What Is a Hanging Vase?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A hanging vase is a receptacle for storing flowers or other plants; the vase is designed to hang from a wall, a frame, or from some other stable object, rather than sitting on a flat surface like traditional vases. The style and design of a hanging vase can vary significantly, and some may need to be used with other specific components to ensure the vase does not tip over, fall, or otherwise risk breaking. Vases are often made of glass, though other materials are available; the difference in material can affect the cost, durability, and aesthetic appearance of the vase.

Glass is commonly used to make a hanging vase because glass is attractive and it can be formed into a variety of shapes. More importantly, however, glass will allow plenty of sunlight to shine through to the stems and leaves of the flowers or plants. It will also be impermeable, meaning water will not leak from the hanging vase. Other vase materials, such as clay or even plastic, can be aesthetically pleasing, but they will block light from reaching the stems and leaves of the plant that are contained within the vase itself.

A tabletop hanging vase will feature some sort of stand from which the vase itself can be suspended. Metal is a common choice of materials for the vase because it is durable, strong, and attractive. The vase can be suspended from the stand by wire, rope, or even specially shaped glass that is part of the vase. The metal frame may feature an opening into which the glass vase can be placed, thereby securing it so it will not swing or otherwise move. The specific design of tabletop hanging vase units will vary according to the manufacturer's specifications and the overall size of the vase.

Some hanging vase designs are meant to be hung from a wall. This again necessitates the use of a frame, usually metal, that is secured to the wall with screws. If the vase and the flowers contained in it is exceptionally large or heavy, it is a good idea to ensure the frame is mounted to a stud in the wall for stability. The vase can then be hung from the frame in many of the same ways it can be hung on a tabletop vase frame. The appearance of the frame itself can vary, giving the homeowner plenty of options for fitting the vase with the overall decor of a room or home.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book