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What are Cell Phone Covers?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Cell phones are often considered investments, which is why many people want to protect them from damage. A simple solution that has been around for years is the use of cell phone covers. There is a large selection available, enabling the owners of nearly any cell phone to choose among many cases. In fact, many people have more than one case so that they can change the appearance of their phone anytime.

Faceplates have existed since about the time the first cell phone was developed. This type of cover is made of hard material so that if the phone is dropped, the faceplate's typically plastic surface bears the brunt of the fall. Cell phone covers in this category are usually available in several different colors. Many also feature themes, such as sports team logos. Since these kinds of covers are often inexpensive, many people buy several at a time so that their phone's appearance can change with their mood.

Cell phones.
Cell phones.

Some people want a personalized case, but a sports team logo is not unique enough for them. Instead, they might envision their own company's name or logo on the case. Neoprene cell phone covers are often the answer in such cases, as they are typically easily personalized. They are made of synthetic rubber, and can be found online and purchased quite cheaply. Aside from allowing users to express some individuality or company pride, they also fit snugly around a phone, preventing it from being scratched or chipped.

Cell phone covers may help protect the phone from damage.
Cell phone covers may help protect the phone from damage.

For people who tend to throw their phone in their purse or briefcase often, a rugged and durable cover that is made of leather might be in order. Many business professionals need advanced phones, some of which are paid for by the company. Thus, keeping them in excellent shape is often important, but that can be a lofty goal during busy workdays. Leather cell phone covers are often more expensive than rubber or plastic cases, but they are typically known to last longer.

Many people are so busy that they might not only accidentally drop their phone when in a hurry, but they might misplace it altogether. While no cell phone case can necessarily prevent the loss of the phone, some can help users hold onto it. Many cell phone covers come equipped with a belt clip that anyone can attach to their outfit. There are also cases that are meant to be tied around the wrist so that it is nearly impossible to drop or leave the phone anywhere. Depending on the phone and one's particular usage habits, there are cases available to fit almost any need.

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I would buy my girlfriend one of these because she is always dropping her phone out of her pocketbook or accidentally brushing it off of a table or off of a counter. However, she is also a gadget lover, so buying her a cover to protect her phone isn't really necessary since she doesn't keep any one phone long enough to do much serious damage to it.

As soon as a new smart phone comes on the market with some new feature she is ready to buy the new phone and ditch the old one. I know a lot of other people who are the same way, so unless they like the look of the cell phone covers, there isn't much need for them.


I don't know how much the cell phone covers would actually protect my kids' phones, but I bet they would really like the way they look. They would like ones with bright colors and ones with their favorite sports teams.


I think cell phone covers are good because they help you to identify your phone. There are only so many different types of phones, and when a particular phone is popular it seems like everyone around you has the same phone. I'm afraid to put my phone down when I am around a group of people for fear one of them will pick up my phone accidentally because it looks exactly like his or her phone.

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    • Cell phones.
      By: Aleksey Bakaleev
      Cell phones.
    • Cell phone covers may help protect the phone from damage.
      By: Xuejun li
      Cell phone covers may help protect the phone from damage.