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What Are Cinnamon Chips?

C. Mitchell
C. Mitchell

In most contexts, cinnamon chips are small, cinnamon-flavored morsels used predominantly in baking. They resemble chocolate chips and are designed to be used in many of the same contexts as the chocolate versions would be. The term “cinnamon chip” can also refer to a buttery, cinnamon-dusted or flavored tortilla chip, though this use is less common.

Cooks typically add cinnamon chips to a variety of baked goods to impart a cinnamon flavor, as well as add a sweetness not found in ordinary powdered or ground cinnamon. Most cinnamon chips look just like chocolate chips — they are typically quite small and take the shape of dropped pyramids. Shoppers can typically find chips on the same grocery store shelf as chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and other baking morsels.

Cinnamon chips are typically made of oils and natural waxes that have been augmented with cinnamon flavoring. Depending on the brand, that flavoring can be wholly or partly artificial. Some chips contain real cinnamon, but most do not.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

One of the characteristics of cinnamon chips is their ability to quickly melt, either over a double broiler or in the oven. In baked goods, this often lends pockets of cinnamon flavor. Baking with cinnamon chips is generally very easy. A wide variety of cinnamon desserts, including cinnamon cakes and cinnamon cookies, get their flavor from chips that have been added directly into the dough.

Adding chips to biscuits, scones, and bread can make for interesting twists on traditional breakfast favorites. Creative cooks might also add cinnamon chips to pancakes for a sweet morning treat or use the chips as ice cream toppings. Melted down, the chips can make a rich cinnamon-flavored syrup that can be added to fruit or yogurt or used as a dip.

The term “cinnamon chip” can also refer to a more traditional tortilla chip that carries a cinnamon flavor. Cinnamon chips of this variety are largely homemade, usually from fresh tortillas. The tortillas can be either freshly made or purchased, then sprinkled with butter, cinnamon powder or cinnamon grounds, and sugar. Cooks will then either bake the tortillas, skillet-fry them, or deep fry them until they are crispy.

Chips in this style are usually cut into wedges or strips, then topped with fruit or sweet salsa. The flavor and taste of these chips is often reminiscent of churros, a popular Spanish and Latin American pastry. Most churros are made of thick dough, however, and are almost always deep fried. Cinnamon chips made from tortillas impart a similar flavor, but are usually a much healthier alternative.

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@donasmrs-- I agree with you. Most cinnamon chips have artificial flavor and unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated oil. Since the flavors are artificial, they lack the spicy sweet flavor of real cinnamon. They're very mild and you have to use more cinnamon chips than the recipe calls for to get the right cinnamon flavor.


@donasmrs-- There are definitely real cinnamon chips out there. Try organic groceries or gourmet food stores. You can also get them online.

I love using cinnamon chips in baking too and I get mine online. I use the real stuff made with real cinnamon, sugar, oil and milk. If you decide to get them online, just make sure that the seller ships them with cold packs. In the summer, they can melt in transit which won't be good.

Cinnamon chips can be used in so many recipes for a burst of flavor. It's much easier to use then powdered cinnamon. My son actually puts some cinnamon chips on his waffles or pancakes as topping. They taste so good, they really can be eaten with anything.


I have to use cinnamon chips for oatmeal cookies and scones but I have a hard time finding a good product. I initially bought a bag of cinnamon chips at the grocery store but after baking with them and tasting them, I was surprised to know that there is no cinnamon. They only vaguely taste like cinnamon and are made entirely of artificial ingredients. I want real cinnamon chips in my cookies and scones.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book