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How Can I Make a Hemp Bracelet?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To get used to working with hemp, you can make a simple bracelet by using four strands of the twine, applying some beads and tying simple knots as you like. When you make this starter hemp bracelet, you can vary the size and placement of the beads as well as make single or double knots to add interest. Using three thicker hemp strands and braiding them is another way of making an easy hemp and bead bracelet. Purchasing a hemp jewelry making book for beginners can teach you the basic square knot and half-square commonly used for making bracelets and necklaces. You may want to use 40 lb. (2mm) hemp twine to begin, as it's thicker and typically easier to handle than the 20 lb. (1 mm) size that you could try later.

Thinner hemp bracelets may be worn several at a time like bangles, while thicker ones could be worn alone. Experimenting with different easy techniques such as braiding and beading the twine as well as adding simple knots can get you started in your hemp bracelet making. Once you've purchased a beginner's book on how to make hemp jewelry, you're likely to be able to create a more sophisticated hemp bracelet using square and half-square knots. You should select a book that demonstrates how to make both flat and spiral hemp bracelets. Make sure before buying the hemp craft book that you understand the directions and illustrations clearly to avoid frustration.

Different beads might be added to hemp bracelets to add a unique touch.
Different beads might be added to hemp bracelets to add a unique touch.

In addition to guiding you through the basic knots, a good hemp jewelry making book should instruct you on selecting as well as adding metal ends with loops and clasps to your bracelets. Before you make a hemp bracelet, you should make a list of items to purchase from your craft store such as twine, jewelry findings and beads. You may want to look for remnants or instead sign up for a hemp jewelry class before investing in a lot of materials though.

Don't be afraid to express your creativity and come up with unique hemp bracelet designs. Choosing unusual beads to add to your bracelets is a way to make the bracelets you create from hemp twine creative and personalized. Some crafters even like to make their own beads for completely original hemp bracelets. Once you gain experience making bracelets from hemp, you may want to make them for gifts using beads in the recipients' favor colors.

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    • Different beads might be added to hemp bracelets to add a unique touch.
      By: donyanedomam
      Different beads might be added to hemp bracelets to add a unique touch.