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What Is a Cell Phone Lanyard?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson

A cell phone lanyard is a cord or string attached to a cell phone to make the cell phone easier to wear or hold without dropping. A cell phone lanyard can be made out of most cloth materials, and can be any length. Generally, lanyards are more intended for protection of the phone against theft and dropping than for style purposes, however, one can also add style and personality by customizing a cell phone lanyard with colors, screen-printed phrases, and even beads or designs.

Most commonly, a cell phone lanyard is just long enough to be used as a wrist strap to help avoid accidental dropping of the phone, especially when holding other things and performing tasks. People who work around water or heights may benefit from using a lanyard because if the phone is dropped, it will likely either be unrecoverable or broken. Some people tie the lanyard around a belt loop to keep the phone secure while it is stored in a pocket. This same technique can be used around purse straps while the phone is in the purse. In addition to preventing accidental dropping of the phone, tying lanyards onto a secure location can also help keep the phone from getting stolen in crowded places.

Using a cell phone lanyard can help prevent dropping the phone in water.
Using a cell phone lanyard can help prevent dropping the phone in water.

Tying the cell phone lanyard onto a belt loop or purse strap may make the cell phone more secure, but it also makes it more difficult to untie the knot and answer a phone call on time. Detachable lanyards that use a clip or clasp may help with this problem. Other people might choose to buy a longer cell phone lanyard that can be worn around the neck, so the phone can be used without worrying about untying a difficult knot.

A cell phone lanyard can typically be purchased at any cell phone accessory store. Some lanyards are sold with cell phone holders or cases, and are meant to be attached to the holder or case instead of the actual cell phone. This will allow the user to securely tie the lanyard onto his or her clothing to prevent dropping the phone, but also be able to answer a phone call quickly by simply sliding the phone out of the holder. Putting the lanyard on the case or holder may also be necessary if one wishes to use a lanyard with a phone that does not have a built-in place on which to attach a lanyard.

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Discussion Comments


Love the idea of lanyards; they're really good. They're convenient, unique and have many uses. They're of course very ideal in schools and establishments or even just for the average person.


Cell phone lanyards are one of the greatest things of all time! Well, that could be a bit of an overstatement, but using one has certainly made my life a whole lot easier.

I work in construction, so I am constantly working outdoors and with my hands. I need to have my cell phone on me at all times though, since I have small children in day care. Using a lanyard has made it easier for my phone to be easily accessible without having to worry about it getting damaged or lost. I just keep it in my pocket, and do not take it out unless I hear it ring.

I have gone through multiple lanyards trying to find the one that will work easiest for my lifestyle. As the article mentions, the cell phone lanyards that detach easily give you the security that you want without making it hard to get your phone out of your pocket.

I would recommend cell phone lanyards to just about any one. I have even given them as gifts on many occasions.


Thank you so much for this article. I have been looking for a way for my 14 year old daughter to stop losing her cell phones. I think buying her a cell phone lanyard just might be the solution.

Like I said, she is 14, and tends to be very absent minded. She insists that she needs a cell phone in order to function day to day. And while she does spend more time talking on the phone than I would like her to, having a cell phone has made it a lot easier communicating with her while we are apart.

She has lost three phones this year alone. I have been so fed up with her that I am considering not replacing the last one she lost. I am going to try letting her use a lanyard so she can keep better track of it. If she losses it again, then she will just have to go without a phone for a good while.

I certainly hope she uses the lanyard for its purpose, and not just as a fashion accessory.


I used to think cell phone lanyards were the dorkiest thing growing up. Some kids in my middle school would have them attached to their phones. But, they didn't tie them to their belt loop, but let them hang out their pocket. I was somewhat of a bully back then, so I would pull on some kids' lanyards from behind, making their phone fall to the ground.

Well, I guess karma finally caught up to me. One day while I was playing baseball, somebody stole my phone right out of my backpack. My mom was not pleased about that, so she made me get a lanyard for the next phone she bought me.

I was smart enough, however, to use them for their purpose, so I would tie the end of the lanyard to by belt loop.

My phone never got stolen or lost again. So, I guess I was wrong to make fun of kids who carried them, because they do serve a purpose.

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    • Using a cell phone lanyard can help prevent dropping the phone in water.
      Using a cell phone lanyard can help prevent dropping the phone in water.