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What is a Fitted Bedroom?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A fitted bedroom is a bedroom that is designed to maximize space by integrating shelves and drawers into the overall design of the room. The drawers and shelves of a fitted bedroom are often hidden, and some are built above the bed, around the bed, into the walls, and so on. Larger items like televisions may fit into a shelving unit that can hide the television when not in use, and vanity spaces can also be integrated into the overall scheme of the room. A fitted bedroom is designed to maximize space in small or medium bedrooms and provide a pleasing aesthetic with clean lines and no clutter.

Most fitted bedroom designs are focused on creating a clean look that reduces clutter and maximizes open space. To accomplish this, drawers are often integrated into the bed frame to allow storage of clothing under the bed. Shelves are designed strategically to conceal clothing and other stored objects, and to maximize available space within the bedroom. Floor space is considered of vital importance for comfort and functionality. Closet space is specifically designed to accommodate garments of differing lengths, rather than having just one bar from which garments can be hung. A higher bar will accommodate longer garments, and a lower bar can accommodate short garments; shelves are installed for footwear, and drawers can accommodate socks and underwear.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Some companies advertise services to evaluate a bedroom and design a fitted bedroom for that space. The rates for such a service will vary by region and company, as well as the complexity of the job. These professionals can come up with strategies for maximizing space and improving the aesthetic of a space, and they will often provide a quote with a flat rate fee for providing the service. Other, more custom jobs may require a bigger and more flexible budget. For those people who are considering a fitted bedroom but are on a strict budget, small steps can be made toward improving the aesthetic and functionality of the bedroom without hiring such a service.

Fold-up beds, known as Murphy beds, are one way to maximize space in a small area. These are sometimes part of fitted bedrooms that are used for other purposes besides sleeping. The bed can easily fold down onto the ground for sleep during the night, and it can be folded up into a small space fashioned into the wall to be concealed during the day.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing