How Do I Choose the Best Mother-Of-The-Bride plus Size Clothing?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo
The bride's dress and wedding theme should be considered when selecting the mother's wedding attire.
The bride's dress and wedding theme should be considered when selecting the mother's wedding attire.

Choosing the best mother-of-the-bride plus size clothing is a matter of finding an outfit that is both something you feel comfortable wearing and appropriate attire for the wedding. One of the most important aspects of the selection process is to choose clothing that is flattering to your figure and fits properly. Browsing online for plus size clothing is a good way to determine your likes and dislikes before going to retail stores.

The bride's dress and the type of wedding will dictate the type of attire the mother-of-the-bride should select. If the bride is wearing a traditional, formal dress so should her mother. If she is wearing an informal dress, however, then a more casual outfit can be chosen. Traditionally, the mother-of-the-bride chooses her dress first, and the groom's mother then follows her lead for the dress color, length and style. For a plus size woman, this is good news, as you can pick a style of clothing and a color that will look good on your body type, rather than having to wear a style or color that isn't flattering.

When choosing mother-of-the-bride plus size clothing, select an outfit that will complement your figure by accentuating your good features while minimizing flaws. For instance, an empire-waist dress has a high waist, which can minimize and draw attention away from large hips, but it will draw attention to the bust line which may not be favorable for someone who has a large or heavy bust line. An A-line dress is flattering for most body types and can hide a multitude of problems. For mother's who prefer not to have bare shoulders, backs, or arms, it is important to chose an outfit with appropriate coverage, including a sleeve length you feel comfortable wearing. A matching jacket, wrap, or shawl is another option to consider when shopping for mother-of-the-bride plus size clothing.

Two-piece outfits are another option for mother-of-the-bride plus size clothing. Pants and skirts with a matching top are available in casual, semi-formal, and formal styles, allowing you to choose an ensemble that is appropriate for the wedding. While long skirts and pants can be flattering for certain body types, remember that a two-piece outfit can bring attention to your middle area, where the two different pieces meet, and can be unflattering for women with large stomachs.

The neckline of the dress will also play a role in how the dress looks on your particular figure. V-necks tend to make the neck look longer and thinner. Scalloped or squared necklines also draw attention to the neck area, pulling it away from the stomach or hips. Finding a dress with jewels, such as rhinestones or pearls, on the upper part of the dress is another way to draw attention up and away from problem areas.

Fabric and color selection are both important factors in the decision-making process. Avoid fabrics that are tight and clingy, such as silk and polyester. As for color, the best way to find the right color for you is to experiment with different shades and colors to see which colors look the most flattering on your figure and complement your skin tone. Dark colors are said to be slimming, but that doesn't necessarily mean black or navy blue is the best color choice.

Proper fit is crucial, as an ill-fitting dress is neither comfortable nor flattering. If purchasing mother-of-the-bride plus size clothing from a specialty bridal store or dress shop it is likely that they have someone on the premises that can do alterations to custom fit the dress for you. For clothing bought online or off the rack in other stores, you will need to find a tailor or seamstress to do the alterations for you.

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I had to tell my daughter there was no way I was wearing that awful shade of chartreuse/green she wanted for her wedding. Turns out, her bridesmaids felt the same way, so she had to settle for a much nicer sage. I still went with navy, though. I look OK in emerald and hunter greens, but not in lighter greens. They make me look gray. Her dad backed me up, as usual (love that man!) and told her to calm down and take it down a notch off the bridezilla act.

Because I have shoulders like a linebacker and I'm plus-sized from below the bustline, I look ten months preggo in empire waistlines, so I opted for a surplice wrap top with an A-line skirt and three-quarter length sleeves. Those look good on nearly everyone.


When I got married, my mom, who is short and round, went to the bridal store with me to look at what they had. This was in the days before most people had the Internet. She found a very nice two-piece skirt and jacket set that looked wonderful on her. She did order it in navy, simply because my colors were navy and cranberry. It was a fall wedding.

She's worn that suit a lot since then. It was one of her favorite pieces before she lost a lot of weight. It was an A-line skirt and a jacket that hit her below the hips. It looked great on her.

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    • The bride's dress and wedding theme should be considered when selecting the mother's wedding attire.
      By: tayindigo
      The bride's dress and wedding theme should be considered when selecting the mother's wedding attire.