What is a Cap Barbell&Reg;?

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Cap Barbell® is a popular weight manufacturers and companies in the United States, and features a wide variety of exercise and strength equipment. Among the pieces offered by the Cap Barbell® equipment company are dumbbells, barbells, weights, benches and over 600 other products. The line serves both individual buyers as well as corporations, and is among the most widely used in the country and in Canada.

Cap Barbell also makes yoga mats.
Cap Barbell also makes yoga mats.

Like most weight sets, Cap Barbell® weight products come in a wide range of sizes and pounds. A typical weight set features offers weights over ten different categories and is used for a full body fitness experience. A Cap Barbell® set is used for the kind of powerlifting techniques that are associated with bench pressing, squatting, curling, bent pressing and dead lifting.

Cap Barbell's medicine balls are color-coded by weight, allowing users to quickly and easily choose the one that best fits their needs.
Cap Barbell's medicine balls are color-coded by weight, allowing users to quickly and easily choose the one that best fits their needs.

Based out of Houston, Texas, the Cap Barbell® fitness retailer is most well known for serving gyms, personal trailers, rehabilitation centers and physical health locations. The company was first founded in 1985 and features distributing centers around the United States. When the company first emerged they exclusively featured Cap Barbell® dumbbells, traditional barbells, weight plates and kettleballs.

As the company evolved into a larger fitness corporation that also served private buyers and personal collections, other products were integrated. In the 2010s, Cap Barbell® products include fitness center weight benches that offer full body workouts, with bars for lifting with the legs, adjustable backs for inclined workouts, weight racks for heavy lifting and bench pressing and adjustable accessories for safety and comfort, like grips, weight racks and cushions.

Car Barbell is still most known for its free weights, which comes in sets of thick black plates and are offered with chrome straight bars, curling bars, dumbbell bars and machine bars. The machine bars are fixed with hooks to be attached to a chord. Other weight products from Cap Barbell® include wrist and ankle weights, handheld dumbbells color-coded by weight and medicine balls.

As fitness evolved into more alternative methods in the 1990s and 2000s, Cap Barbell® added products such as triangular magnetic upright cardio machines, stationary bicycles and pedaling machines. Other full body fitness products include mats for yoga, crunch benches for the abdominals and harnesses and straps for specialized kinds of lifting.

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