What are Trouser Jeans?

Sonal Panse
Sonal Panse
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Woman posing

Trouser jeans are wide-leg or boot-cut dark denim jeans that, unlike fitted jeans, have more of a trouser look and design. The classic style women's jeans usually have a broad waistband, slanted front pockets and seamed backed pockets. These denim trousers are comfortable and figure-flattering, and the ones that come in a dark wash have a formal enough look to be worn as workplace jeans.

The great thing about trouser jeans is that these type of jeans can be easily worn on both formal and casual occasions. The required look can be achieved by matching the trouser jeans with the right separates and accessories. For a formal or professional occasion, for instance, it is possible to get a sophisticated look by going for dark jeans and matching them with a well-fitted or flowing silk top or shirt and high heels. On the other hand, for a more casual, relaxed style, the trouser jeans can be paired with a T-shirt or a blouse and flat footwear.

There are many different makes and styles of trouser jeans, and, while jeans with well-known designer labels are a popular draw, it is important that the buyer considers the fit of the jeans when shopping for trouser jeans. As much possible look for a pair of well-tailored, nice jeans that will give a polished, figure-flattering appearance; some amount of alteration may be required to get perfectly fitting jeans. The jeans, while not form fitting, should not be baggy either. A recommended style is an A-line cut with flared bottoms. If the jeans are to double as both formal and informal wear, the bottoms need to be well-hemmed; frayed or ripped edges with threads trailing to the ground might do for casual wear, but they account for a definite fashion disaster in formal wear.

The fabric of the trouser jeans is as important as the cut and the hemming. A good quality, textured and lightweight fabric that is breathable and easy on the skin is something that a buyer ought to look for. The fabric that is too elastic is generally not recommended for these type of jeans as this can detract from the overall look.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing