What are Waterproof Shorts?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Many cyclists wear waterproof shorts that are short and tight.
Many cyclists wear waterproof shorts that are short and tight.

Waterproof shorts are shorts that are designed to protect their wearers from contact with water. They're very popular among athletes and hobbyists who spend a lot of time outdoors. The specific features of waterproof shorts can vary depending on manufacturer, but they're all designed to keep the wearer dry under the shorts.

Waterproof shorts can help protect a wearer's body from the elements of wind and water. They also can help keep his or her personal items, such as keys and cell phones, free from damage. Pockets can be standard or resemble cargo pockets. The pockets can come with some sort of extra security measure such as velcro to guard against the accidental spilling of contents.

The shorts can be constructed out of multi-layered fabric and lined with mesh. Mesh lining helps make wearing the shorts more comfortable. However, shorts constructed out of material as soft as cotton also can be purchased. Though cotton isn't water-resistant, certain types of nylon can be, and nylon material can be used in lieu of cotton.

Many owners of waterproof shorts make sure that the fabric of their waterproof shorts is breathable. Some manufacturers rate their shorts on how breathable they are. Potential owners should check with manufacturers to determine if the shorts provide enough ventilation to remain comfortable during wear. Those who elect to buy water-resistant shorts might want to consider that features such as velcro and drawstrings can effect how breathable the shorts can be.

Waterproof shorts can come in varying lengths and fits. Cyclists might want to purchase water-resistant shorts that are tight and short, have elastic waistbands and are adorned with reflective embellishments. Sailors might prefer to purchase shorts that are long, loose and ultraviolet (UV) resistant. Where the wearer intends to use the shorts will help him or her determine what kind of length, fit and other features are preferred.

Features of waterproof shorts can vary depending on what company manufacturers them. Some water-resistant shorts can include an adjustable belt. Many shorts include pockets with extra reinforcements. In addition, the seat of the shorts also can be reinforced to prevent wear and tear, because manufacturers anticipate that those buying water-resistant shorts will be very active. The knee area of the shorts also can be extra-long or shaped so as to prevent sunburn on the knees.

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    • Many cyclists wear waterproof shorts that are short and tight.
      By: Lsantilli
      Many cyclists wear waterproof shorts that are short and tight.