How do I Choose the Best Portable Massage Bed?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
A man getting a massage.
A man getting a massage.

Choosing the best portable massage bed will largely depend on the table's stability, strength and weight. Features such as padding, ergonomics and aesthetic design can also factor into your decision. A portable massage bed that is capable of supporting the heaviest possible user, light enough for you to carry around and pleasing enough to look at will be the best one for you.

Strength is something important to consider when selecting a portable massage bed. Choose a massage table that can support as much weight as you need it to. Look for tables that boast features that support a table's strength, such as double reinforced hinges. Pin-lock opening systems can also contribute to a massage bed's stability. Any features that prevent wobbling can only help the user receive a quality massage.

The weight of the table can also be a concern for you as you will, of course, want to buy a portable massage table that can be easily transported from one location to another. Take your own physical capabilities into account when choosing a bed. Although some portable massage tables can weigh no more than the average toddler, others might be a bit heavier than that. Make sure that you are physically capable of transporting the table before buying it, in order to spare yourself from injuries.

Padding is often evaluated when buying a portable massage table. Memory foam and vinyl leather covering are popularly put onto massage tables, and they will most likely be an option for you. Know that some massage tables can also come with extension options, in the event that you think you need more area to work with.

Another thing you might want to consider is the ergonomics of the portable massage bed. Being comfortable is an important part of the experience for someone who experiences a massage. Try to find a massage table that is capable of relaxing the user as much as possible. Some tables have specially designed face ports that let massage recipients comfortably enjoy the massage without putting undue stress on their necks and facial area. Others can be configured into different positions so that a user can sit or lay as he or she pleases.

The look of a portable massage bed shouldn't be as important as its stability and strength, but if looks are a concern to you, there are many different styles from which you can choose. You can select a color of padding or upholstery that best suits your personality or your style. The wood on massage tables can be professionally finished to give it a sophisticated look. In addition, you might be able to purchase a massage bed with nylon buffers that help keep the wood free from scratches.

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    • A man getting a massage.
      By: dgmata
      A man getting a massage.