What are Security Storm Doors?

Phil Shepley
Phil Shepley
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Woman holding a book

Security storm doors are additional doors that are installed in front of the doors of a home, and are designed to be extra strong. They are made to offer more protection than a standard storm door against both bad weather and intruders. They can be constructed of many different sturdy materials. Security storm doors can also be designed in many different styles, some being mass produced and others being totally unique.

Standard storm doors, also referred to as screen doors, are made of materials that are relatively weaker than the main door that they reside in front of. A storm door may be constructed of a relatively thin material, such as aluminum, plastic, or wood, with metal and glass screens. These doors can typically withstand normal wind, rain and other adverse weather conditions. Their designs are typically weak, however, and can be easily broken, kicked in, or damaged. Often, the lock mechanism on a standard screen door consists of a single plastic latch.

There are a wide array of different types of standard screen doors, with some being stronger than others. The point of a security storm door, on the other hand, is to offer maximum strength and protection against adverse situations while maintaining the aesthetics and functions of a standard storm door. One of the ways this is possible is by having the security storm doors made from thicker heavier materials. Aluminum, wood, or plastic may still be utilized, but can be thicker and reinforced to be even stronger.

These designs also make it possible for security screen doors to be constructed with stronger locks. Deadbolts are common as an extra security measure. The doors can also have standard door knob hardware installed, which can incorporate the use of another key for extra security.

The glass and screens that are installed in a security storm door can be stronger. Laminated security glass, for example, can be utilized in the door, which is very difficult to break. This is necessary in security storm doors that are made with a full view, meaning they are covered almost entirely in glass.

Security storm doors can be made to be even stronger by their design. The bars that make up security storm doors can be made with very narrow openings. Even if glass or screens were broken, the gap would be too narrow for any intruder to be able to fit through. These bars also don't have to be vertically spaced like prison bars; they can be crafted into elegant designs that offer security and stylish looks, tailored to a homeowner's specific tastes.

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@raynbow- Another benefit to installing security storm doors and windows that I think you will enjoy when you get yours is the insulation factor. When you add them to your home, air conditioned air stays cooler longer in the summer, and frigid air is kept outside in the winter. You will also notice less drafts because they have such good seals.


@rundocuri- Thank you for your personal story. Hearing about real-life experience with these types of products makes a lot of difference when it comes to purchasing them.

I have been considering security storm doors and windows for my home now for several seasons. I've been lucky because the weather has been fairly mild, but I don't want my luck to run out. I'm planning to get several estimates from builders to have these secure storm doors and windows added to my home before the next storm season.


I have a cousin who has a home along the coast in Florida, and he gives his security storm doors and windows a lot of credit for preventing damage during bad storms.

Wind, hail, and lightening can all be damaging to the exterior of any home, as he found out the hard way when hail damaged the front of his home. The areas where there are windows and doors are particularly at risk, as some of his windows were broken during the storm. Storm doors and storm windows do a lot of good when it comes to protecting a structure from storm damage.

Since he had his installed, the storms in his area have not caused damage to his home.

If you have concerns about bad weather in your area and what it could do to your home, you should talk to a building contractor about adding security storm doors and windows to your home. When storms season rolls around, you will be glad you did.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book