How do I Crochet a Bookmark?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky
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Woman posing

There are many easy crochet patterns available to help you create a variety of items, but even a beginner can create a crochet bookmark. You will start with a basic chain stitch and make a foundation. A chain stitch is a simple step. Tie the end of the yarn snugly around your crochet hook. Wrap the hook around the length of yarn then pull it through the loop you tied around the hook.

Continue pulling the yarn through each loop that follows. Always count the number of stitches to keep each row even. When you have completed a row of chain stitches the desired length for your crochet bookmark, you will proceed with single stitch crochet. Single crochet, abbreviated “sc,” is also very simple.

Push the crochet hook through the second loop in your chain. Grab the length of yarn with the hook and pull it through. There will be two loops of yarn on your crochet hook after this step. Grab the length of yarn again and pull it through both of those loops. Rinse and repeat until you come to the end of the chain.

When you complete a row of single crochet, make another chain stitch before beginning the next row. Again, begin by inserting the hook into the second stitch in the previous row. Continue these steps until the bookmark is the desired width.

You can use yarn and the coordinating size hook when crocheting a bookmark, or use a tiny hook and embroidery thread for a lacier look. It is easier to use yarn when first learning to make a crochet bookmark as thread and other materials require more intricate maneuvering.

Once you are able to make a crochet bookmark, try making other items. There are many free patterns available that you can experiment with in order to make beautiful hand-crafted items. You might also try using other yarns.

To make a striped or multi-colored crochet bookmark, simply stop at the end of a row and tie a secure knot. Leave a little extra yarn after the knot and tie that to the new color of yarn. Then, make a chain stitch as you normally would at the end of a row. Insert the hook into the second stitch and begin the next row with your new color.

For the next row, you may want to choose a new color or return to the original color. Simply follow the preceding steps whenever you wish to change yarn. When the crochet bookmark is the desired size, you may want to finish it off with a border. Simply use single crochet stitches around all four sides and complete by tying a secure knot after the last stitch. Trim any leftover yarn wherever you tied knots and your crochet bookmark is complete.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing