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How do I Sell Office Furniture?

Paul Woods
Paul Woods

When a company or individual upgrades office furniture there usually is a market for the previously owned furniture. Selling those items can help offset the cost of the upgrade. To sell office furniture is often five-step process that includes determining if there is a market, finding the avenue to sell the goods, preparing and pricing the furniture for sale, selling it, and delivering the furniture.

Begin the process of determining if there is a market for the used office furniture by reviewing local and online classified ads, local used office furniture stores, and online auction sites. The individual wanting to sell office furniture should verify that the type of furniture he or she has is being sold and if so, at what price. If there is a market, ensure that the going prices allow for the sale of the available furniture at enough of a return to make it worth the effort.

Furniture can be sold in classified ads.
Furniture can be sold in classified ads.

There are three relatively easy ways to sell office furniture, and the furniture owner should choose the method that promises the best chance of sale at the best price with the least amount of time and money invested. Online classified ads often are free and can be tailored to regional buyers, but beware that these ads often results in a rash of unwanted replies such as spam and solicitations. An online bid site typically is a safer and more targeted method to sell office furniture in which the seller pays a small fee to the site. The simplest method is to have a local furniture liquidator pick it up and sell it, but this is also the most expensive method as commissions can run as high as 50 percent of the sale.

Office furniture may be sold at a yard sale.
Office furniture may be sold at a yard sale.

Having determined the preferred method to sell office furniture, the next step is to prepare and price the furniture for sale. It is worth the time to clean the furniture and make those minor repairs that are easy and inexpensive to do. This relatively easy work up front can add significantly to the final sales price. Price the furniture based on the market as determined by the review of other furniture for sale. Be reasonable as it is unlikely any used furniture can be successfully sold above the going local prices.

An online bid site is a targeted method to sell office furniture.
An online bid site is a targeted method to sell office furniture.

The furniture seller should make clear whether the furniture will be delivered, shipped or must be picked up. Typically, the size of office furniture makes long-distance shipping cost prohibitive in the used market. It is common to expect local buyers of used office furniture to pick it up themselves.

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I like buying used furniture, but generally speaking, I've always thought it was a hassle in itself. Office furniture or not, that stuff can be quite heavy, and it's often required that several people help you carry it. Also, when lifting heavy furniture (office or not), remember that if you don't carry it in a proper way, you'll injure your back. I've had that happen to me several times in the past, but I've learned my lesson from here on out.


I like buying furniture that's on sell. Not only does it come at a much cheaper price, but considering how I don't have much money at the moment, I'd say that it's easily the cheapest and safest way out. In fact, I'm not just applying this to used furniture, but I'm applying it to a lot of selling and shopping aspects. Often, when you're lacking the funds needed to afford the really expensive gifts or items, always look for alternate solutions, or ways to work around this. Buying items that are on sale is one of them. What they (generally) lack in quality, the make up for with a much better price.


When you're selling furniture, it's always a very good idea to make sure that it's in a somewhat decent condition. Considering how a lot of things that people sell are old or antique, it's definitely not going to be spotless, but still. You may even (unintentionally) rip people off if you sell furniture that's torn or broken down. Has anyone had this experience before? I haven't, I'm just curious to know who has.

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    • Furniture can be sold in classified ads.
      By: Feng Yu
      Furniture can be sold in classified ads.
    • Office furniture may be sold at a yard sale.
      By: amphotolt
      Office furniture may be sold at a yard sale.
    • An online bid site is a targeted method to sell office furniture.
      By: Ana Blazic Pavlovic
      An online bid site is a targeted method to sell office furniture.