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What are the Different Types of Hair Bows for Baby Girls?

S. Mithra
S. Mithra

Parents have many options for different types of hair bows for baby girls that are both comfortable and stylish. Hair bows refer to a wide range of hair and head accessories, such as headbands, barrettes and crowns. Whether you are taking your baby to a casual picnic, a spring garden party, or an evening with grandparents, there is a hair bow to match every outfit and every occasion. Hair bows for baby girls are designed to stay on their head when their hair is too fine or wispy to hold a clip.

The most popular type of hair bows for baby girls are ones where a ribbon bow attaches to an elastic band that reaches around the head to fit snugly. Decorative, soft fabric encases the elastic. These are appropriate for infants, as they are as comfortable as a hat and stay put without having to be constantly adjusted. For toddlers, a headband might be better. These are made of stiff plastic and sit atop the head, only wrapping around to behind the ears. The hair bow itself is adhered to the top of the band, or a series of bows could wreath the circlet.

Smaller, plastic barrettes are great for securing a child's hair.
Smaller, plastic barrettes are great for securing a child's hair.

Plain hair bows for baby girls use bows in clusters of different colors or types of ribbon. Parents can even craft these themselves. In additon, popular accentuating shapes on hair bows include plastic figures, silk flowers, or charms. Animals like ducks, ladybugs, kittens, bears, bees, and butterflies add ornamentation. Some parents prefer colorful flowers, like a bouquet of white daisies, a pink rose, or a bright sunflower. These can be easily coordinated with a jumper in a floral pattern, gingham checks, or socks with a ruffle of matching ribbon. A charm can even show what the baby enjoys doing, such as a rainbow beach ball or hobby horse.

Fancy hair bows for baby girls that use designer fabrics and rich colors can be worn on special occasions. Hair bows can be made of grosgrain or silk ribbon, taffeta, tulle, velvet, organza, or marabou. These extravagant materials are perfect for Christmas, Kwanzaa, birthday gatherings, religious services, weddings, and graduations. For a seasonal touch, a Halloween ribbon could have black and orange polka dots with a jack-o-lantern, or a St. Patrick's day bow could sport an emerald green spray with silk shamrocks.

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look at hobby lobby. they have some charms for the bows.


You can use small buttons and cut off the shank on the back. There's a lot of cute styles out there.


I am looking for some help finding small charms or figures that can be added to hair bows. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    • Smaller, plastic barrettes are great for securing a child's hair.
      By: Kerioak
      Smaller, plastic barrettes are great for securing a child's hair.