What are Macrame Belts?

Kris Roudebush

Macrame is a popular craft where cords are tied, instead of woven, into knots to create various art projects including macrame belts. Some of the most popular macrame art projects include plant hangers, when tend to have a 60's feel to them. Macrame is still very popular, especially using hemp cord. Other cords include leather and cotton.

Woman painting
Woman painting

You may be more familiar with macrame then you think. Most friendship bracelets, with or without beads, are created using macrame. Sometimes macrame is called Chinese knotting, although this isn't an accurate description of its origins. It was through Chinese sailors that the macrame technique was made popular. The art of macrame is very old, and is thought to have its origins in Arabia.

Once introduced, sailors from the newly formed United States and England spent a great deal of time working the technique into a variety of projects including hammocks and belts. The height of the macrame era was during the Victorian age where macrame lace was all the rage. Macrame's popularity slowly declined until the 60 and 70's when plant hangers and macrame belts, among other projects, made a comeback. In the early 90's, macrame jewelry became popular. Crafters, especially those who enjoy working with beads, still enjoy creating macrame belts and jewelry.

Macrame belts are especially impressive when they are embellished with glass beads or jade or marble rings. Although hemp cord is popular, macrame belts can be made of any cord and are often made of a colored cord or leather. Macrame belt kits are widely available online and in craft stores. They're also widely available from a variety of fashion labels.

Macrame belts are usually worn low around the hips. There they can be tied with the remains of the cord, which is usually left long, to a ring. Some macrame belts are simply tied together. They also are available with a belt buckle, and look like a standard belt. Some macrame belts can be fitted through the belts loops of trousers or jeans, or can be worn on top of a shirt.

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