozen fruit is also nice. It melts in your mouth so it numbs everything but it's fruit so it gets soft and it's good for you!

Hope this helps!


I hope no one here lives in Illinois! I started my plan to have all my upper teeth extracted in February and have the dentures made four months later, knowing that the work wouldn't actually start until the end of April because of the long waiting list. It actually took most of the month of June, while our governor and crew decided to cut medicaid dental for adults.

Now I have no teeth on top and no chance for a denture. I am healing just fine and ate very well. I lost about 10 pounds, but I had excellent post operative nutritional counseling. Please know it's normal to lose a few pounds, but if you lose more than 10, please see your doctor for additional supplementation. Good luck everyone!

Oh, try Chef Boyardee Italian Beef overstuffed ravioli. It has 9 grams of protein and a full serving of veggies! It's really soft and easy to chew.


I just had 17 teeth removed and 16 mini implants put in. Today is day 3. So far, I have been eating yogurt, fish that is tender and flaky and for breakfast yesterday, a soft poached egg on toast.

The trick to these is take a small piece of fish and one basically crushes it on the top of the palate with the tongue and it slides right down. For the poached egg, one has to allow the yolk to soften the toast then take small bites and it will slide right down.

It is a challenge to find things that one can navigate that do not require chewing and don't have small granules that can get caught in the extraction sites.

Time for my antibiotic and anti-inflammatory and then looking forward to a nice poached egg on toast then it's off to do a quick salt water rinse. Coconut water (minus sugar) has been a favorite, too. It is good for hydration and has the minerals etc. that are needed as well. Soups are a good choice as long as they don't have small things that can get lodged in the extraction sites.

That's about it for now, but I am seriously looking forward to actually being able to chew again.


My husband is getting all his teeth, top and bottom out tomorrow and dentures put right in. Today I bought pudding, slim fast, applesauce. I think he will be all right with those and on the meds sleeping a lot.

He works two jobs and has been so tired. He will sleep for days, I hope. Then I guess I will do the eggs and mashed potatoes and whipped yogurt. I can also make him oatmeal and mashed up pasta with butter on it. I think I will get him some vienna sausages because they are so soft. Ice cream is also good, and I will make him some barley soup.

Taking vitamins is huge and drinking lots of water is good, too. Also, lukewarm tea and scrambled eggs. These were all in the messages above and sound great. Thanks for the tips.

I think the best thing is prayer tonight, so that is also my tip for all of you. If you read this like I did the other people's advice, I hope you ask God for peace and healing. God bless those who are going through this. I sure am hoping I can take good care of my husband tomorrow. Poor baby deserves it. Donna S., Shelbyville, Kentucky


How come my throat hurts after I go to the dentist?


My name is Kerry and I'm only 31 and had a full dental clearance. I'm on day four, and sill have 34 stitches. I'm finding everything very hard. Any ideas?


@anon198773: I would say if you can tolerate hot (or at least lukewarm) tea, you might want to try a peppermint flavor or an herbal tea designed to address upset stomachs or nausea. An herbal tea with wintergreen as an ingredient might make you think of Pepto Bismol, which could have a soothing effect on your stomach.

I'm also thinking your dentist would not have a problem with you taking some liquid anti-nausea medications, especially since you obviously can't chew antacid tablets. You might also want to try relaxation techniques like quiet meditation or a short nap whenever the feelings of nausea begin.

You've been through a challenging medical procedure, so your stress and anxiety levels are understandably high right now. Some of your nausea may be triggered by physical hunger, but some of it may also be an emotional reaction to all of the surgery.


I'm 31 and the mother of four kids. Over 48 hours ago, I had a full extraction of my top gum and three taken from bottom. Straight away, they put the dentures in. I am still having the odd bleeding and now because of the bleeding, I'm feeling rather sick. I find it hard to eat. I've only had two lots of scrambled eggs and that was a few mouthfuls.

I've managed a hot chocolate that cooled down and a cup of tea cooled down and I'm having water as well. I wash my dentures and mouth with water to get rid of the blood and to clean it. I'm not sure what to do now. I'm over this and can't even spend time with my kids. Does anyone have solutions to this to at least stop the nausea, because the last thing I want is to be throwing up with open wounds.


I am now a week post-surgery for root extraction/gum, infection clean out of top front and then gum flap surgery and two bone grafts. Yes it still hurts, and yes, the stitches along the toothline and the roof of my mouth are driving me mad.

Food basics I was told: No hot or even warm foods. It can harm/delay clotting and beginning of healing; nothing hard, crunchy, "too big" -- like you'd really have to open your mouth for -- nothing you'd bite into - even something soft-ish.

Living on: Ensure high protein - 1/2 bottle (stuff's $10 for four bottles so got to make it stretch) plus one scoop slimfast (has fiber! and more vitamins) plus one cut up banana, blended. That's breakfast

My snack is one slice plain melba thin (seedless!) rye bread torn into small bits and placed on the other side of my mouth near the back and one slice cheese - again torn into bits and slide it in.

My dinner is yogurt, a good yogurt with probiotics. No fruit added, either plain or vanilla.

For my evening snack, I have one scoop vanilla, one scoop strawberry slimfast, cold water, blend or a cup of unsweetened applesauce.

Mouth is rinsed gently with cool water a few times a day in between brushing. I am not to the point of being able to really open my mouth enough to floss well unfortunately. The dentist has me on that icky stuff, but it seems to be helping two times a day mouth rinse (Chlorhexidine)

On the do not list: do not use straws! Food: Nothing hot, nothing warm, nothing acidic (citrus, chocolate, tomato, etc.), watch the sugars in whatever you're taking in (i.e.: pudding, ice cream, canned or jarred fruit can all have a ton of sugar as can regular Ensure even). I won't touch rice, though when I was on antibiotics pre-surgery that and time release acidophilus was close to all I could get down and keep in me.

I am continuing acidophilus for at least a month post-antibiotics, along with probiotic yogurt once a day. I also take 200mg CoQ10 twice a day (a.m./p.m.), 500 mg Vit C three times a day, B-complex once a day, calcium twice a day (a.m./p.m.), one echinacea/goldenseal cap at night, 600 mg ibuprofen (with an antacid once a day) three times a day; it's a good anti-inflammatory and it's cheap and was recommended. Also, I have a soft "ice pack" and have been gently placing that on my face between my upper lip and nose (the one bone graft does make my nose ache) once or twice a day for swelling/general comfort.

The really frustrating things are: I've gained three pounds (thinking a lot of water weight? and lack of exercise, cause you can't do a lot at first, you shouldn't); lack of chocolate being a chocoholic. I go to the market and just keep repeating sweets are poison, sweets are poison. No, it hasn't totally convinced me, but it works well enough? I'm a light smoker (like four cigarettes a day) and I can't smoke! Well it's a really bad idea especially the first two weeks I've been told and in general the lack of being able to chew. Biting into something? I'd be more than happy to cut things up really small and move the food near the back of my moth on the other side and hopefully soon I'll get there so I can have like eggs with cheese and maybe some soy bacon (it's pretty soft - and I am vegetarian) and soft veggies -- not baby food veggies either, but some well cooked then chilled from our back yard zucchini, potato, etc. It's hard seeing everything growing and knowing I can't eat any of it yet, not being able to really open my mouth to thoroughly floss all the rest of my teeth (I know I can't floss the surgical area and won't be able to for weeks! Argh).

Anyway, keep the faith and keep strong all going through any of this. Remember to keep nutrition and lots of good liquids (water) coming in, keep your mouth clean, follow the dentist's instructions, and try to not get on your family and friends' last raw nerve because you're in pain and miserable.


I had four teeth removed: two lower right, one top right and two on the top left (one has stitches and nerve damage. Owie) plus five fillings and a mouth scrape almost 48 hours ago. No blood, no pain on the left side but the nerve damaged tooth has started to throb today.

I miss pizza, chili and even crisps! So far, I've managed to throw down sugary tea (my sugar levels fell sharply after general anesthetic ) custard, mashed potatoes with cheese -- mashed to a thick consistency, soup and the dreaded muller rice. It is quite an art to throw it down in the right direction. I'm petrified of a dry socket, you see!

Started using a salt rinse. Eww yucky, although I've been told to add a little (tiny) bit of mouthwash to improve the taste of the mixture. I've been quite surprised at the lack of extreme, "oh my, I am dying in agony" type of pain! I'm going to attempt mac cheese in a blender later. Luckily I have a one year old and have already got the hang of the blitzing fever. Good luck everyone!


I've had quite a bit of dental work done over the last few years. Most recently bone graft and implant on my missing front tooth.

I have found that soft mashed food feels too uncomfortable when it brushes past the stitches.

As a result, and only in this instance where the work is right at the front, I have found things like Fridge Raiders to be perfect. Placed at the back of the mouth, I can chew and keep the food away from the front of my mouth.

Basically anything soft enough to not cause damage but solid enough to be placed at the back works for me.

I realize this advice may be specific to my particular case.


I had three wisdom molars out last night by the most qualified dentist. surgery was painless and the staff was wonderful and gave me tips for after surgery.

I just are mashed potatoes and strawberry jello and took my meds and I'm ready for a nap (my hubby is the best). Please do not rice or eat hot meals --it will kill you, Seriously, use the blender and you can eat anything as long as it is blended. good luck.


I'm 14, I'm getting my eye teeth pulled down and out of my palate tomorrow. I'm very scared because it's actual surgery. My friend once had it done the same way, and she couldn't run or do track for about four weeks, it hurt so much. She ate pudding and applesauce -- some stuff a baby could eat.


i am getting my eye teeth pulled down because they are not coming down.....i can't eat for 2 weeks but i can drink any suggestions??


I am at the beginning of my third week following dental implants - three. Two on one side and one of the other (both uppers). Had to have my sinuses lifted and bone put in. Needless to say, my entire mouth is sore, tender, and in general, a mess.

Mashed potatoes, soft scrambled eggs pushed to the back of the throat, pudding, ice cream, popsicles, cream corn and soup are s all I have tried. No chewing whatsoever! I miss chewing.

Maybe in a couple more weeks I will be far enough along to get the OK to try chewing something soft. I feel like a python - if I can swallow it whole then it is OK.


I'm 16 and just had a tooth out (adult canine) of the inside of my palate yesterday under general, surprisingly the actual site doesn't hurt all that much, it's more uncomfortable, however my throat is a little sore after the breathing tube.

I got the tooth out around 6 p.m. and it started bleeding around 10 p.m. Not a lot, but I simply freaked out by it.

So yeah, food and drink! I was drinking almost straight away, although after a few hours I was a lot more confident to drink more.

More then a day later (and 36 hours since I last ate) my hunger finally took over how worried I was about eating.

I've had rice pudding, room temperature, and started to eat it very slowly. It was a little difficult since most of the roof of my mouth is covered by the patch or whatever is there, so I just had to try and move the food straight to the back of my throat. After the first few mouthfuls it gets a lot easier so people shouldn't worry too much about it.

My family have also planned to get me eating custard and ice cream, but of course that's a lot of puddings. Since I'm not too keen on soup, I've been advised to try some rice and tinned fruit (cut up very small). Hope my little going on helped!


My husband just had four teeth removed recently we found this article very helpful. I found it hard to find good food that is easy for him to eat and not harmful to the open wounds in his mouth. Thanks for the helpful advice.


Had 8 teeth removed under sedation, bleeding stopped after about 12 hours. Now for some food. The best I found is Cumberland pie which is mince and mash followed by a tin of good old Ambrosia rice pudding. Pete, england


Thanks everyone for your advice. I am 31, and five days ago I had a wisdom tooth (upper left) and two baby teeth out on each side, all in the upper jaw (the adult teeth were trying to push through causing an infection and luckily I only have 1 wisdom tooth).

I must still be a baby as I was so frightened about this procedure. I was fortunate to have a general anesthetic which was administered at 12 p.m. and I was awake at 12:50 p.m. The procedure was so quick and pain free -- a very surreal experience.

I had slight swelling and no pain the day of and days after the surgery. I guess I am lucky to have had seemingly simple extractions with no complications.

Now the most important thing: food! I was starving due to not being able to eat for 12 hours before the surgery. About six hours after the extractions I gained enough courage to slowly spoon some soup into my mouth (not hot, lukewarm). The second and third day I lived on soup, yogos (chocolate pudding). I haven’t had these since I was a child, and they were so good. I also ate ice cream, potato and gravy (mixed together to make it smooth) and mango smoothies. I was still starving in spite of feeling like I had been eating all day.

The fourth day I gathered the courage to eat more wholesome food, including scrambled eggs, fish, vegetable lasagna and pasta salad. It took a while to get used to eating with the big gaps in my mouth and not wanting to hurt the extraction sites. It helped to cut it into tiny pieces and slightly chew then swallowing practically whole. But it was so good to feel satisfied and full. Warm black tea was also good to sip on and helped me feel full. And rinsing straight after food and drinks is also a good idea to flush away the bits left over.

Good luck to you all fellow toothless people, and I hope it's not too bad an experience for you!


got my wisdom tooth taken out today.

the best is to eat cold or room temperature food. nothing hot! it hurts.

cook some potatoes with celery, carrot, zucchini and add the herbs you love, plus salt and butter.

mash it or blend all until smooth. Yummy

Also you can blend some good smoothies.

The best to calm my pain is to freeze nice juice into ice cubes. it melts in your mouth and it numbs your pain.


You all might like to try toast that is buttered, then put milk over and put in microwave to warm a bit. Helps get rid of the bread craving.

I also have a small hand blender and use it for applesauce and banana mixed good. Heat in microwave just to get the chill out. Plain instant mashed potatoes are good too.

Picked up lots of cups of pudding, some protein drinks, and jellos. Took chili and mashed it good in the blender, and squash is very good too. Ice cream is good if you blend with a bit of milk so it is not so hard and cold. Hope this helps.

Good luck and you all have my sympathy. It isn't pretty. Will be happy when all is healed.


all this info is great. I just finished having seven teeth pulled, six on top, one on bottom. all baby teeth so it's not so bad. but now i am left with the problem of what can i chew? i mean i have four front teeth and my 12 year old molars on top. so what can you chew with just your gums? a lot of this is good. I made my mom go to the store, although, she didn't get everything. either way, please answer! would be greatly appreciated!


For day one, stick to room-temp liquids, favorably, Gatorade. Go to bed early since you will most likely have taken fewer calories for the day than usual. On the day after surgery, you can include soft Jell-O gelatin at room temperature that you can easily swallow without any chewing.

I know this is hard but I think sacrificing for your safety is what is most important.


Day one of molar extraction. Rice bad. It got stuck in the hole and it made the hole bleed again. I'm scared and hungry.


I have had oral surgery three times to have implants. I have learned a lot.

The foods available are great but do cost money. Another great idea is buying a small food processor and getting your favorite Italian dishes like lasagna, manicotti, and really any pasta/macaroni and blend them up until you can eat them.

It is easier for me to eat those foods since their appearance is not so bad blended/chopped up and the flavor is almost identical to the regular version.


For my honey, I made split pea soup with diced carrots, onions, s&p and cooked it until it was all pureed. When done, I put two ham steaks in a mini food processor until it was tiny shavings and put in the soup. Voila - very healthy and so good.

For dinner, I made teeny tiny ditalini pasta with garlic alfredo sauce. I took two meatballs and a little red sauce and put in the mini food processor. When done I put into a large scooper and put on top of pasta - it looked like a huge meatball! Then I grated on a bit of parmesan cheese! He said his dinner was excellent and he totally enjoyed it!

Tomorrow I will make butternut squash soup and spinach quiche. There are so many things to make. Just pretend you are cooking for a one year old! Good luck all!


I just had eight teeth pulled in one day, but luckily, this isn't my first go around. All of the stuff listed above is OK, but I take ramen soups (Non-spicy) and crush them to nothing let them sit in warm water until they are just soft then drink it from a cup. the noddles keep swelling in the stomach and fill you up.

I also cook thin oatmeal and drink it, basically, I found that anything without particles that will lodge in the extraction site that can be liquefied is good.


Had two top molars removed on the left. Not fun! But thank goodness for KFC mashed potatoes, also pudding, yogurt, cottage cheese, soft mac and cheese, applesauce. These items require little chewing so some you can just swallow down without a problem.


I bought some hummus from Trader Joe's and Henry's market. It's good for ya and better than puddings all the time. I may try baby food, got everything we need. Sam B.


I just had three upper molars removed (one wisdom, one second and opposite, one first molar) and am on day four. Ice cream is a good idea a couple days after surgery because of the sugar content. Do not drink milk for a couple days also.

Light soups that are room temperature or chilled is good for the first day or until whenever. Scrambled or carefully cut up eggs are OK. Smoothies are the best idea throughout the healing process, water, some juices, no tomatoes or anything acid. watch out for mashed potatoes!

Wisdom tooth removal is O.K., but my first molar keeps getting clogged up with it and i fear it will dislodge my clot. Same with rice: beware! (trying to eat now).

Yogurt, noodles, broth are fine. cut up chicken with buttered cut up pasta is filling, but no peas (same lodging issue). try soup, some ensure, and possibly give a chicken pot pie without a crust a try!


I'm having oral surgery under general anesthetic on Monday (I'm 13). I will have a patch stitched onto the roof of my mouth for two weeks. What will I be able to eat?


It's a shame when you have a dentist like mine where he doesn't explain anything to you (Not saying he's a bad dentist though because he did wonderful work and was extremely friendly).

When I just got my surgical extraction today the receptionist just handed me this paper to sign and it said on it my dentist has explained these things to me. Since he didn't care to tell me anything about care I decided to look online where i found all the information about dry socket and what foods to avoid. Right now, I'm drinking CVS brand slim fast from the can and using nicotine gum. My mom stopped by and heated up some chicken soup but it caused the most horrid pain I have felt so far today, even worse than the actual extraction but that was more scary than painful.

The nurse insisted that I pay for the knock out but it would have cost $500 and that is money I don't have to give. It would have brought it up to $1000 total! So I had to deal with the awkwardness and pain of my gums being cut open and tooth being yanked all around under local anesthetic. I would have at least have liked some nitrous or something.


My husband just had his two wisdom teeth out yesterday. I cooked rice porridge with some stock cube for flavor, then added some green peas and then pureed it. he swallowed them not too happy. then I cooked scrambled eggs with cubed avocado!! he loved it. I also scrambled the eggs with some soy sauce to give flavor. the avocado must be room temperature, not cold from fridge. it is yummy!

Alternatively, cook vegetable soup with chicken stock and put in blender, eat with soft white bread (cut away the brown sides).


for breakfasts or whenever, scrambled eggs with cheese thrown in is easy to eat and a bit more solid!


Live probiotic bacteria are actually good for healing the mouth. Look it up!(I'm an oral surgeon).


I got my four wisdom teeth removed as well as a fifth molar yesterday. When my numbness wore off my Dad bought me a shake and i used a small spoon to eat it, also the cup was bendable so i could squeeze it and pour it (remember--no straws!). Today I had chipotle, extra rice with extra sour cream mushed up. Mmmm delicious! Takes a long time to heal but so worth it!

My bleeding stopped pretty early, and i had heard it could last through the night and even into the morning (i had the surgery at 4:45 p.m.). But the bleeding stopped completely around 10 p.m. Just thought I'd share something that was delicious and filling!


I just got my four wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. I was in a lot of pain but after sleeping for about three hours I felt no more pain and I even went to band practice.

I have a lot of friends who are surprised that I even got out of bed! What should I eat to keep up my energy though?


mashed potatoes, meatloaf, hummus -- no rice! The grains can get trapped in extraction holes and lead to infection.


I just had two wisdom teeth pulled on the same side. I was in so much pain- that I was begging the angel of death to just come and take me away. I had to take the pain medication and feel a whole lot better now. I was told not to spit, but this collection of saliva and blood is too much to swallow.

i seem to only feel better with juice, and pudding, applesauce. I have a moist tea bag on the wound and it feels a lot better.


I am sick of soup, yogurt, pudding. i need something to satisfy my stomach, something filling. anybody have any ideas?


So i just got my wisdom teeth pulled three days ago. but the doc had to break my jaw because one of the roots was too far into my sinus cavity. he says i have to be on a soft diet for a month. I'm not really sure what to do.


Baby Food! OK, I know it's gross but I'm on my third day of yogurt and pudding and I need something more filling. I have a baby so I started looking into their soft foods. they have everything from beef casserole to butternut squash, and of course desserts.


If you are having a smoothie or milkshake, you should not use a straw - it could dislodge the healing clot.


Just had four cracked and rotten wisdom teeth pulled and two impacted molars pulled this morning by the oral surgeon. I was pregnant three years in a row and it worked a number on my teeth.

After surgery I came home and slept, still feeling affects of sedation. when I woke I was starving so I made a banana/strawberry fruit smoothie (it was heavenly) and my husband is on the way to the grocery store for jello/pudding/applesauce cups. Tomorrow morning I will try cream of wheat for breakfast!


The day after I had my wisdom teeth out, I ate refried beans: flavorful without being spicy, and they are easy to chew. They also have protein and fiber, both of which are important.


i am starving and none of these things gill me up. Help! Help!


i just got all my top teeth pulled (10) teeth. what can i eat? please help.


It all depends on the "do not eat" list, and what you are comfortable eating. Usually the first 24 hours are the most important to watch what you are eating, but it's definitely important to try and eat whatever nutritious foods you can find that fit in that category. Again, keep to things that aren't too hot, as they serve to make it harder to clot, or it will very possible dislodge one. Warm or cool food is much better. Also, I was told not to take Advil within the first 24 hours (Codeine makes me sick, and Tylenol doesn't work for me at all) because it's a blood thinner and again, wanted to help clotting/healing along and not hinder it.


Macaroni and Cheese for me please!

I am alone and surgery doesn't leave me with much energy to stand around in the kitchen and cook. I got a bunch of ready made rice cups, soup, kraft mac & cheese singles, smooth and creamy ice cream, banana and strawberry smoothie stuff, and applesauce the day before the surgery. Make a smoothie in the morning and mix in protein powder to get your muscle on. Then I have either soup or mac & cheese for lunch. Snack on apple sauce. Then order some chicken fried rice from your favorite Chinese food take out for dinner. Treat yourself to a big bowl of ice cream afterward. I think I gained some weight even after having 6 teeth removed -- 4 wisdom teeth and 2 impacted molars.

Another thing to keep in mind with all the pain meds you will be taking after surgery your digestion is going to slow down. Make certain to get some Colace and Ex-Lax so that everything you put in will actually come out.


I just had mine yesterday. I too was told no *hot* soup. So far, I've had some room temperature tomato soup, some mashed potatoes, and milk or tea, I also at a little ice cream last night.

Today, I'm pretty sore (I had to have some bone 'shaved' or something), but now it's breakfast and I don't know what to eat. Everything I read says *no grits* cause of the grainy consistency. That's exactly what I was planning until I read that. Now, I don't know what to do and I'm *starving*! Maybe I'll lose a couple pounds!


I just had my second oral surgery, so I'm well-versed in what to eat now. The first day I stick to ice cream or pudding while my mouth is still numb, and after I regain feeling in my mouth I eat mashed potatoes. The second day I can eat rice, and another good thing to eat is pasta. You have to cut up angel hair pasta so it's really small, and then you can cut up pieces of hamburger in it very small too if you like. Make sure you put butter on it (not tomato sauce!) so it goes down easier. Also, scrambled eggs are easy to eat on the third or fourth day.


I was told after a wisdom tooth extraction not to eat yogurt as it may contain live bacteria which could interfere with the mouth flora and cause infection.. but it depends on the type of extraction as with the other one they did not tell me that so I find I can pretty much eat anything (just as the doctor said) apart from the already very truthfully mentioned hot food and hard crunchy things that hurt the sore throat! I was also given a syringe and a solution for rinsing the wound so this makes my life and healing easier because otherwise I would suffer in vain from stuffed "hole" (subject to decay) and it would not heal well. Remains to be seen how the removal of my stitches will go down with me..


Be careful when you have had dental work or oral surgery, often hot foods are a really bad idea. It's better to go for smoothies or milkshakes, or pudding, and not hot soup. If you have soup, make sure you cool it down.

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    • Smoothies and other soft foods are good to eat after dental work.
      Smoothies and other soft foods are good to eat after dental work.
    • Soft dairy products can be good after dental work.
      Soft dairy products can be good after dental work.
    • Applesauce.
    • Bananas can be good to eat after dental work.
      Bananas can be good to eat after dental work.
    • Different types of rice. Well-cooked rice can usually be eaten after dental work.
      Different types of rice. Well-cooked rice can usually be eaten after dental work.
    • Staying hydrated is important after oral surgery.
      Staying hydrated is important after oral surgery.
    • Yogurt is a popular soft food following dental work.
      Yogurt is a popular soft food following dental work.
    • Miso soup is an easy food to consume after dental work.
      Miso soup is an easy food to consume after dental work.
    • Spinach can be used to make healthy, green smoothies.
      Spinach can be used to make healthy, green smoothies.
    • It's a good idea to puree foods in a blender to eat after dental surgery.
      It's a good idea to puree foods in a blender to eat after dental surgery.
    • Chocolate milk made with cocoa powder is a nutritious meal substitute after dental surgery.
      Chocolate milk made with cocoa powder is a nutritious meal substitute after dental surgery.
    • A smoothie that features nutritious green vegetables can be ideal for a post-surgery meal.
      A smoothie that features nutritious green vegetables can be ideal for a post-surgery meal.
    • Jell-O is a common food for people after oral surgery, as it requires little chewing.
      Jell-O is a common food for people after oral surgery, as it requires little chewing.