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What does an Online Account Manager do?

Daphne Mallory
Daphne Mallory

An online account manager develops new business and expands existing business and service accounts belonging to the company. Online account managers interact with clients online and provide information about the products and services, and they may also provide limited technical support. It is primarily a sales job, and managers are expected to grow a company’s web sales revenue and improve its online sales performance. Individuals with a strong sales and marketing background are often more competitive when it comes to getting hired for these positions. Many jobs require candidate to demonstrate their knowledge of cross-selling to an existing client base and their ability to identify new markets for the company to target.

Companies need sales revenue in order to stay in business, and some hire online account managers to help them boost sales. The online account manager is often charged with uncovering more revenue from existing accounts holders. For example, a manager may create and implement an email marketing campaign for existing customers, promoting a new product or other products based on their order history. It’s often necessary for account managers to excel at people skills and to know how to build solid client relationships that can translate into revenue for the company they work for. Companies often expect account managers to develop their own portfolios of clients to add to existing accounts already established by the company owners or another online account manager.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Customer management is also a key component of an online account manager job description, and the account manager is the point of contact for customer accounts. Managers have to service accounts, which may include answering product-related questions, issuing refunds, and handling returns. Prospective customers may also contact the company online, and account managers often view that as an opportunity to develop leads and establish new accounts. An account manager may also be trained on some of the technical problems that customers may face in order to provide limited technical support if the company does not have a separate online department. For example, an online account manager may have to reset passwords, email instructions for resolving generalized technical support issues, or email a technical support crew for help in resolving issues related to customer accounts.

An online account manager may also have to manage online advertising campaigns. Duties may include implementing online advertising strategies in order to meet advertising goals and objectives. Knowledge of search engine optimization often helps managers accomplish their Internet advertising goals.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing