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How Do I Choose the Best Home Office Safe?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

If you store sensitive documents or valuable items at home, it may be a wise decision to consider buying a home office safe. Such safes can protect your valuable items and documents in the event of a theft, fire, flood, or other type of damage. Choosing a home office safe starts with determining what you intend to store inside, as these units can vary significantly in size and features. For larger items, consider a closet-style safe; for documents and small items, a small closet safe or briefcase-style safe may be most appropriate.

Small, portable safes will protect your valuables from damage, as many of them are fireproof and waterproof. The home office safe should feature a locking mechanism that works best for you. Some will feature a number pad that will allow you to set a combination that only you know, but if you are not good at remembering such codes, you may want to consider a home office safe with a key lock on it. Make sure the safe you choose features more than one key that you can store in different places in case you lose one key. Never store all of the keys together; if you lose the key ring, you will have lost all access to the safe.

Small home office safes are good for storing important documents.
Small home office safes are good for storing important documents.

Wall safes are great ways to provide permanent security. Some modification of your home's wall will be necessary, however, which means the installation process can be somewhat difficult. If you choose a wall safe, be sure it will fit in your wall; some safes can be quite deep, and not all walls will be able to accommodate this. Choose a safe that will fit your needs, but be sure your walls can accommodate the home office safe you want before you purchase it.

You can also buy a home office safe that mounts underneath a desk or countertop. This style is more commonly used for business applications, so if you run your business out of your home and need to access secured items quickly and easily, this may be the best option. Some safes even include a slit in the top through which you will be able to drop money or documents. You may need to modify your countertop or desk to accommodate this, but if you regularly deal with sensitive documents that must be stored quickly, or if you will be taking money from customers, this may be a good option.

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Discussion Comments


I'm thinking about buying a safe one of these days. It's definitely one of the most secure ways you can keep your documents from harm.


@Chmander - While you do have a point, the article is talking more about things such as fires, floods, and other kinds of damage. Also, you're right. Though things can be stolen, that generally won't happen when you're within the safety of your own home. Also, when it comes to property damage, it's always good to have a backup plan, as things can always get destroyed. Maybe it would also be a good idea to have a copy on your computer, in case something were to happen.

Speaking of which, the same can be said for computers as well. No matter what the case is, it's always a good idea to back up your information on file. Sometimes, we may take our private information for granted, and until it's stolen or destroyed, we don't realize how valuable it really is.


Do people really need a safe in order to protect their documents? Unless it's outside of the safety of their own home, it's not like anything will get lost, and it's not like your identity will be stolen, right?

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    • Small home office safes are good for storing important documents.
      By: Africa Studio
      Small home office safes are good for storing important documents.