What are the Different Types of Orchid Bouquets?

Tara Barnett

There are many different types of orchid bouquets, and there is no way to identify all possible combinations of orchids. One way to generalize about types of orchid bouquets is to discuss them by the occasion for which they are intended. Weddings, holidays, and parties are all possible occasions that might warrant a bouquet. Orchids come in various colors, and choosing colors that adhere to the tradition at hand results in highly diverse orchid bouquets.

The Cattleya orchid is one of the most famous of flowers of the orchid genus.
The Cattleya orchid is one of the most famous of flowers of the orchid genus.

Weddings are one of the most common occasions where people make use of orchid bouquets. This type of bouquet may be designed to be held by the bride or may make up a table setting. Sometimes the bride's orchid bouquet is made to match other floral arrangements at the wedding, creating a unified theme for the entire event. White orchids are frequently associated with weddings because they symbolize purity in many traditions, but colorful orchids can be arranged to fit a wedding theme.

Many holidays involve floral arrangements as decorations. These occasions usually involve a meal or other type of communal sitting, so orchid arrangements placed on tables or in vases are popular. The colors and feel of the bouquet typically reflect cultural associations with the holiday, such that an orchid bouquet for Easter might be yellow and could be placed in a basket, whereas a birthday bouquet might be made in the guest of honor's favorite colors.

Some people make floral arrangements a part of their decor on a regular basis and may desire a more understated bouquet. This type of orchid bouquet is typically smaller and less expensive than a bouquet bought for a particular occasion. Also, given the personal nature of interior design, these bouquets are highly variable in terms of their colors and combinations. In a similar vein, many people give orchid bouquets as gifts to special people without a specific occasion in mind, and these are often understated but thoughtful in terms of design.

In addition to these types of orchid bouquets, there are also more general classifications as well. For instance, bouquets made from fake orchids are an entirely different type and may be made in colors that do not exist in nature. Orchids may also be combined with other flowers to create a variety of other designs. Even the way the orchids are arranged and held together can make a large difference in the appearance of the bouquet. No matter the orchid bouquet design a person has in mind, a talented florist can almost always oblige.

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