How Do I Choose the Best Bear Decor? (with picture)

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Teddy bears should be part of a room's bear decor.
Teddy bears should be part of a room's bear decor.

To furnish a home with bear decor, try browsing quaint shops that sell unique country novelty items, or search the Internet. Since bear decor is often used in cottages or rustic cabins, shop at stores that sell cabin supplies and decorations. Choose matching accessories, such as bear candle holders and hurricane lamps. When decorating with bear decor, consider home decorations for every room of the house, including bathroom and den. If you're the creative type, you might enjoy making your own handmade embroidered towels or linens.

Bear decor is not limited to knickknacks, figurines, and trinkets. Rustic lighting with a decorative bear design can be another possibility to consider. Ceiling mounts with a bear motif are a good choice for a cabin or country cottage. Mounted light fixtures look nice in a bathroom or small powder room. For the bedroom, choose lamps embellished with bear designs, as well as bear switch plates or covers.

In addition to lighting, consider furniture with a bear motif. Bear decor may include coffee tables for the living room or den. A glass table top with a bear-figure base can create a rustic appeal to any country cottage. Look for bookcases with wildlife accents as well.

Bear art or wall decor can add the perfect accent to your interior decorations. Consider hand-painted artwork of bears in a natural setting. Metal wall decor with a bear motif can be a nice addition to an entryway.

For coordinated bear decor, you might consider having some of your accessories custom made. Perhaps you'd like a comforter set or quilt for your bed, or a throw for your couch, all embellished with a bear motif. If you can't find bedroom bear decor in any specialty stores, online companies will create a quilt, blanket, or comforter with your own custom logo or design.

Complete your living room bear decor with throw pillows. If you cannot find decorative pillows with a bear motif, you can print your own bear photo onto the fabric by using a laser printer. Read printer directions carefully to avoid destroying the fabric.

Decorate your child's bedroom with a bear theme as well. Large stuffed teddy bears should have an old-fashioned, authentic appearance. Your children can also make their own craft items for bedroom decor. Creating handmade picture frames with a bear motif is a fun project for children and parents to work on together. Handmade scrapbooks can have a unique bear theme as well.

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    • Teddy bears should be part of a room's bear decor.
      Teddy bears should be part of a room's bear decor.