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What is a Reclining Office Chair?

Kate Monteith
Kate Monteith

A reclining office chair is the ultimate in personal comfort in the workplace setting. Looking much like a slender version of a living room recliner combined with an executive chair, office chair recliners allow weary workers to lean back at their desk and take a much-needed rest. Reclining office chairs are designed to provide comfortable back support and stability that is generally lacking in an office seat.

In a competitive global economy, workers around the world are spending longer hours in the office, and the desire for comfortable office furniture is becoming more acute. The typical office environment can be confining, with little time to stretch or rest. Sitting in one position at a desk puts harmful stress on the neck, back, and internal organs. However, the ability to recline for a few moments can provide long-lasting relief, making the reclining office chair a coveted item in today’s business place.

Some reclining chairs come with a built in vibrator or massager.
Some reclining chairs come with a built in vibrator or massager.

It is easy to find good reclining office chairs online and in office furniture stores. There are several different seat styles from which to choose, including leather, durable fabrics, and vinyl mesh. A reclining office chair may be rigidly molded to fit the body, or be a plush version of an overstuffed captain’s chair. They can even come with a built-in vibrator, massager, and soothing heat. Prices begin around the same as a regular office chair, but quickly soar for the more extravagant designs.

The classic reclining office chair is a deluxe, leather executive chair with a built-in footstool that extends out as the chair is reclined. The armrests will also shift to provide comfortable upper body support. There are usually several reclining positions available, from slightly tilted to almost flat, depending on the model. When the chair is in an upright position, the footrest is neatly tucked beneath the seat.

Another popular style of office chair recliner comes with a separate ottoman that can be pulled beneath the feet before reclining. The ottoman is designed to be a stylish complement to the reclining office chair. Combined with a pillow-top headrest, this style of reclining desk chair can make an attractive and comfortable work seat.

Some office workers prefer a simpler chair design that doesn’t broadcast the reclining possibilities, and there are many desk chairs that recline without foot support. One style comes with a molded mesh seat back that provides perfect neck and lumbar support when it is tilted back. Both feet stay on the floor, keeping the seat portion from tipping over. When the workday becomes too stressful, even a short rest in a reclining office chair can make all the difference in the world.

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Reclining office chairs are quite comfortable, and look great in home offices. However, you don't want to defeat the purpose of your work desk with a chair that entices you to rest.

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    • Some reclining chairs come with a built in vibrator or massager.
      By: bezidroglio
      Some reclining chairs come with a built in vibrator or massager.