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What Is a Comb Clip?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

A comb clip is a hair accessory, usually made of plastic, that is both decorative and functional. Some styles of this hair clip are called butterfly clips because their basic shape is a comb on each side with a wire-wrapped opening and closing section that joins the two combs. Another style of comb clip is called a banana clip, as it is crescent shaped much like the fruit. The different comb clip styles are sold in many colors and sizes. Unlike regular hair combs, comb clips have two sides rather than only one.

The double sides allow for these combs to get a stronger grip on hair than regular, single comb styles, which are slid into hair rather than clipped. Like other kinds of hair combs though, these combs are usually sold in sets or packages. A comb clip may be used in many different ways either alone or in groups of clips. The exact way they are used depends on their size.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Tiny, or mini, hair comb clips don't hold very large strands, so they are more decorative than the bigger sizes. They are even more likely than larger designs to be available in a rainbow of colors. These mini butterfly or banana clips are often added to accent braids or keep flyaway strands of hair in place.

Medium sized comb clips may be used in twos or threes to hold an upswept, or twist, kind of hairstyle. Long hair may be gathered into a ponytail shape, then twisted with the ends tucked in, before being held in place on the head with a row of clips. One large butterfly or banana comb clip can also be used for an upswept hairstyle instead of using several clips.

Comb clips are opened and closed using a simple finger and thumb motion. Banana clips can be a little more difficult to open and close around the hair than the butterfly variety. Both types of comb clip are sold in neutral, bright, pastel and metallic colors. They may be translucent or opaque in design.

Crystal comb clips are made of clear plastic. Banana clips may have small sparkly stones embedded along their edges, but butterfly clips, with their middle opening and closing are usually unadorned. Butterfly clip styles may have an overall glittery finish though.

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Discussion Comments


I bought a hair comb clip for my wedding day. It's like any comb clip but is made of light metal. It has a beautiful flower design with sparkly crystals. I was looking for a hair piece that I could use in my hair on my big day and I got this one for a very affordable price online.

It worked great and looked beautiful. I kind of wish I had gotten more colors because I can definitely use it again on special occasions to match my outfits. I kind of feel lucky because I know that these kinds of online purchases are a hit or miss. Some comb clips work well while others don't even stay in. The quality needs to be good so it's a good idea to read reviews of the product before purchasing if possible.


@donasmrs-- I think banana comb clips work best with thick long hair. But that's the case for the very large, long ones. There are also mini banana clips and I'm sure those would work well for you. Those with fine hair need to go for the smaller sized clips.

I also recommend side combs. I have used them for years and so has my mom. She has fine hair and I have thick hair but these combs work great for both hair types. It's great for pulling hair out of the face. I usually use two, one on both sides of my hair. I take a small portion in the front and use the comb to keep it back. They look very nice too.


I like banana comb clips but I can never get the clip to stay on. It usually slips off in a few minutes. It can be quite irritating so I've stopped trying to use it. I don't know how others use this type of hair clip. I guess I just don't have the right hair type for it.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip