What is an Ergonomic Arm Rest?

A. Leverkuhn

An ergonomic armrest is a part of a fully functioning ergonomic desk chair or office chair. The ergonomic chair is one of several major considerations for someone who is planning a full-scale ergonomic office furniture purchase or upgrade. More and more offices are looking at purchasing ergonomic furniture for the future productivity of employees, and with attention to health and safety standards within a business or company.

The mobility associated with the use of a computer mouse is considered when making an ergonomic arm rest.
The mobility associated with the use of a computer mouse is considered when making an ergonomic arm rest.

The general study of ergonomics is the study of how the human body relates to furniture or other inorganic objects, including different kinds of work tools or equipment. The kind of ergonomics that includes ergonomic arm rest design really took off when personal computers made a lot of jobs sedentary and specifically, workstation-intensive. So many of today’s workers spend the majority of their day at computers that a global office ergonomics movement arose out of necessity to make sure that these many millions of workers are adequately protected, in much the same way that older regulatory campaigns protected manual laborers.

Some computer desks are ergonomically designed.
Some computer desks are ergonomically designed.

The ergonomic arm rest might be designed with attention to the way the arm puts pressure on the surface of the chair. Ergonomics experts might consider the elbow or wrists in the design of an ergonomic arm rest and chair parts, as well as how it affects the use of a computer mouse. Another key element of an ergonomic armrest is that should be adjustable to fit individuals of different statures. Along with the ergonomic chair, ergonomics pros include wrist-pads and well-placed screens and computer peripherals to create an ergonomically correct work space.

Some business leaders might not think of an ergonomic arm rest as a prime consideration for office furniture purchases, but across lots of large and small companies, consultants and others are convincing those in charge of furnishing and equipment decisions that ergonomics really does make a difference. Companies evaluate whether providing these better designed products to help lower worker’s compensation claims, to elevate morale, and to further invest in a fully modern business. That has led to the overall marketability of ergonomic chair and desk computer design.

Some specific kinds of ergonomic chairs are getting a lot of attention in the general furniture market. Elements of these designs include mesh surfacing with elasticity, lumber support for the lower back, and ergonomic arm rests. Looking at these options in a catalog and having a frank discussion about ergonomics can help purchasers or others to make the final decision about what an office or work space needs.

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