What Is Ribbon Weaving? (with picture)

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette
Ribbon weaving techniques can be used in jewelry making.
Ribbon weaving techniques can be used in jewelry making.

Ribbon weaving is a craft technique that intertwines ribbons. The intertwining of the ribbons are often used for creating embellishments on clothing. For example, weaving the ribbons together is a technique that can be used to add a pocket to a shirt, dress or other garment. It can also be used as embellishments on other types of projects or as a stand-alone craft project.

In terms of a craft, ribbon weaving is very similar to weaving potholders or weaving baskets. The primary difference is the material used to create the weaving. Where potholders may use cotton fabrics for weaving and baskets typically use a rattan or wooden material, ribbon weaving uses ribbon material to make the creation.

Weaving with ribbons tends to be hand craft. Using various strips of ribbon, the crafter weaves the ribbon pieces over and under the other strips of ribbon. Ribbon weaving entails creating both vertical and horizontal weaves. While it is a hand craft, some manufacturers have looms or machines that weave ribbons for large-scale manufacturing projects, such as a garment company.

Some crafters turn their weavings into other forms of projects. For example, by covering wire forms or other molds, crafters can create a ribbon-weaved statue as d├ęcor. Craft glues and glazes can also be used to stiffen the weaving creations so that they can be molded into decorative pieces, such as baskets, trivets and more.

There are endless possibilities in what a weaver can create with weaved ribbons. Numerous online websites offer patterns that can be printed out or specific instructions on how to make specific creations out of ribbon weaving. For example, instructions are available on how to cover the handle of a bridal bouquet using a ribbon weaving technique.

Ribbon weaving creations use various materials of ribbon. Some projects use silk ribbons, while others use chiffon ribbons or plastic ribbons. The width of the ribbons used in these projects can also vary, from skinny width ribbons to the widest ribbon available.

These projects may involve intertwining ribbons that are all the same color, or may involve two or more colors. Some weavers even use ribbons with a preprinted design on the ribbon to create decorative creations. Smooth ribbons, ribbed ribbons, metallic ribbons and ribbons with designs are all options for ribbon weaving projects.

In addition to clothing, ribbon weaving can also be added to jewelry creations,

paper crafts

and more. These embellishments typically add dimension and design to an existing project.

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One year for Christmas I did not have a lot of money to spend on gifts, but wanted to give something special and unique.

I am pretty crafty, and ended up giving some coasters I made using ribbon weaving. I stayed with a Christmas theme and bought some silk metallic ribbon in red and green colors.

They were easy to make and were a big hit. The glittery ribbon really looked great and I was glad to be able to make something that they could use for many holidays to come.


I have enjoyed doing several projects with ribbon weaving. This is a fun craft for people of all ages. I always watch for ribbon clearance sales and try to stock up on ribbon supplies when I have a chance.

There are so many different colors and sizes of ribbon that there are endless possibilities.

One of my favorite ribbon weaving projects was making a pillow. I found ribbon that matched the colors in my living room, and made ribbon pillows for my sofa.

I love the soft, satin feel of the ribbon and the pillows are unique, yet very elegant looking.


Ribbon weaving always makes me thing of May Poles. I once saw a performance of a ribbon dance around a May Pole, and it was very interesting. The dancers held ribbon, which was tied to the top of the May Pole, in their hands. As they danced in a circle around the pole, they wove the ribbons around it.

By the time they were done, the whole May Pole was covered in ribbon weaving in very festive, spring colors.


@JaneAir - Ribbon weaving is a really cool looking craft. I actually have a set of placemats made of woven jacquard ribbon. My grandmother made them for me a few years ago. They're green, and I usually bring them out around Christmas time.

I was really worried about staining them though, so we had the placemats laminated. That way, we can still enjoy them without having to worry about ruining them! Since I already have enough to worry about during the holiday season, at least I don't have handmade placemats to be concerned about too!


A friend of mine made a decorative basket out of grosgrain ribbon weaving awhile back. She made it in pink and uses it to decorate her house during the spring time. Usually she puts some silk flowers in it or something else that looks "springy."

I know she used something to harden the ribbon and mold it into the shape of the basket. When I saw it I was pretty surprised a basket made of woven ribbon was so sturdy. But then when I touched it I realized she had done something to harden the ribbon.

Either way, I think the basket is really cool looking!

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    • Ribbon weaving techniques can be used in jewelry making.
      Ribbon weaving techniques can be used in jewelry making.