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How do I Crochet an Ornament?

Britt Archer
Britt Archer

Crocheting is a popular pastime that has been around in its current form since the early 19th century. Due to a recent surge in popularity, in part from media attention and recent fashion runway displays, many individuals are picking up a hook and learning how to crochet. One of the easiest ways to learn is to make a crochet ornament.

Crocheting is the act of using a hook-shaped implement to manipulate string, yarn or thread into various knot formations. There are a variety of crochet patterns available on the Internet and through various print media that use only basic stitches to create unique, heirloom-quality, handmade Christmas ornaments, as well as ornaments for other holidays. They can be executed in different yarns, from very thick bulky yarn snowmen all the way down to intricate, delicate thread crochet snowflakes. The resulting crochet ornament design often depends upon the thickness of the yarn or thread used, as well as the hook.

A small hook and fine yarn can create delicate ornaments.
A small hook and fine yarn can create delicate ornaments.

Generally, in crochet, the finer the yarn, the smaller the hook is in diameter. This is true for most patterns, but is not a hard and fast rule. Christmas ornaments do not have to conform to a certain gauge, or standard number of stitches per inch, so the type of thread and crochet hook used are not of as much importance as if one were making a wearable garment, for example, which is just one reason why crochet ornaments are a perfect choice for a beginner project.

Another reason many people are fond of tackling a project like a crochet ornament is that they take very little time to make, and very little in terms of materials, and very little investment in learning new skills once the initial learning curve of the craft of crochet is mastered. No matter what the reason, a crochet ornament is bound to be a popular item, and there are plenty of resources available to get an individual started with the basics of the art, as well as many patterns available to craft the ornaments from. A visit to a local yarn specialty store is recommended to receive further specialized help and guidance for specific projects.

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One year I decided to decorate my Christmas tree with all handmade ornaments. I wanted to have a big variety, so went online to find free crochet Christmas ornament patterns. Some of the best patterns I found were on blog sites.

This turned out to be a bigger project than what I anticipated and I didn't get as many done as I wanted. The biggest reason was because many of the patterns I choose to make were more complicated than I realized.

You can find patterns that are as simple or complex as you want depending on how much of a challenge you are up for. The fun part is in trying new patterns, learning new steps and adding creative embellishments.


I have an easy, crochet snowman pattern that I have used to teach many kids how to crochet. I work with a group of girl scouts and this is one of our holiday projects almost every year.

In addition to the snowman, they have made crochet snowflake ornaments and Christmas stockings. This gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment, and is something even the young girls can learn very quickly.


One of the first things I learned to crochet was a Christmas ornament stocking. I made several of them following the same pattern, but used red, green and white yarn to change the look of each one of them.

It didn't take long to crochet these and was an easy way to learn the basic stitches. This is also a great way to get kids involved and interested in crocheting. It is nice for them to be able to complete a project in a short amount of time and add decorations to the tree.

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    • A small hook and fine yarn can create delicate ornaments.
      By: kulikovan
      A small hook and fine yarn can create delicate ornaments.