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What Are the Different Types of Log Cabin Decor?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Although log cabin decor typically features rustic furnishings and motifs, there are also several different specific styles. For example, a lodge decorating style tends to focus on hunting, fishing or skiing themes, while a cottage decor may have a beach or lakeside feeling to it. Some log cabins are decorated in the style common or native to their location, while others may feature a more unique, whimsical decorating approach.

A whimsically decorated log cabin may have toy stuffed animals hung on the walls instead of the traditional hunting lodge style of dead animal heads on wall plaques. Rather than a real bearskin rug, fake or craft fur may be cut into the shape of a bear hide to place on the floor. Whimsical log cabin decor has a humorous, fun feeling to it. For instance, curtains and bedding fabrics may have cartoon animal motifs.

Log cabin decor may feature antlers.
Log cabin decor may feature antlers.

Geographical methods of decorating a log cabin are usually traditional in tone. For example, in New York's Adirondack Mountains, a style of furniture created in the area became well-known, so it was then considered traditional to include in cabins. The Adirondack chair, with its wood-slatted, fanned-out back and sloped seat, became popular in log cabin decor, and outdoor decorating in general, in many other parts of the world.

A bowl of seashells can be part of seaside decor.
A bowl of seashells can be part of seaside decor.

Beach or lakeside themed log cabins often have framed photographs or paintings on the walls that include water, sand or sky. This style is usually cozy and casual in mood and may be prettier than other log cabin decor looks in that lace curtains, vases of flowers or bowls of seashells may be featured. An old canoe paddle fitted with coat hooks may hang by the door to hold swimsuit cover-ups and beach bags.

A cottage decor may have a beach or lakeside feeling to it.
A cottage decor may have a beach or lakeside feeling to it.

Lodge log cabin styles often center around an outdoor activity such as skiing, fishing or hunting. Traditional hunting lodge decor features animal furs and mounted animal heads on the walls. A hanging light fixture in a dining room may be made from antlers. Fishing lodges may have large stuffed fish displayed on wooden plaques on the walls. Instead of that, framed photographs of caught fish may hang on the walls instead.

Ski lodge decorations for log cabins may have a mountain theme. A stone fireplace may be the focal point and framed pictures or paintings of mountains may decorate some of the walls. Ski lodge log cabin decor could also feature snow motifs such as snowflake print bedding.

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Discussion Comments


My favorite type of log cabin décor is the nautical kind. I absolutely love water, be it a lake or an ocean, so when I go to my lakeside cabin, I like to bring those elements indoors.

I have a big wooden sailboat hanging on the wall. It was painted white, and the sail is actual fabric. It has all the details, too.

I have a beach umbrella inserted into the table in my kitchen. I have several floats propped in the corner, and I even have a decorative surfboard in another corner.

I'm really into being on the water, whether in a boat or on a float. I have brought my passion indoors and it shows in my décor.


I like the traditional old-fashioned décor of a log cabin. I stayed in one on vacation that was decorated just the way I would have done it myself.

Every piece of furniture inside the cabin was made of wood. The chairs were very rustic looking, and the tables were very basic. They were both made of stacked logs, just like the cabin itself.

Even the art on the walls was framed with matching wood. The frames were uneven and made of thick branches with their ends protruding beyond the edges.

To me, this is what the log cabin experience is all about. It has a very back-to-nature feel about it, and that's what I crave when I go there.


@Oceana – I like humorous log cabin décor, like the singing fish. My family has a cabin in the woods, and since none of us like to hunt, we decided to go the humorous route with decorations.

We know that the typical log cabin is full of deer heads and bear rugs. We were able to find stuffed animal versions of both, and they are obviously poking fun at the tradition.

The deer heads have surprised expressions on their faces, and I can't help but laugh when I look at them. The bear rug looks like a giant, flattened teddy bear.


I went to my uncle's cabin, where he stays when he goes on fishing trips. He has one of those singing fish mounted on the wall. All I have to do is push a button, and the fish's head will move back and forth while a song plays.

He also has curtains with a fish motif. They are made to look like an underwater scene, with seaweed growing up from the bottom and fish swimming about in different positions.

He has a shower curtain to match. It is so easy to tell how much he loves fishing. Anyone who visits his log cabin can detect this by the décor.

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    • Log cabin decor may feature antlers.
      By: by-studio
      Log cabin decor may feature antlers.
    • A bowl of seashells can be part of seaside decor.
      By: EdwardSamuel
      A bowl of seashells can be part of seaside decor.
    • A cottage decor may have a beach or lakeside feeling to it.
      By: Adrian Hillman
      A cottage decor may have a beach or lakeside feeling to it.