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What Is Crisped Rice?

Terrie Brockmann
Terrie Brockmann

Crisped rice is a processed rice product. Typically, manufacturers sell it as a breakfast cereal or add it to sweets, such as chocolate candy bars or crispy rice bars. There are a few ways to process the rice grains, including a process called gun puffing. Gun puffing produces a softer, puffier product than baking or frying the prepared rice grains. Most people buy crisped rice cereal to use as a cereal or in cooking, but there are recipes available for homemade crisped rice.

Making crisped rice is similar to making popcorn out of corn kernels or making puffed wheat. The starchy grains pop or puff up when the moisture inside heats up quickly. Popcorn naturally has a high moisture content, which facilitates the process. Rice is a much drier grain; therefore, the first step to making crispy rice is to introduce moisture into the rice grains.

Uncooked rice.
Uncooked rice.

Generally, commercial food processors increase the rice's moisture content by steaming the grains. Recipes for home cooks frequently suggest cooking the rice and then drying it in a medium hot oven. The oven baking dries the surface of the rice while leaving the internal moisture intact. Introducing the moisture-laden rice grains to high heat creates the popping process.

Crisped rice is often used to make sweet snack bars.
Crisped rice is often used to make sweet snack bars.

Home cooks usually fry the prepared rice in hot oil to bring the sudden and drastic temperature change required to quickly expand the trapped moisture and enact the puffing process. Commercial food companies use hot oil or hot ovens. Another process, called gun puffing, creates a softer puffed rice product. Food processors accomplish this by pressurizing the moisture-laden rice grains and then quickly releasing the pressure, which puffs the grain.

One of the attractions of the crisped rice is the noise it makes when immersed in a liquid. It reacts, making a crackling or snapping noise. It is a complex process, whereas the dried, altered grains of starchy rise have shrunk unevenly in the drying or puffing process. The uneven surfaces create a stress within the piece of rice. As the liquid rehydrates it quickly, it creates more stress and makes a crackling noise.

Food manufacturers and home cooks use crispy rice in recipes. One of the most popular foods is breakfast cereal. Many candy manufacturers add the crisped rice into chocolate bars to add a crunchy, light texture to the chocolate. One of the most popular domestic recipes creates a snack bar using the rice, a marshmallow product or corn syrup, and butter or oleomargarine. This recipe is popular because the limited amount of liquid and the coating of the marshmallow or corn syrup preserves the crunchy texture of the crisped rice.

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I agree that crisped rice is not very healthy. Rice in general is not very healthy because it has no fiber. It's a high glycemic food, so people with metabolic disorders like diabetes can't have it at all.

I used to buy my kids crisped rice cereal and I stopped doing that. I only buy them whole wheat cereal now. They loved crisped rice cereal but we have diabetes in our family and I don't want them to end up with diabetes one day.


Making crisped rice and marshmallow treats are very easy if you buy ready made rice crisps.

You just need to melt marshmallows and margarine in a pan, add the crisped rice and spread it out in a pan. Wait for it to cool down and then cut them into squares.

These treats are delicious, but they're not healthy. So it's a good idea to make them only once in a while.


My kids and I love crisped rice and marshmallow bars. I buy them from the grocery store but I would like to make them at home. It will save money and I'm sure it will be healthier. We're going to have a birthday party for my son soon. It will be great if I can make some for his birthday for the kids to munch on before cake. I just need to find an easy recipe for it.

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    • Uncooked rice.
      By: airborne77
      Uncooked rice.
    • Crisped rice is often used to make sweet snack bars.
      By: stieberszabolcs
      Crisped rice is often used to make sweet snack bars.