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What is a Trackstick?

Matt Brady
Matt Brady

A Trackstick™ is a GPS tracking device that enables users to record travel times and locations. Users can then view the data by syncing the device with a computer. Tracksticks™ don't record GPS data in real-time as GPS devices with a live map and display screen do; they simply record data to be reviewed after travel. Without a bulky screen, Tracksticks™ are very compact and lightweight, with many models fitting easily into a pant-pocket. This makes them suitable not only for tracking one's personal whereabouts, but also for tracking others' travel data, which can be a handy feature for law enforcement and concerned parents. The Trackstick™ was developed by Telespial Systems Inc., a private technology company based in the United States in California. Telespial Systems Inc. specializes in data collection and GPS technologies such as the Trackstick™.

The Trackstick™ is able to track multiple strains of data. It can pinpoint exactly where on the map a person traveled and how long it took them to get from point A to point B. When reviewing travel data on a computer, one can scroll the cursor over the travel route and assess data for each specific coordinate along the travel route. This allows users to see where the Trackstick™ was at any given time and how long it was there for. If, for example, someone stopped at a restaurant at noon and spent one hour there, the device records that exactly one hour was spent at the restaurant's location starting at noon. The devices also record such pertinent travel information as altitude and direction. Tracksticks™ are even able to relate how fast someone was traveling at any given point.

Man with a backpack
Man with a backpack

The Trackstick™ also makes use of the photo-technology known as geotagging. If users ensure that a Trackstick™ is set to the same time as their digital camera, they can tag pictures with the appropriate location along a travel route. Using this technology, pictures pop up on the map when a cursor scrolls over certain points of a travel route. This technology has not only been used for personal enjoyment, but by businesses, web travel services, and in advertisements as well.

Although this feature can be abused and should be used with discretion, the Trackstick™ is well-designed for tracking the whereabouts of others. Law enforcement officers find this particular feature quite helpful in duties such as enforcing house arrests and probation sentences. Parents can use this technology to keep track of their children and to help enforce driving regulations and curfews. Employers can also use them to ensure that employees are using company cars properly.

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    • Man with a backpack
      Man with a backpack