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What Does an Account Manager Do?

C. Daw
C. Daw

An account manager has many different tasks and requirements, but their main objectives are to ensure that the people, or companies, that have an account with their business are current with their payments, kept happy, and to process new accounts when needed. This means that they will maintain the accounts that already exist by taking payments and entering them into the system so that they are accounted for accurately. The manager will actively strive to get new customers by visiting them in person or on the phone, and basically “selling them” on their product or service. Answering phone calls promptly and handling any complaints or problems as soon as possible is another common job requirement that the account manager must accomplish. The final task that they must handle is paperwork, including analyzing the reports of competitors to see how well their business is doing compared to others.

Handling the already existing accounts is one of the most important job requirements that an account manager will have. All payments that are paid need to be accounted for and entered into their bookkeeping software. Accounts that are due need to be processed and a bill sent out, and past due bills need to be handled by sending notices out, as well as calling and following collection procedures when needed. This part of the manager’s job also includes answering phone calls and dealing with the customers, as well as handling complaints in such a way as to make the consumer happy but not hurting the business in any way.

Account managers send out notices that accounts are past due.
Account managers send out notices that accounts are past due.

Obtaining new customers is another job task that an account manager has to accomplish. This can be done through advertising, phone calls, or meeting people in person and discussing their company’s products or services. When new accounts are acquired, the manager will then have to fill out the proper paperwork, making sure that all of the information given is accurate and honest. They will then add the new customer into the bookkeeping system along with any notes that pertain to them.

Paperwork is a common task that all managers must complete, and the account manager position is no exception. They have to enter payments as they come in, process every order that goes out, and then send monthly bills to all of the account holders. They also have to file monthly inventory reports and ensure that what is on hand is what should be on hand. Other bookkeeping tasks may also be assigned to them, such as yearly reports for taxes and invoicing duties that pertain to the accounts that the company has.

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    • Account managers send out notices that accounts are past due.
      By: Stephen VanHorn
      Account managers send out notices that accounts are past due.