What Are the Different Types of Hallway Storage Benches?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
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One of the most common types of hallway storage benches is the hallway tree bench, which is a bench with a tall backing that may include a high shelf, a mirror, or even coat hooks. This type of bench often has storage underneath the seat for added convenience, and other features will dictate the usability of this style of bench. The disadvantage to such a bench is its size: hallway storage benches in the tree style are quite tall and sometimes wide, which means it may be difficult to fit such a bench in a narrow hallway.

For tighter spaces, a simpler, smaller bench will suffice, but the homeowner will need to take careful measurements to ensure any hallway storage benches he or she is considering will fit in the available space. Most hallway storage benches feature a hinged seat that can be raised to access contents stored inside, but not all benches use this style. Some benches do not have a flip-up seat at all, but instead feature a low shelf beneath the seat. This is an open-air shelf in many cases, to allow for easy storage and access to stored items. This storage space may also be more contained; some benches, for example, feature shoe cubbies in which shoes and boots can be stored to keep them off the floor around the bench.

Drawers, either fixed drawers or loose drawers inserted into cubbies, are also common on hallway storage benches. The specific style of the bench can vary, as can the location of the drawers, though in most cases the drawers are positioned low beneath the seat of the bench, as this is the easiest area in which to construct such storage spaces. Some benches are quite simple designs, while others may have seat backs for added comfort. In either case, the drawers are generally not located near the seat back.

Most hallway storage benches are made of wood for durability and aesthetics, though other materials can be used. Rattan and wicker, for example, can be used to make storage benches, though these tend to be somewhat less sturdy than wood benches. Many benches are also upholstered, or at the very least feature seat cushions for added comfort. Cushions can alter the appearance of the bench, so this is a good way to change the aesthetic of the hallway, perhaps by season or even by month.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing