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How do I Choose the Best Entryway Organizer?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

An entryway organizer can prevent clutter near your front door and help you avoid losing important items such as car keys, jackets, or the dog's leash. Before purchasing an entryway organizer, measure your entryway carefully to determine how large of an organizer you can put in the space. Consider what you will be storing in or on the piece of furniture, and determine if you want a bench seat on which to sit when taking off shoes or boots. Think about different storage options, such as shelves or drawers, and be sure to carefully consider both cost and materials.

One of the more traditional looking types of entryway organizer is a standalone unit that features a bench, back, and shelf. This unit often features coat hooks for storing jackets, and the bench seat may open up for additional storage inside. The shelf above may be contained or open-air, and it is a good spot for hats, gloves, and so on. The back of the unit will sometimes feature a mirror for a quick check before heading out the door. This is a great choice for medium or large entryways, as the bench seat is likely to take up a fair bit of room and may not work well in small entryways. These units are usually made from wood, and you will need to choose what kind of aesthetic you are looking for: more expensive units will be made from hard woods with a prominent grain, while less expensive units may be made from less stable and less attractive particleboard.

A basket made using the wicker process.
A basket made using the wicker process.

Some entryway organizer models are quite small and mount to the wall of the entryway rather than sitting on the ground as a standalone unit. These wall-mounted units are great for storing keys, the dog's leash, a purse, and so on, and they usually feature hooks for hanging coats beneath. This is an inexpensive and attractive alternative to much larger units, and they are very easy to install in most cases. Choose the one that fits your needs for space as well as your requirements for aesthetic appeal.

Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.
Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.

Many modern models are sold as kits that may need some assembly. These entryway organizer models often feature one or two hooks or cubbies for hanging coats or storing scarves, and drawers down low for storing other clothing or items. The shelves up high may include wicker baskets that slide out for easy access and storage of lightweight or smaller items. The kits may feature solid wood such as maple, pine, or even oak, though these are likely to be more expensive than models that include particleboard or lower quality wood.

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Our entryway was so crowded and full of stuff, that there was just a path you could barely walk through. We built some cubbies inside a closet area for the kids to keep their stuff. Each kid has their own cubbie and special place for just their belongings.

It has helped clear the area up quite a bit, and would work great if it would get used the way it is supposed to! I don't know why it it so much harder to place your things inside a cubbie than to just leave them laying on the floor?


We installed an entry organizer by our back door that has saved me a lot of time looking for lost keys and things I need to take with me the next day. When I get home this is where I leave my car keys, purse and the mail I picked up on the way in. Since I have one spot for this, I don't have to wonder where it all is when I need it.

I also have a bench with a lid that opens up for shoe storage underneath. This also helps keep the clutter to a minimum. Another thing I like about this, is that it helps keep my counters and kitchen table from being piled up with stacks of mail and junk.

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    • A basket made using the wicker process.
      By: kornienko
      A basket made using the wicker process.
    • Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.
      By: Iriana Shiyan
      Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.