What is a Bundle?

B. Miller

A bundle is any grouping of products or services sold together as a single unit. A bundle might also be referred to as a bundle package, or simply a package. Bundles are often sold at a reduced rate, compared to paying for each item separately. For example, a set of related DVDs may be packaged and sold together at a discounted price.

A router can help bundle television and Internet services.
A router can help bundle television and Internet services.

Two popular services that often come bundled are cable television service and Internet service. These often come as a package because it is rare to order one without the other, and cable Internet service is still quite popular. Sometimes, telephone service is also bundled in with these packages. If it comes as part of a cable bundle, it is likely the telephone service will be digital, so be sure to check with the company. Keep in mind that some companies offer discounts on wireless phone service as part of a television/Internet bundle as well.

Wireless phone service is often part of an Internet bundle.
Wireless phone service is often part of an Internet bundle.

In addition to the standard household services of television, Internet, and phone, home security packages are occasionally available with these bundles as well. These offer protection for the home in case of robbery or fire, and are often capable of sending remote alerts to cell phones as well. These types of bundles are most common for the home.

Another type of bundle package is often found when purchasing a new video game system. The package might include the system, along with one or two controllers, a game, and any other accessories that the company decides to include. Bundles such as this are often much less expensive than buying each item separately, and they also make great gifts for someone who does not have anything for the new system yet.

A common type of bundle is often found at fast food restaurants. A full meal will often be available for one price, including a main entree, a side dish such as french fries, potato chips, or a salad, and a beverage. Sometimes these meals include a dessert as well. This type of bundle can be great for families looking to save money.

When purchasing a bundled package, it is important to carefully check and see if the price is actually cheaper. Businesses will sometimes group items together at a reduced rate for a few months, but after the special is over, the price goes up, and it would be less expensive to purchase the items individually. Keep that in mind before signing any long-term contracts, and also be sure that you actually need or want all of the items in the package you are considering.

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