What are the Benefits of a Folding Massage Table?

V. Saxena

A folding massage table is a portable therapy solution designed for on-the-go masseuses. It is a beneficial investment for traveling therapists because it is lightweight, easy to carry, and relatively inexpensive. A folding massage table allows therapists to perform both in-call and out-call massage sessions with the same table. In addition, when a masseuse brings his or her own portable massage table to a client’s home, the client is not burdened by having to find a suitable spot for a massage in the home.

Folding massage tables allow outcall therapists to provide services in a number of locations.
Folding massage tables allow outcall therapists to provide services in a number of locations.

Therapists interested in purchasing a folding massage table must take several factors into consideration. The first factor to consider is the therapist's budget. In general, a masseuse should be ready to spend at least $300.00 US Dollars (USD), if not more, on a quality massage table. Even a barebones table without any costly add-ons can not often be obtained for less than that price without sacrificing on quality and safety.

Aluminium tables can handle overweight clients.
Aluminium tables can handle overweight clients.

The key to acquiring a good folding massage chair lies almost exclusively with quality. Quality tables come with a bevy of accessories such as cushions, cradles, and recesses. These help make the client feel more comfortable and happy. For instance, cushions make a table softer. A quality table may increase the likelihood that the client will tip more.

There are three types of folding massage tables, including aluminum tables, student tables, and adjustable tables. An aluminum folding massage table features a sturdy aluminum build that is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand years of use. In addition, aluminum tables can handle overweight clients. The average aluminum massage table often costs a therapist at least $375.00 USD.

A student folding massage table is a barebones table devoid of any expensive add-ons. It is an optimal choice for an entry-level masseuse who isn’t yet ready to invest in more a long-term and permanent table. A student table isn’t very durable or comfortable for clients. Student tables are, however, generally inexpensive, and can be often purchased for as little as $275.00 USD.

An adjustable folding massage table comes with a multitude of premium add-ons like a headrest, an arm shelf, and even a face rest. They also include backrest and height adjustments. The accumulation of these features tends to make an adjustable table a bit heavier than either aluminum or student tables. They are also more expensive, and a quality adjustable table usually costs at least $500.00 USD. The comfort and quality of the table is often directly related to the price.

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