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How do I Choose the Best Macrame Design for a First Project?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

For a first macrame project, it's best to choose a design that uses no more than three of the most basic knots. Picking a beginner's macrame design project in a kit with all of the materials needed, including colored cord, may be a good idea. Popular beginner kits have designs for such projects as key chains, bracelets, bookmarks and potholders. Fun macrame cord colors can make beginner projects made with only a few knot variations look more interesting.

If you start with a simple macrame design in a kit with everything included, you won't have to invest in buying a lot of supplies before trying out the craft. Once you've practiced the simplest macrame knots and completed one or more beginner's kit projects, you may be ready to buy a variety of supplies. The square knot, larkshead, spiral and half-hitch or half-knot are considered the most basic macrame techniques. It's a good idea to learn and practice these on scraps of macrame cord before starting on a beginner kit or project. Many craft stores sell variety packs of macrame cord scraps that can be used for practice as well as for making small projects.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Macrame key chains, bookmarks and bracelets are some of the most popular small beginner projects. Once you've completed these from a beginner's macrame design in a kit, you're likely to be able to create your own versions of these projects from additional cords, beads and other supplies you purchase. Beads as well as macrame cords are often available in variety scrap packs to allow a budget-minded approach to buying supplies for the craft.

Key chain macrame projects are ideal for beginners because they're small and usually easy to complete. Shaping macrame bookmarks is another beginner-level craft activity that can be fun. Simple shapes such as butterflies and trees can be formed by most beginners when making bookmarks and key chains. A one-strand macrame design bracelet with a few beads added for decoration is a popular beginner's project for children or adults as well. A good tip for choosing beginner level macrame projects is to look for those designed for children.

Other good beginner level project ideas for macrame include a pot holder or plant hanger. A pot holder can be created by making a solid square using only one or two easy macrame knots. A loop of cord added on one corner makes the pot holder easy to hang on a hook in the kitchen. Plant hangers in beginner macrame design often feature three to four basic knots plus a variety of beads and long strands of cord.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing