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What Is a Mirror Screen Protector?

Mal Baxter
Mal Baxter

Smart devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops are always pushing the envelope for creative new uses. Turned off, these devices could only be used as a paperweight or doorstop — until the mirror screen protector came along. This is essentially a film applied to the device screen to protect it from scratches and fingerprints. When the device is powered down, the film turns into an opaque personal mirror; when the screen is lit, the film goes conveniently transparent. The name may also sometimes refer to a mirror finish case product.

Portable computers and handy gadgets like smart phones can take a lot of abuse with daily use. The life of such a device can be extended with proper care to its case. Application of a thin, clear coating not only reduces impacts and scratches, but cuts glare to make daylight reading easier. Typically designed for ready application and easy removal, the mirror screen protector enhances a device's durability without excess impedance.

A mirror screen protector can be applied to a tablet computer.
A mirror screen protector can be applied to a tablet computer.

Comprised of innovative materials such as thermal plastic polymers, a mirror screen protector can preserve vital usability with touchscreen interfaces. When powered down, the high-gloss sheen functions as a mirror with all the detail one might expect. Some products claim it actually enhances the clarity of illuminated screen graphics. Freedom from residue and abrasions makes the mirror screen protector a striking and functional enhancement to a gadget.

It should be noted that user experiences may vary according to their lighting conditions when using a mirror screen protector. Variations in outdoor and indoor lighting, as well as bulb quality, can result in a range of visual clarity or reflection. Some products boast bubble-free application for crisp appearance. Very thin in makeup, such film can add a barely noticeable layer to screens. The coating can also sometimes block ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Applying the mirror screen protector is made easier using these reusable, forgiving materials. Preserving touchscreen sensitivity remains a priority for many users and manufacturers. Assorted shapes and cuts permit the application of the mirror screen protector on to common devices and popular brands.

Using such a product may also make cleaning a device easier. The film is usually easily removed without leaving a mark or sticky surface. Thanks to this useful little product, users can still use their devices for common mirror applications: as a makeup mirror or to keep an eye on the door. When stuck on a desert island with a dead battery, a user can still use the device to signal passing planes.

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    • A mirror screen protector can be applied to a tablet computer.
      By: bloomua
      A mirror screen protector can be applied to a tablet computer.