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What Are the Best Tips for Creating a Space-Themed Bedroom?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Paint, wallpaper, or wall decals can be used to make the walls and ceiling of a space-themed bedroom resemble the night sky. Other decorations, like glow-in-the-dark stars and hanging planets, as well as space-themed accessories can also be added. Furniture in a space-themed bedroom can either be made to resemble spacecrafts, or it can be futuristic looking. Space-themed toys, such as rocket ships, can be displayed on shelves, and a telescope can be positioned next to a window.

The walls and ceiling of a space-themed bedroom can be made to look like the night sky. This can be easily done with paint or wallpaper. Purple and dark blue are good paint colors to use in this type of children's bedroom. Celestial patterned wallpaper can also be used to cover the wall. If painting or wallpapering a space-themed room is not an option, removable wall murals can be used instead.

Walls and ceilings in spaced-themed bedrooms can be made to look like the night sky.
Walls and ceilings in spaced-themed bedrooms can be made to look like the night sky.

In a space-themed room, the ceiling is often the most important aspect. For those who are able to paint, the ceiling can be painted a dark color. Glow-in-the-dark stars can then be stuck to the ceiling with tape, or stars can be painted on the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark paint. These stars can be placed at random, or they can be arranged in the shape of constellations.

A planet mobile can also be hung from the ceiling in a space-themed room for an interesting effect. These types of hanging mobiles can often be either be purchased or made. To make the planets for a solar system mobile, different sized polystyrene craft balls can be painted to resemble planets. The planets can then be hung from a coat hanger or right from the ceiling. If they are hung from the ceiling, the can be positioned around the ceiling light, which can represent the sun.

Space-themed accessories are also an important addition to a space-themed bedroom. Star-patterned rugs can be placed on the floor, for example, while celestial curtains can be hung on the windows. Space-themed bedding can also be used. The headboard can be painted with an outer-space theme, or rocket-ship beds and bunk beds can be purchased or made. Futuristic-looking furniture can also be used in this themed bedroom.

Children with space-themed bedrooms will often have toys, such as rocket ships and astronaut action figures, that can add to the décor. Instead of hiding these toys away in a toy box, they can be displayed on shelves. A telescope placed next to the window will often be the final touch to a space-themed bedroom.

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What is the best way for making models of the planets? I have experimented with a few different materials but I have not found one that I like yet. Most of them are hard to paint or do not come in the right size. Has anyone had success making these in the past? What did you use?

Spaceship models are a great way to round out a space theme. There are lots of models that you can make yourself or you can by replicas that have already been assembled. Imagine lying in bed and looking up at an entire intergalactic battle raging above you. That will give you dreams for years.

Having walls painted like outer space is a great place to start. If you paint the walls black with blue accents and then put luminous dots of white all over it will look like a galaxy filled with stars. You could even use the little glow in the dark stars. It might not be as accurate but the effect will be more impressive.

If you do not think that you have the painting skills you need to pull the project off on your wown you can always hire a children's mural painter. They are more common than you think and their rates are probably less than you would expect.

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    • Walls and ceilings in spaced-themed bedrooms can be made to look like the night sky.
      By: Naj
      Walls and ceilings in spaced-themed bedrooms can be made to look like the night sky.